Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick take on Media Guide and Depth Chart

BC has been putting its media guide online for more than a decade. But this year it is in a much more reader friendly format (see below). The guide is a huge and difficult project every year, so congrats to the team for another job well done. I also thank them for the new format and embedded code. While there are only a few of us who keep referencing back to the doc over time, the format improvement is welcome.

The biggest news in the whole document is the preseason depth chart. While it will change before the start of the season, it still offers a glimpse into the direction the staff is heading.

Of note...

-- Richman is at LG, Spinney is at C and Cleary is at RT. In my outside opinion the problems with last year's offensive line began when they moved guys from positions of strength to new spots within the line (Richman from LG to C and Cleary from T to G). Now you have three guys who will start in the same positions they finished last year. Wetzel and White are not as experienced at their respective spots, but I think we will be ok upfront.
-- Momah as a starter. I feel like Momah's potential has been wasted a bit with bad QBs and misguided redshirt year on Defense. Maybe this year it will all click. I don't think it is a slight to Swigert either since there should be plenty of snaps for the 2nd team WRs.
-- Nick Clancy still in the mix. Clancy is another guy who showed promise early in his career but has seen his playing time diminish bit. I guess we are fortunate to have plenty of depth at LB.


mod34b said...

Few more items of interest

Lars Anderson is the #2 TE, but the #1 FB. If that holds, it puts another good receiver on the field.

Marscovetra is not even on the depth chart. Bordner is now #2/3 with Shinskie. I wonder if Marsco can be repurposed? We've got 6 QBs!!!!

I am forgetting , but was Noel a starter all last year? He is now apparently demoted to #2.

Quinn is the starting DT. Guy has a lot of potential. Cou.d be a pretty good Dline.

Big Jack Krack said...

Where's Coleman in this?

Danny Boy said...

Big Jack, I've been thinking the same thing all spring. Coleman showed a lot of promise at the start of last year and since then we haven't heard a peep about him.

I wonder if he was given a redshirt to try and smooth out some of the edges.

evr2xl said...

I believe Noel started at SS towards the end of last year, but he's dropped in the depth chart after his move to corner. I wonder if that will stick.

Coleman already used his redshirt his first year on campus. After hearing so much about his raw skills, I expected to see him making more of an impact by now. Still, it is only his RS Soph year..considering he only played a year or two of football in HS, maybe that's asking too much. I'm betting he still sees the field a lot this season and still have high expectations for him. Hopefully the coaches uphold their end of the bargain.

JBQ said...

Last year, Momah had "hands of stone". I remember a play where Shinskie put one "on the money" in the end zone and hit Momah right in the hands. It was like throwing a cannon ball at a brick wall. Every Fall is like Spring. There is hope beyond hope that everything will grow anew. It must be remembered that these are 18 and 19 year olds. They make plenty of mistakes and we all cheer. Such is life and not like Afghanistan where mistakes mean that somebody died or at the very least that someone lost their legs.

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