Monday, July 15, 2019

Moore serves as a reminder

Many times I have used this blog to promote BC athletes as special. In the vast majority of cases, I don't know the player. I am just attributing virtue and uniqueness based purely on what we see in public and based on my love for the school they represent. And while many of these athletes have been special, it is foolish not to remember that they are all human and some of them do terrible things.

I don't know Kam Moore and understand that he deserves his day in court, but this arrest is bad. I don't know if there is a good resolution for this sort of thing other than everyone heal and get better, and for it to never happen again. Football really isn't important when things get to this stage.

BC players are flawed. Deep down I know that. What I do hope is that BC continues to try to create a special culture. I also hope that the BC football community (coaches and players) reach out to Kam and try to get him and his alleged victim some help.

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