Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Season Prediction Part III: What will happen

Here it is: my official prediction. At a very high level, I know the talent is young, but I think it is on par with what we've had the past few years. I think the schedule is tougher on paper than it is on the field. My biggest issues are I don't trust Addazio to manage tight games and I don't expect Brown to make any sort of leap. Therefore we are what we've been under Addazio.

Virginia Tech. Loss. My guess is this will be like the opener against GT a few years ago. BC blows a winnable game.

Richmond. Win. Should be easy. Just don't hurt Dillon.

Kansas. Win. Closer than we want, but still a BC win.

at Rutgers. Win. Play smart, run Dillon a lot and take the road 'W.'

Wake Forest. Win. It will be back and forth, but we do enough at home.

at Louisville. Loss. I think we probably have more depth and maybe more talent. I am betting we let them hang around and steal a game.

NC State. Loss. I don't think much of Doeren, so it is frustrating to watch him build a better program.

at Clemson. Loss. I think we scare them early, then they pull away.

at Syracuse. Win. This has been a weird series under Addazio. I expect more of the same this year.

Florida State. Win. A quasi-upset. This gets everyone fired up.

at Notre Dame. Loss. On the road, against a highly ranked team. What do you expect Addazio to do?

at Pitt. Loss. This is the heartbreaker. Addazio has another chance to break through and doesn't.

6-6 (3-5 in ACC play) will be enough to get us to the Military Bowl where we beat Navy to get to seven frustrating wins.

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