Monday, October 22, 2007

Basketball links and a few football notes

Tyreses Rice is going to be asked to do a lot this season.

Is anyone surprised that Sean Williams is already running into trouble in New Jersey?

When the Bobcats drafted Jared Dudley, I feared it would not end well. They are a bad organization with little direction and too many people at his natural positions. This weekend Adam Morrison went down and is out for the year. You'd think that it would be Jared's chance. Nope. He's battling a nagging injury himself and his coach is publicly saying he doesn't think he'll use Dudley much. Terrible. Fortunately Jared is a fighter and will make it.

Football notes...

Virginia Tech might use both of their QBs Thursday night.

Interesting article on prejudice in recruiting and one New Jersey scout's memory of former Eagle Anthony DiCosmo.

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