Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ticket reminder and other links

Some of you may have received a voicemail from Matt Ryan urging you to buy tickets for the ACC Championship game. Included in the message was the option of buying a ticket and donating it to a local charity. For those of you who cannot make the game but want to support BC's ticket efforts, please contact the BC ticket office about this policy.

The Ryan for Heisman guys have great pictures of Senior Day.

The soccer team begins its run at the National Championship Wednesday.

Jared Dudley got his first NBA start and acquitted himself well.

The Globe had some encouraging news about the Peach Bowl.


Matthew said...

I missed it if it was known why Silva was wearing 31... I know Glasper did something similar last year (HS number?), but I wasn't sure about Jamie. Anyone know?

RFH said...

Silva was this year's recipient of the Jay McGillis scholarship. McGillis was a former DB at BC and died of leukemia in 1992. The winner wears #31 on senior day each year in honor of McGillis. The tradition started in 2005 with Jazzmen Williams and was continued by Glasper last year.

ToTheHeights said...

What is this notion that "the bowl is sold out". Not that I want to bad vibe BC or anything, but if BC plays in the Peach Bowl (or any other bowl for that matter) I plan on attending. This is making it sound like it might be a hassle to get tickets. Any ideas?

ATL_eagle said...

ToTheHeights, it means that all the tickets not associated with the two schools selected are already sold. So BC fans would have to buy Peach/Chick tickets through the school and BC would be expected to sell approximately 15,000.

Brian said...

I'm down with the Peach Bowl, but am optimistic that we will be going to another fruit-affiliated bowl. Go BC!