Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Speculating with Spaz Part 2: We won't win another game this season

This is how filled Alumni will be if we are 2-8 heading into the UVA game.

I have talked to more than one fan this week that believes we will not win another game this season. For someone who thought the worst case scenario was a 6-6 season, this possibility is scary. So let me be clear -- I don't think we will finish 2-10. I also still believe we will stumble into a 6-6 season. But the 2-10ers do have a point: how can we win games if we cannot score points?

We have games against Syracuse, Duke, UVA, Maryland and Wake Forest. All of those teams have major issues like we do. Our defense is better than all of those teams. Most of those games will break our way. If we can find just a few executable plays on offense we should win at least three of those games.

We will be heavy underdogs against NC State, Florida State and Clemson. But none of those teams are well coached juggernauts. I expect at least one of those games will be close enough for us to steal a win. But then again, I pick BC to win every week.

I think coaching is hurting this team. I think we have real flaws. But there is just too much talent, too strong a defense, and too much pride among the players for us to bottom out.

All that said, if we finish the season with 10 straight losses, Spaz would surely be fired.


VinnyBostonCollegeEagle said...

Don't lose hope guys! In 2002 we played #1 ranked Miami in the Orange Bowl. We lost by 40+ points. But we never gave up hope! It's not time to now. Our team needs us to rally around them. GO EAGLES


Patrick said...

There are all sorts of rumors bubbling up that Claiborne's reduced playing time, and Ramsey's suspension --- to the extent they involve off-the-field conduct, they involve in-the-lockeroom conduct. These are not heartening rumors. In fact, they're very much like Henning-era rumors, without the gambling. Have anything to share ATL?

John said...

what is the latest on Rettig?

mod34b said...

"A pessimist is never disappointed" (Jack Cleary). Don't be safe, root for your team. Root for success. "There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist." (Twain)

That's right VinnyBC, keep hope alive. These past two weeks have been a pessimist's delight. Pure joy for the downer club.

C'mon ATL, take one more sip of the Kool-Aid before you start selling the milquetoasty 6-6. Nonsense! "I, [ATL] also still believe we will stumble into a 6-6 season" We get to a crappy result by stumbling into it; as if we'd be lucky to get to 6-6. Never!

If you still need some motivation, well click this link For Boston, Drop kick Murphys



Alex L. said...

I'll admit, I was pessimistic even before the season started. I never did understand why so many had such high expectations for this season. Just for the record, this is what I wrote in the comments section back in February, 2010:


Again, I hope Spaz is able to turn it around and prove me wrong. But I just don't see any desire to win coming from this staff.

BC Lova said...

this isn't entirely true. If we don't win another game I will still crush shea field before and after the UVA game.

Doornekamp! said...

If Spaz is fired, wouldn't we still owe him for another season? And aren't we still paying Jags? I dont know - isn't there a limit on how many football coaches we can pay at one time? It's not like we're rolling in money, based on all the requests for donations I get on a weekly basis. Plus, I just don't see GDF swallowing another contract and admitting he was wrong to hire yet another coach.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - Thanks for that post. The captains should kick the coaches out of the dressing room at Carter Finley Stadium and throw the "For Boston, Drop Kick Murphys" up on the big screen - turn it up full blast - then look each other in the eyes, give each other the nod - and then BURST THROUGH THE FU....G DOOR AND OUT ONTO THE FIELD.

We will not lose to TOB and the former BC coaches - WE WILL NOT LOSE.

The players have to figure this out on their own, apparently. What the hell - they're smart enough.

Ted H said...

Unfortunately at this point it is probably in the programs best interests to lose the remaining games. That is the only way that we can get rid of Spaz and Tranq. Assuming we do not go on a huge win streak this is the best we can hope for. At least we will have a chance to rebuild with a new up and comer ala Donahue.

Bob B. said...

I think this a very real possibility...We play Maryland, Syracuse, Duke and Virginia, all of whom are better than Kent State. We barely beat Kent State, so I don't think it's safe to assume that we will beat Duke, Syracuse, Maryland and Virginia automatically. I can say for a fact that Duke has a better offense and better coaching than we do and we will not blow them out this year.

That being said, we will win at least one more game and we won't go 2-10. But I think 4 or 5 wins is definitely possible even with our weak schedule. Take out the Weber State win and you have a 3 or 4 win season. Embarrassing.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bob - with Tranquill I'm afraid you may be right. The players are/will be demoralized and going through the motions, unless the captains figure out a way to turn this around.

I'm an optimist, but it's tough with this coaching crew. Maybe its just one or two bad apples, but the situation must be dealt with.

Give the players a chance - don't quit, coaches.

sujit said...

It saddens me that this might be the first year in my short BC memory ('05 alum) where pundits like Heather Dinich et al might have overrated the quality of our football team. damn...

blist said...

I'm really worried over the way we've played and the level of emotion for ND and VaTech. I was a huge supporter of Spaz, but now he's gotta go. Syracuse should really be a cautionary tale of what can happen to a good program that let's itself go for just a few years on a bad hire.

Dan said...

If we're stuck with Marsco, we might lose 10 straight. If Shinskie is allowed back, we'll beat the soft defenses and thats about it. If Rettig isn't too banged up I think we could go 4-4 or 5-3 to finish.

Everyone talks about wanting a coach to come in and "rebuld" but nobody wants to accept what that process entails. This is what rebuilding looks like. A glance at the depth chart shows our top 4 receivers didn't play last year(minus spot work from Lee) and at the moment we do not have a serviceable D-1 QB. It doesn't take a genius to realize Montel is our only weapon and completely attack S--T out of him and the O-Line.

Our defense looks stacked for the forseeable future and our recruiting is getting progressively better. If Rettig develops, he will have an above average crop of receivers to throw too (Coleman, Swigert, Larmond, Lee, Philips) for several years and the rebuild will be in full swing.

This is honestly the year we lucked out of having last year.

Walter said...

Okay, I've been to all of our games so far this year, and I'm as disappointed as anyone else when it comes to what they've shown so far.

But you people make it sound like the team is already 2-10 instead of 2-2. Virginia Tech can lose to James Madison every year for the rest of our lives; they're still Virginia Tech and they're still good.

Notre Dame came in with a piss poor record, but we all know only one of their losses was bad, and all were to quality opponents.

There's a big difference between being godawful and losing to better opponents. Our schedule is weak enough that we can still be competitive in every game we have remaining.

We are 0-1 in the ACC. That is the only thing that matters. We still control our own destiny. We're still essentially playing for everything we were at the beginning of the season.

mod34b said...

The "Eagle" has gone soft.  The following comments are not from the "Eagles" of my day - the generation between "Margo" and "Baldwin" - when we rooted for a small QB with a big heart.

I was pessimistic even before the season started

it is probably in the programs best interests to lose the remaining games

I don't think it's safe to assume that we will beat Duke

I'm really worried over the level of emotion for ND and VaTech

It saddens me that this might be the first year in my short BC memory where pundits might have overrated our football team.

This is the year we lucked out of having last year 

Ted H said...

You have to be realistic. We are just not that good this year and never will be anything special under Spaz. That is a fact. I would rather sacrifice one year for the future of the program so we can get someone who gives us a chance to win the ACC. Otherwise we will wail in mediocrity for the next 4 years before 1)he retires or 2) he eventually gets fired.

eagleboston said...

My God, I'm usually the realist here but I am nowhere near ready to throw in the towel. I predicted 7-9 wins at the start of the year and I had us right where we are at this point, 2-2. I knew there was no way we were going to beat Va Tech and I highly doubted a Kelly coached-team, stocked with half a decade's worth of 4 and 5 star recruits, would lose to us. At the time, I also had us losing to Florida State and Clemson. Now, I'm beginning to think NC State will be a loss.

However, I believe we will beat Wake, Duke, Virginia, Maryland, and Syracuse, although none of these games will be easy. That makes 7 wins, the low end of where I predicted, but not at the level where many doom and gloomers are placing BC now. Imagine if Va Tech had folded up the tent at 0-2? It's a long season gang and we have nowhere to go but up.

Galvin said...

I agree 100% with EagleBoston and Walter. We can salvage our ACC play. We haven't yet lost the games everyone has chalked us up as losing. Although it doesn't look good at the moment, I am confident the team will figure it out. There was a great Ditka quote yesterday about how he would have gone ballistic if he were the coach during the Giants massacre of Cutler - something along the lines of football being a game of pride and beating the crap out of the guy in front of you. Our O-Line has a lot of pride, they just have not put it together. I wouldn't be surprised if they knock some skulls against TOB this week. Montel deserves better and our defense deserves better (although maybe not our weak zone pass coverage). We really have to go with Shinksie if Rettig can't play, though. Marsco does not look like a serviceable QB.

Ry said...

wondering if spaz were demoted to DC once again and chose not to accept whether or not we would be on the hook for the contract. he'd obviously be a very overpaid DC, but at least it isn't money completely down the drain.

Matt said...

I hear Claiborne is being benched more for dislike of coaching...Spaz is really hurting the morale of his team.

Something needs to be done.

Big Jack Krack said...

Matt - I don't blame Claiborne in some respects. He was showing a great deal of fire in the ND game in the first half - yelling encouragement to his teammates, and playing very hard, etc.

But as it became apparent that the coaches were going to remain plain vanilla (with no chance to win) I think he and many, if not most of the players settled into the realization that this is going to be a lousy year.

The team is demoralized in my opinion. What kind of an Offensive Coordinator can take a team of eager guys and turn them into a bunch of demoralized individuals? Tranquill must go, and Spaz needs to see that - otherwise he's not a HC.

Bravesbill said...

For all the optimists, you're right. We still control our destiny in the ACC. BC still has not lost to the FSUs, Clemsons, or NCSTs of the world. However, based on BC's last 2 crapfests, who in their right mind would even remotely give BC a chance against these teams? It would be one thing if BC remained competitive and the coaches actually tried to win their past 2 games. However, they didn't. BC looked awful and will remain awful as long as Spaz is the HC, Tranq is the OC and Marsco/Shitskie is the starting QB.

eagle1331 said...

There's no way spaz is fired this year unless Gene is also shown the door, and even in that case, they most likely won't stick a new AD with the immediate task of finding a new HC for the football program.. that's being a realist. If Gene is on the bubble, and I would assume he is (though we all know what happens when you assume), the school would not allow him to make another HC'ing decision..

Big Jack Krack said...

Blist - this is a chilling comment:

"Syracuse should really be a cautionary tale of what can happen to a good program that let's itself go for just a few years on a bad hire."

AlbanyEagle said...

Chilling, indeed, but not unrealistic.

We have some nice verbal commits coming in, but if this slide continues unabated that could change before letters are signed. Then, a slippery downward slope......

blist said...

Big Jack Krack - I love BC and don't want us to end up like 'Cuse (apologies to the Cuse fans). Granted, they had other problems too we don't have, mainly getting shafted by the ACC which I think killed their recruiting for years and I think we have more advantages than Syracuse overall. But I don't think we were all delusional on this board to think we had a very good groups of kids this year, so this isn't a tear down, rebuild type of gig like what TOB inherited. Spaz should be winning (or at least competing) this year.

Erik said...

I'm glad to see people pissed off, because usually the slant on BC is that people don't care. But let's realize the program isn't done for, even if it keeps GDF/Spaz/Tranq. Rettig can develop under their watch and the O-Line can learn to block under their watch.

VaTech lost to a WAC & CAA team, followed by a struggle against East Carolina. What happened next, they beat the snot out of us and now look like a contender for the ACC.

Clearly we have issues and we wouldn't beat anybody playing the way we played the past two weeks. but I refuse to believe that those two performances are the-best-we-are-capable-of-playing-so-we'll-keep-losing-due-to-being-worse-than-everyone.

Hopefully we wake up. Looking at you O-Line.