Friday, March 15, 2019

Christian rumor dump

If is Friday night and Jim Christian is still the Men's Basketball coach at BC. As I've been saying, the longer this goes on without any news means Christian is staying. I don't know what will happen, but here is a sample of things I've heard. None of this is verified by anyone in the BC Athletic Department. (I try to get official answers from BC whenever I think they will provide one. I know they won't say anything during a coaching change.) Some of these items even contradict each other, but that is how it is when dealing with this sort of chatter.

-- The assistants have been fired
-- BC was preparing a buyout payout for Christian on Wednesday
-- The assistants have thought this was coming for a while and have been looking for new jobs
-- Jarmond really likes/liked Christian and was openly defending him and this season to donors as recently as Christmas time
-- Jarmond looked frustrated on Senior Day as did Father Leahy
-- The basketball alumni do not care for Christian
-- There are fundraising efforts going on for improved basketball facilities
-- If there is a change, BC will look to traditional BC and BC-type names
-- The extension makes Christian safe
-- The extension is not punitive to BC
-- Christian is well liked among some of the bigger basketball donors

I know BC doesn't have to say anything if he is staying but the recruits might need to know and the fans are going to want some sort of explanation.

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