Tuesday, March 12, 2019

And now we wait

Frustration and speculation at the end of the football season nearly reached a breaking point. In three weeks we went from Game Day back to seven wins. The media kicked the hot seat talk into overdrive and Addazio people (apologists, agents, and friendly media) talked about his lack of a contract. And no news came from BC for days. When they finally got around to the extension, people joked that it read like a hostage letter. But even with all the talk, there was still a reasonable argument for not firing Addazio (recruiting, winning seasons, etc). There are no justifiable reasons for keeping Jim Christian.

But we don't know if Jarmond will make a move. As I tweeted, the people closer to BC think Christian is safe while the people more removed -- fans, media, agents -- think he is gone. What we have learned from Addazio is that the longer there is no news, the more likely Christian is coming back.

Since Gene left, BC is pretty tight lipped about these things. Don't trust leaks or gossip. I will share what I hear, but even then be skeptical. Also remember the Donahue twist, where he was telling people he was coming back only to be fired the next day. When a head coach is not getting a straight message, than no one is.

I have made it clear that I want to start anew. I hope Jarmond agrees and has a plan to get BC basketball back on track.

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