Thursday, September 26, 2019

BC-Wake Forest preview

I think most of us expected BC to be 3-1 heading into Wake Forest. I guess the way it played out though has many questioning how BC will handle the meat of the season. The Wake game will be a barometer as they seem like one of the teams in the league that is playing better than expected and has been fairly consistent.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
It is only September and we've only played one ACC game, but it feels weird to see BC sitting in second in the division. That is due to our lone ACC win. But it also shows how this season is not going as planned for NC State, Syracuse, Louisville, and obviously Florida State.

Three Simple Keys
1. Avoid Turnovers. The best thing about this offense-defense combination is that they are not turning it over and getting turnovers. Wake is probably the better team. If we are going to win, we need to be careful on offense and opportunistic on D.
2. Pressure on the QB. This has been terrible. I know we are not Don Brown anymore, but copying some of his ideas about bringing pressure from unusual and unexpected slots would be good right about now.
3. Keep using Brown in the running game. Last week was a good start. Keep it up this week. It will open some many other things up on offense.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 4-2 vs Clawson
-- Addazio is 9-15 at home in ACC games
-- Clawson is 12-17 on the road while coaching Wake
The current line is BC+6.5

The visiting team has won five straight in this series.

Scoreboard Watching
Florida State and NC State has division implications as well as Hot Seat implications. If NC State loses, I think you will see them asking the same questions about Doeren, we always seem to be asking about Addazio. If FSU loses, their fans will once again be very vocal in their desire for change.

I hope to see...
No more false starts. That was embarrassing, especially for a team that practices so much "tempo."

BC is in trouble if...
Wake has multiple explosive plays. That's the sign that things are not fixed.

Bottom Line
I am not going to lie. I don't feel good about this game. I will pick BC to win and keep with the spirit of this all, but I think this is a bad matchup for BC. If we win, it will be by just pounding, pounding and pounding some more. We need to keep their Offense off the field.
Finale Score: BC 24, Wake 23

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