Saturday, October 16, 2021


That was one of the worst second halves I can remember. Everything fell apart. And on social media, the critics came out for Jeff Hafley. I give our coach a huge pass for what happened tonight. The Special Teams issues were not coaching...more just fluky. The D was out there a lot so somethings was going to give. I put a lot of blame on the Offense. I am doing everything I can from turning my twitter account into a "bash Grosel" feed, but he is the root of the problem on offense. We have a lot of talent but become so limited with him as QB that the talent is wasted. I think the staff is trying to coach around him but other teams adjust and then we are left with putting Grosel in positions that hurt us. If we don't run the ball down the other team's throat, we won't win with him. 

It will now be on Hafley to regroup and see how he can build a winning offense around a walk-on QB.

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