Monday, October 14, 2019

AB is done but BC isn't

As speculated, Anthony Brown is done for the season. BC was light on specifics, only mentioning that it was leg-related and he would have surgery soon. The official announcement of the injury shifted the talk on BC twitter and message boards to whether this excuses Addazio's season and if it buys him more time. In my opinion, it does neither. And I also feel this season is salvageable.

Addazio can't blame anything that happens on Brown's injury. With Brown, BC was already floundering at 3-3. Brown provided some explosiveness, but he was hardly carrying the offense. If anything, Brown had missed his fair share of passes that could have changed outcomes. Plus, Brown has a very clear injury history. If Addazio didn't have a plan for the offense without Brown, than that is on him. Coaching college football is not just X&Os during the game. It is also managing the entire program. One of Addazio's biggest failures is his inability to develop backup QBs. Hopefully Grosel will prove the exception.

Although I called for the end of the Addazio era after the Kansas loss, I still think this team can get to six regular season wins and a bowl game. Grosel is not the second coming of Doug Flutie, but he seems serviceable. The Oline is very good and we still have playmakers. This team should still score points. I also think the remaining schedule is not that tough. NC State, Pitt, FSU and 'Cuse are winnable games. Notre Dame and Clemson will be heavy favorites, but neither are as good as they've been in the past.

The key to the remaining season is to get even marginal improvement out of the defense. The unit has been lost and sloppy for weeks. If Addazio wants to save his job, he needs to get them improved quickly.

I hope Brown recovers and continues his career. If it is under Addazio at BC, the coach is going to have to get a lot out of Grosel and improve his D starting this week.

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