Sunday, March 10, 2019

What to make of Mike Rhoades?

I think we've all been through enough coaching changes to know how this game works. At times the school floats names to see if the fan base is receptive. BC did that under Gene but doesn't anymore. Other times the media speculates and sometimes agents and people close to a guy float a name. That's how I first heard of Mike Rhoades as a potential Jim Christian replacement.

Rhoades is the current VCU head coach. VCU used to be seen as a great proving ground for coaches. Yet Shaka Smart is on the hot seat in Texas and Will Wade is in the middle of an FBI sting, so the VCU stamp of approval means a bit less. However, Rhoades seems very different from both of those guys. He was a D3 head coach for many years and then turned things around at Rice. Unlike Wade, he's not known for being an ace recruiter. Instead he is considered more of a scheme guy and developer of players. And unlike Smart, it seems he adapts his games and system to his roster and is not so dependent on press, press and more press.

I don't know anything substantial about Rhoades. I do prefer his profile to Christian's, in that he doesn't come to BC with a failed stop on his resume. He's had natural progression and is very experienced and still relatively young. If we are going to take a risk on someone, he seems to have a decent upside.

As to why his name is being floated? Maybe his season has been such a success and surprise, he is trying to leverage it now. Maybe Wade left a mess at VCU too and he is expecting issues. Who knows? But if anything, Rhoades is a reminder that there are plenty of guys out there that BC can and should talk to if we make a change.

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