Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Speculation sharks are circling

It has been my experience that since DeFilippo left, BC has not been a place where gossip leaked. But that hasn't stopped two of the biggest College Football Media guys -- Pete Thamel and Bruce Feldman -- from openly speculating that a change is coming at BC. Both are reputable enough with good track records. So if it is not coming from BC, where is it coming from? My guess -- coaches and agents.

Agents and coaches talk to media folks to get names out there and names associated with certain jobs. I will do a breakdown of candidates depending on the outcome of the NC State game, but most of the names kicked around are ones we would guess anyway (Candle, Hafley, Leipold, etc.). The one name of the bunch that I find fascinating and exciting is Joe Moorhead. Moorhead's name was prominently tied to BC the last time Addazio's seat got really hot. But Addazio pulled out of the nose dive and Moorhead jumped at the Mississippi State opportunity. BC was always a better fit and Moorhead leaving his current job might be one of those win-wins for all involved.

The timing of the coaching carousel might also really work to BC's favor this year. Rutgers is the only job which will seemingly have a similar search list. All the others will certainly target different guys from BC, meaning we won't be bidding against other programs.

But we've been down this road with Addazio before and he is still here, so don't buy into the agent gossip just yet.

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