Friday, September 13, 2019

It may not be over, but it might as well be

Fire Steve Addazio. I know it won't be done tonight or this weekend, but like so many other mediocre or bad BC coaches of the past, we are now clearly in the "wasting time" portion of the tenure. He might rebound and grind his way to seven wins again, but he will never, ever be anything more than that. Every game is just more confirmation. He can't find a kicker. His team will come out completely flat at least once a year (if not more often). And seven years in, he still has not developed a QB. (He inherited Rettig and Murphy was a grad transfer.)

The Kansas game was an embarrassment. The execution was terrible. The game plan was terrible. The adjustments were terrible. Worst of all, this team gave up. Flat out gave up when punched in the mouth. They took the lead right before half, got caught sleeping on D to lose the lead before half and waived the white flag thereafter.

I know there is always the risk with a coaching change of taking a step back but what are we holding on to? A .500 coach? The ever shrinking fanbase needs to believe that once in a while BC will put together a great season. That won't ever happen with Addazio.

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