Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crane recognized and other links

The ACC named Chris Crane one of their Players of the Week.

Thanks to all of you who sent the clip of Jo-Lonn jacking a Viking on Reggie Bush's punt return.

ACC Now has video of Saturday's game.

The oddsmakers still think our basketball team is a year away.

This NC State blogger took a different look at our offensive performance. While it was certainly a breakout it might also be that NC State is just that bad.

BC is showing interest in the following recruits: Zach Mottla, Ted Meline, and Matt Couch.


Erik said...

Not only a Viking, but Erin Henderson, a former Terp. We all know how JoLonn ate up the Terps every year.

Eagle1 said...

Delicious hit by Dunbar.

Speaking of recruits, I wonder what the following two kids are thinking right now: (1) that tight end from Darmouth, Mass., who committed to Georgia and (2) the kid from NJ who selected Rutgers over BC because Schiano flew in to meet him on a helicopter.

eagle1331 said...

Without Ray Rice rutgers has fallen, like anybody familiar with the program knew they would.

I think Fontaine (Georgia) decided against BC to try make his own path... his family was all BC... wanted to try something knew, make a name for himself... still sucks for us though...

I really want to see us get a commitment sometime this year...

Eagle1 said...

On topic:

Does anyone have access to a helicopter (or gentleman's club) that Jags can use to recruit players?

Off topic:

I've heard a few times about the kid currently on the team who does a killer impression of Jags. Anyone have video of that?

eagle1331 said...

A lot of the managers do great impressions of all the coaches