Monday, October 06, 2008

Kickoff set for Virginia Tech and other links

Virginia Tech will be in prime time on ESPN or ESPN 2.

Great Logan quotes in both the Globe and Herald articles, including:

“This will be the danger psychologically that he could slip into, because we’re going to go face a Virginia Tech team that has a very unique scheme that even Matt Ryan had a hard time cracking,” Logan continued. “We’ve got to keep it in perspective. I’m really proud of him and really proud for him, because I really thought he could do it. It was just a matter of if he could do it between the ears.”

I also liked this:

“this is a step; it’s not an arrival.

I agree with Logan. Keep this game in perspective. We still don't know what we have. You only have to look back to 2005. Porter won the ACC player of the week for the UVA game. He followed it with the Wake Forest disaster that Ryan saved.

Dr. Saturday noted that we more than doubled NC State's productivity.

As we try to rebuild recruiting territories, TOB is still working Ohio.

HD is creeping back on the BC bandwagon. We've moved up in the Power Rankings and she gave Crane a helmet sticker. Crane also got a helmet sticker on ESPN's College Football Final.

An update on Sean Williams.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Any word on that Flutie statue? It would nice to unveil that sometime this year.

Old Heightsonian said...
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Old Heightsonian said...

I remember reading it would be unveiled during the weekend of the Hunchbacks game (11/8).

eagle1331 said...

I hate reading about other teams recruiting efforts (especially TOB's). I don't understand how we still only have 5 commitments. COME ON JAGS, WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!

Langsgangs said...

Thanks for the post on BLOCK first name party. I hope he can excel...