Monday, July 07, 2008

Phil Steele’s Cliffs Notes: Georgia Tech

You have to discard many of Phil Steele’s formulas and figures when talking about Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are changing so many things about their program that deriving anything from the Chan Gailey era is a bit of a stretch. Still, here are the relevant points from the Steele Preview magazine.

Nuggets and notes of interest
-- Georgia Tech has five starters on offense returning and four defensive starters returning.
-- Steele considers their offensive line the fourth best in the conference
-- Steele considers their defensive line the fifth best in the conference
-- They have 50 letterman returning this season
-- Georgia Tech has the 10th best incoming class in the ACC
-- The jackets have the 37th most difficult schedule in 2008
-- They are 77th in his power poll
-- Their experience rating is 55 (the lowest in the ACC)

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