Sunday, September 19, 2021

What to expect after a 3-0 start

For 10th time since the FCS/FBS split in 1978, BC has started 3-0. Not all 3-0 starts are the same, but in general is a good sign for the season and for Hafley's future. 

First let's look at the history.

Year Coach First Loss Final Record
2018 Addazio Week 4 7-5
2007 Jags Week 9 11-3
2006 TOB Week 4 10-3
2004 TOB Week 4 9-3
1999 TOB Week 5 8-4
1998 TOB Week 4 4-7
1992 Coughlin Week 9 8-3-1
1984 Bicknell Week 5 10-2
1983 Bicknell Week 4 9-3

If you look at the list, the 3-0 seasons tend to correlate with our best years. We only had one losing season after starting 3-0 and had three different double digit win seasons after starting 3-0. 

While this season's schedule opened up with some very easy games, I still think a bad coach can screw up an easy schedule. The fact that TOB navigated some friendly starts and Spaz never did and Addazio only did it once is telling. Hafley hasn't had to pull out any unusual stops in our first three games, but he has managed the starting QB going down and had the team focused and ready to play each game so far.

The ultimate test for this season is probably Saturday against Mizzou, but even if that doesn't go as hoped, the good start is sign of good things to come.

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