Monday, December 16, 2019

BC's asking for money and they are right

I think it is fair to say Addazio was unpopular with most BC fans. The hardcore have been frustrated for a few years and the casual have been showing their lack of enthusiasm by not coming to Alumni. As I have said, Jeff Hafley represents many things, but best of all is hope. Hope that things will be fun again. Martin Jarmond heard the fans. He made the change and he identified a prime candidate and closed on him. I think most of us are happy about this. Now we have to show our part.

If you follow social media you might have seen a few pleas for people to buy tickets or reminders to give. This is pretty transparent but also appropriate. If you like what happened vote with your dollars. Here are three very specific ways to show your approval.

1. Give BC money. Direct your donation to the Flynn Fund to show your approval of what happened. Or if you give to the BC Fund (that's my usual direction) perhaps allocate a portion to the Flynn Fund. My rationale for giving to the BC Fund over the Flynn Fund is I usually defer to BC as to where they feel the money is most impactful. The reason I might do things differently this year is because I want to show my support of this action.

2. Buy tickets for next year. We won't know what sort of brand of football Jeff Hafley brings to BC yet, but there is no reason to stay away next year. Even if it is a bumpy transition, the players and new coaches deserve our support.

3. Buy BC merchandise. While not as directly lucrative as tickets or straight giving, buying BC merchandise is a show of support...especially if you buy it from BC. It is Christmas time anyway. This can be a good gift and help the school!

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