Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gaughan commits and other links

Despite the mood after the loss to Notre Dame, BC added another solid recruit in PA OL Paul Gaughan. The class still needs some more bodies and more skill position/speed players, but it is looking like a decent group of kids.

BCeagles.com posted another excellent overview of the hockey team. The team debuts this Saturday against Northeastern.

Steve Donahue is not done in California. There are another few prospects we are targeting out west. I really like this strategy too. In basketball circuit playing in the ACC is very big for the west coast kids. Proving themselves against the Duke and UNCs is a great selling tool. Combine that with a great school like BC and a player friendly offense, and you can really create a pipeline in California.

The only news on the depth chart are the true freshman offensive line men on the second team. I doubt you will see them play.

Joe Trapani is one of the players on the preseason Wooden list. I like Joe but don't see him getting the numbers to win this award.


matthew2 said...

I've complained before about BC basketball players getting a lack of recognition.... but is this warranted for Joe?

One of the top 50 returning players in college basketball? I guess I'm not qualified to say that he's NOT..... but it doesn't sound right.

emil!!! said...

Harvard-Westlake... the same basketball powerhouse that produced basketball player/actor Jason Segel.

I'm excited for the Donahue era, maybe he can coach football too?

Brablc said...

ATL - I agree with you about the pipelines the Don is starting in California.

Right now it appears that 3 recruits are on the cusp of signing with BC. Damiene Cain from CA, Cannen Cunningham from Texas and PG Shane Larkin from FL (who just visited BC this past weekend.) If we can get Larkin and one of the other two, I will leave very impressed by the Don's first recruiting class.

He has brought in size and a bunch of players that fit his system. I'm optimistic about the next two years but very excited about the next 3-5!

Bravesbill said...

Hadn't Al created a CA pipeline with the likes of Sean Marshall, Craig Smith, and Jared Dudley?

mod34b said...


Re Football depth Chart for NCSU game, you note, with too much understatement:

"The only news on the depth chart are the true freshman offensive line men on the second team. I doubt you will see them play."

What I think you may be overlooking is this item of the chart:

"QB 16 Mike Marscovetra (6-4, 210, So.)
or 7 Chase Rettig (6-3, 210, Fr.)
15 Dave Shinskie (6-4, 220, So.)"

Meaning: If Rettig can't play due to injury, then Marsco is starting.


If this proves to be true, another knuckleheaded decision by Spaz/Tranq. Let's hope this is not Spaz's way of announcing the starter and is just a piece of paper!

Anybody have any updates of the QB situation for NCSU?

mod34b said...

Per WZBC on twitter, Rettig injury minor:

"@LuisWZBC Luis Sanchez

Rettig Injury is not much to worry about...Team prepares for NC state(3-1) first road game of the season
10 hours ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply "

mod34b said...

Here is an audio "tweet" from Lexy saying Rettig's return this week is unlikely. hmmm

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - here's the NCSU QB update. Russell Wilson is going to kill us!

Although he didn't have one of his best efforts in the INT department against VT - how do you like 500 plus yards (and 3 more 15 yard PI penalties) and 30 points on VT’s defense?

Good luck to us Eagles!

eagle1331 said...

BravesBill -

Al didn't establish that pipeline, his two assistants that left a few years ago did (Cooley and the other name escapes me)...

mod34b said...

BJK -- Good one!

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Bravesbill - I have been trying to research some of this, but will have to go by recollection.

Craig Smith, while from L.A., played at Worcester Academy for Mo Cassara. In that sense he was local.

As for Jared Dudley - I seem to remember that he was not heavily recruited for whatever reason, and conducted a search on his own for a team that could use his help immediately. I believe that Jared found Boston College, rather than the other way around. I could be wrong, of course.

I'm not sure about Sean Marshall, although he may have heard about Jared and Craig - and packed his bags east as well. These guys made Al look good, but I'm not sure Al ever got out of his chair, except to go work out.

Bravesbill said...

Oh I have no doub that Al rarely recruited whatsoever. And any pipeline he established, he didn't really tap into after those 3 players. Just mentioning that a CA pipeline had been established (most likely by Skinner's screw). That said, I would continue recruiting heavily in CA for b-ball, football, soccer, and baseball. Even mediocre high school players out there are just as good as most of the stars in the Northeast.