Tuesday, February 04, 2020

It is not about one game

BC hung with Duke for 35 minutes and then let it slip away late. What was frustrating and tantalizing during the back and forth is that Conte was rocking and the team was getting by without playing their "A" game. But we are well past the "it was close" stage of the Jim Christian era.

I didn't post during basketball's most recent win streak. There were good games and good moments. Beating UVA and UNC -- even when they are down -- is still worth noting. I am glad for the progress, but it is not enough. When evaluating where we are and where were are going, I look at the entirety of the JC era.

I like the wins and root for the team, but I am not going to backslide on my stance. I hope BC finishes strong. I also hope that like in Football, a strong finish doesn't change the ultimate decision.

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