Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Breaking down the Hafley press conference: the Earnest Eagle

I don't remember Tom O'Brien's introductory press conference (or if there even was one). But every football coach since has been introduced in a similar manner and usually the introduction foreshadows the era ahead. (Jags: a little crazy and loose, but fun. Spaz: uncomfortable with an uneasy feeling in the room. Addazio: lots of passion with a little bluster and a scattershot direction.) If Hafley's introduction is as telling, then we are in for a special time. I can't remember a coach who came off as earnest.

Hafley hit all the usual notes but did so in a measured, controlled way. He didn't over promise. He didn't come off as ill prepared. He was certainly selling, but not in that over the top way. He is very calculating but not in a cold way. He wasn't afraid to show emotion yet didn't wear it on his sleeve. Over and over he mentioned people and prior relationships. We don't know specifics of his  Xs & Os but all the other aspects of leading the program (organization, communication, recruiting, development) seem perfectly aligned. This is going to be different then the last decade.

Hafley didn't tip his hand with regards to staffing. He plans to take his time. The early Signing Period helps that because he can lock in most of his open scholarships this week and doesn't need as many assistants out on the road immediately. He gave no indication of what type of offense or defense he will run. He was asked specifically about Anthony Brown and avoided any trap or commitment other than he will talk to Brown.

Our last three coaches have used the press conference to say that BC was their dream. Hafley didn't. He just said this was one of those jobs that seemed special. He also referenced about how until coming back to college, he had planned on being an NFL head coach. Based on today, I think that he will be. But his first step is making a name for himself at BC.

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