Monday, October 21, 2019

Will Addazio ever beat Clemson?

We all know Addazio's issues. But the one that is probably least discussed is his record against Clemson (0-6). The Tigers are the only team on BC's annual schedule that Addazio has not beaten. There have been moments and one relatively close game, but in his six previous tries nothing has turned BC's way and he has never bested Dabo and Company.

Now the Addazio apologists would point out that Addazio's time at BC also coincided with the best six years in Clemson Football history. But that is out of Addazio's control. As is playing them every year. But that familiarity of playing them annually should result in the occasional upset. Since Addazio has been at BC, Pitt, Syracuse, Florida State and Georgia Tech have all pulled off upsets against the Tigers.

I don't expect a miracle this year. Clemson is once again a heavy favorite. But I think that too often Addazio has purposefully tried to play it close against them in order to pull off an upset. That hasn't worked, so why not go for broke and play every trick in the bag? At this point, he has nothing to lose.

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