Tuesday, February 01, 2011


We are not this bad. Sure, UNC played well and we played poorly, but the game should not have been so lopsided. We are clearly flawed (no real inside scorer, mediocre penetration, one of the worst defenses in college basketball) but we can play better. What has me scratching my head is Donahue's lack of adjustments in game. I don't believe in micro-managing a basketball game. In fact I love Skinner's "let them play" mentality, but Donahue is supposed to be an Xs and Os guy. He made good adjustments and had exciting rotations earlier in the year. Now he doesn't seem to tell emphasize the simple adjustments ("Hey, Josh, they are over playing you. Step into the pass and use your body to keep him from stealing the ball").

This might not make sense given UNC blew us out, but I really think we should have picked up the tempo. We looked hesitant on offense too often and ran down the shot clock many times. We can't play defensively with UNC, so why not try to out score them?

Other thoughts as I wonder if we are about to slide way, way down...


-- Trapani's hustle.
I harp on Joe, but I give the guy credit for fighting well after the game is over. We need more of that.
-- Raji's shot selection. For some reason the most of the guys are either passing up good shots or forcing bad ones. Not Corey. He is doing a great job in shot selection and has a pretty quick release.


-- Southern on the low block.
He is not a good rebounder and not an especially great low post scorer. He is much better on the high block where he can pass.
-- No time for Dunn.
I don't think Dunn is some sort of hidden gem. He may not be showing the right attitude in practice, but we could use his size and minutes. We are making average players look great because we have no one to match up with them.


Claver2010 said...

A dislike has to be Reggie. He's by far the best player on this team and has been in an absolute funk recently. The team isn't good enough to survive w/o him.

05Eagle said...

Southern seems like a nice guy, but he is pretty terrible no matter where he plays.

Erik said...

Trapani was great last night. I wish Reggie could have matched his effort.

As far as Dunn, there were so few fouls called that we didn't really need his minutes this time around.

I can't wait to win again.

CCW said...

Outscore UNC? Really?

cwm2005 said...

BC has been failing the eye test pretty horribly lately. VA tech seems like a must win now.

To be fair, it's not surprising that this team lost @FSU, @Duke, or failed to beat UNC when we were home underdogs.

But, 106 points in regulation!?! sweet jesus that's a lot of points. The failure to adjust or show toughness in the second half, where UNC scored 57 points (!!) is worse.

I'll hope they can pull it out on Saturday, but unless Reggie plays with passion again and the offense keeps the turnovers down, this season could be on the skids