Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Addazio and Colorado State did BC a favor

Colorado State hired Steve Addazio Wednesday. I don't think it is a fit for either, but let them figure it out. But Addazio's hiring is great news for BC.

1. It reduces BC's obligation to Addazio. Addazio's buyout didn't prohibit BC from making a move and now we will get even more relief. Because BC is private, we won't know the official numbers, but multiple people say there is a provision to reduce the buyout if he is hired by another school.

2. He is very unlikely to recruit against BC. If Addazio ended up at Rutgers or UConn or even Florida Atlantic, he would have crossed paths occasionally with BC on the recruiting front. Regardless of what you think, the guy can recruit. Colorado State is a very different sell and in a very different geographic footprint. Recruiting against Addazio will not be an issue.

3. It makes the BC job look that much better. Some jobs are considered coach killers in that once you leave you'll never get a head coaching job again. BC is not. We just gave him seven years and he was able to leverage that body of work into another job.

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