Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Addazio is all in on AB

In his postgame press conference and since, Addazio has defended Anthony Brown's performance so far this season. He explains away the inaccuracy due to the types of passes they are asking Brown to make. And in fairness, Brown does have the arm to make throws that few college QBs can. He has more than enough arm to throw deep downfield. And we are also scoring at a fairly high rate. Currently BC has the 42nd most efficient offense in College Football. If they hold that form, it would be the best Addazio's teams have finished since Ryan Day left.

The problem is that Brown and BC are leaving big plays on the field. Those extra scores and longer drives are the only solution to BC winning more than seven games this year. The D is lost (109 in Def Efficiency). While that will hopefully improve, what is more likely to get better: the side of the ball with the talent and experience (O) or the side with lots of youth and questionable speed (D)?

It might not be fair to ask Brown to suddenly be as accurate as some Big XII QB, but BC doesn't have a choice. They need him to hit open guys and keep drives going. That is the only way to avoid more games like Kansas, where the D couldn't stop anything.

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