Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BC keeps wasting everyone's time: Jim Christian returning for 6th year

There will be no official statement. No vote of confidence. No explanation. Maybe there will be a friendly article Wednesday or Thursday, but BC is bringing back Jim Christian for another year. This is the BC way now. We just waste our players', fans' and even coaches' time. Because barring some sort of miracle, we will be having the same discussion a year from now about Jim Christian. His record at BC is 62-100 (18-72 in ACC games) and he is very likely losing Ky Bowman from a team that just went 5-13 in ACC play. Maybe the freshmen really over perform. Maybe he tightens things up schematically. Maybe there are enough shakeups with the ACC middle class to unlock a spot for BC to elevate just a bit. That's a lot of maybes. The odds are the guy who has been a Power 5 coach nine years and only finished above .500 two of those seasons will probably be below .500 again.

In their leaks, BC was sure to slip in that the school is dedicated to building up the resource for basketball. That's not news. They've been actively raising money for basketball for a while now and will make announcements on what the enhancements are once they reach a gift threshold. But I don't believe better facilities is ever going to make a difference with this staff. We've seen enough missteps and poor efforts to know that this isn't just about a basketball practice facility.

Martin Jarmond is out there talking to the people. I am sure he will hear complaints and have established talking points (injuries, taking time to build, etc.) but I think he is going to face a lot of cynical donors and fans. And a year from now we will be talking about a rebuild with someone else that could have started this spring.

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