Thursday, September 19, 2019

BC-Rutgers preview

I guess all the BC bloggers and followers owe Steve Addazio some bit of thanks. With the Kansas loss, the season has a tidy little narrative: "can the team bounce back?" I assume things will get better against Rutgers, but the hangover of the Kansas game will linger for games until he has a chance to shake things up in a positive way. There is also the chance that Kansas wasn't just a bad night but a harbinger of things to come. If we are a disaster against Rutgers, the post-game reactions will be even more sarcastic and vitriolic than they were last week.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
While Addazio got some heat for losing to Kansas in such a way, there are plenty of other College Football coaches under more fire...including Chip Kelly. I have been an unabashed Kelly fan for a long time and always wish he had been a BC coach. I don't know all the problems out at UCLA, but it seems like Bruins fans are already done with him. I guess you never know how any of this will play out. Even if he is run out of town in California, I would definitely welcome him back in New England.

Three Simple Keys
1. Give Anthony Brown throws he can make. This puts the simple in "simple keys" but Brown is really the key to this game and this season. In a way, he reminds me a lot of Chris Crane (big kid, big arm, very inconsistent accuracy). He can throw the deep ball when our guys are in single coverage. Everything else is iffy. So stretch the D with the deep stuff and give him easy decisions on everything else and let him take off with his legs. Crossing stuff is worrisome. Throwing into heavy zones is tough. Keep Rutgers honest, but also play to Brown's strengths.
2. Fix communication in the defensive backfield. This was a disaster against Kansas. I hope they've figured out all the problems. Inexperience and talent are part of the problem, but the primary issue was guys making mental mistakes.
3. Defensive pressure. It is not coming from the front four. They need to create new looks to disrupt Rutgers.

Gambling Notes
-- Chris Ash is 0-3 vs Power 5 teams
-- BC has won its last six away games vs Rutgers
-- Addazio is 2-9 vs P5 teams at BC
The current line is BC-8.5

25 seasons ago, BC tied Rutgers at Alumni. (It was probably a sign that Henning wasn't going to be a great college head coach.)

Scoreboard Watching
It is not an ACC game, but Notre Dame at Georgia has big implications. If the Irish win, they are going to be highly ranked heading into our game with them at the end of the season. Wouldn't you love to play spoiler again?

I hope to see...
A resounding BC victory. Although I want change and don't trust Addazio, I still want to see BC succeed. Things are so much more enjoyable when BC is winning and we have something to believe in.

BC is in trouble if...
They give up huge plays on D again. If Rutgers and Kansas can score at will, I fear for what others will do.

Bottom Line
I believe Addazio when he says things are good and they are ready to put last week behind them. I also think playing Rutgers helps. My guess is they keep it on the ground and run over the Knights.
Final Score: BC 35, Rutgers 21

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