Saturday, March 09, 2019

The debate on Jim Christian seems to be losing steam

Two weeks ago there were plenty of vocal defenders of Jim Christian. After Saturday's loss to NC State, there are fewer BC folks advocating for him to return. Perhaps it is the current losing streak. Or maybe people are frustrated with the lack of energy and hustle on a Senior Day. Twitter isn't always the best focus group, but the casual fan has shown their lack of interest in Christian's product by not going to games. Yet none of it really matters. There are only two BC folks with any real power on this process. They are Martin Jarmond and Father Leahy.

After the NC State game, i was on twitter saying this is now Jarmond's call. From all I have heard, he has the autonomy to make the final decision. Plenty of others say he doesn't and it is Father Leahy's decision. I guess we will soon find out what they think of Christian and if they also have a plan to return BC Basketball to respectability.

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