Friday, December 13, 2019

A new face and a new start

Martin Jarmond tweeted white smoke and Thamel is siting sources, but Jeff Hafley is the new Boston College Football head coach. Official announcement will come Saturday morning. There is a lot to digest with Hafley and the hiring process, but that can wait. My gut reaction: this is a great hire and a great fit. 

Hafley shares a profile with the guys who have had the most success at BC in the last 30 years. He's a coordinator in his 40s. He's hungry and looking for his first shot as a head coach. He either had prior experience at BC or at places that were similar enough to know how to leverage what BC is and can be.

Beyond the profile fit, the best thing about hiring a first time head coach is that he is 0-0 and has little baggage. We can project a bright future on him and will be patient as he learns. 

For 11 years it has felt like BC Football had a clear ceiling. For now that ceiling is gone. That's exciting.

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