Friday, January 30, 2009

Expansion news and other links

There will be baseball in Brighton! Most of BC's expansion received approval yesterday. The main hang up remains some of the dorms on the former seminary land. Overall this is good news for the school. Now it wasn't part of the approval or expansion plans but someone better start sketching out ideas for exclusive football practice facilities (indoor and outdoor). Why you ask? It might not be a sticking point with Spaz, but it will be with a future coach (just like it was with TOB and Jags). Getting the idea in the queue now while all this other construction and planning takes place makes sense. In ten years there might not be an inch of campus left to put it on.

For those who missed it, here is the school's official release on the McGovern promotion.

Hockey East awarded Scott Clemmensen their Unsung Hero honor. Clemmensen continues to play well for the Devils.

The women's basketball team is now 5-1 in the ACC.

The Beanpot starts Monday and BC's opening round opponent is long overdue for some Beanpot glory.

Matt Ryan parlayed his rookie season into a few endorsement deals including one with Axe. It makes me fill a bit old when a BC QB is pitching products that skew to a demographic younger than me. Come on, Matt, endorse a minivan and I'll be all over it!

One of BC's last targets is headed to Iowa. Can't blame him though as it is hard for an offensive lineman to commit to a school without knowing his future position coach.


Erik said...

Every news article focuses on the dorm that did not get approved, instead of saying what actually can and will be built

Big Jack Krack said...

It would be great if the women could pull one out at Duke. I'd say we have a chance.

I might have to find a way to get up to that game - I'll be working about 60 miles away.

Willis said...

Apparently Carson Daly is a huge fan of Matty Ice:

Actually not a bad interview. I thought Carson Daly was going to propose midway through.

Eagle in Brighton said...
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John said...

I was actually at the hearing when they approved the construction in Brighton and the funny thing is, the baseball and softball stadiums were what the neighbors were most concerned about...some of the things they said just blew my mind. The approval of this construction is great news for BC and will do great things for the school

BCNorCal07 said...

Great win for the basketball team. Really wish that I could have watched, but it sounds like it was very exciting. This was the kind of game we needed: a close win against a team roughly our equals. If we keep getting these types of games, well, I'm just gonna knock on wood.

matthew said...


I am so sick of hearing and reading about the football program. The news surrounding them is really boring me, and people keep saying the same things over and over again.

Anyways, I invite the basketball fans to share my pleasure. This was one of the best basketball games I've seen in a long time. Both teams played well -- solid D in the first half, and offense inevitably taking over in the second half. Good individual performances by Tech's 3-headed monster, and great all-around efforts by BC's 9 man rotation. Even Dunn had 7 boards and Roche put up 10 and 4.

BC basketball now sits at the top of the second tier in the ACC. They are starting to reach their potential, and it's a pleasure to watch. There is no reason that we cannot reach 9 wins and receive a tourney bid.

A great crowd tonight, students and community alike. Everyone was loud and into the game. Even Craig Smith was courtside, and on his feet. Lets keep this thing rolling as we start to creep back into and up 'others receiving votes'.

johnoatesforthree said...

now that was what i would call a good crowd. good effort by the team too, they all showed a lot of emotion, which was nice to see. at this point i'd say we are definitely tournie bound.