Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's the worst thing that happened to BC this weekend?

Where to start?

I would start with the basketball team losing to Virginia, but that is to be expected. Virginia is a good defensive team and made life difficult for our best player (Anderson). Don't read too much into us leading at the we still haven't shown we can play 40 minutes of quality basketball.

The Hockey team usually provides hope to everyone around BC athletics, so when they lose back to back games you start to worry. It was the first time Maine had swept us at home since 1993 (when Maine was at its peak). The last time BC lost consecutive games at home to anyone was 2007.

But the strangest news of the weekend, was the Heights report that our 2013 game against New Mexico State will be a road game!?! Everyone assumed it would be a home game, especially when we settled on playing a team like New Mexico State. Brad Bates has yet to explain why he selected this game and why he seemingly cut a one-off deal where we travel, but I assume it is all about money. I know BC talked to plenty of schools about coming to Boston and all wanted huge guarantees. If we travel we don't pay the opponent. In fact depending on the price of buying a game at Alumni against a lessor program, this might be more lucrative and less risky. Now New Mexico State won't provide the same sort of pay day that travelling to a BCS conference school might have (like Ohio State), but they are FBS. That means that a win in Las Cruces will help our bowl eligibility. The perceived momentum of another win next year might help Addazio and Bates as they rebuild. I know ticket buyers are upset about not having another home game, but would there have been much demand for NM State? Would it have sold out? Probably not. Until we show we can support a six game homeslate, I don't see the Administration in a rush to add a seventh game.

And if that wasn't enough, there's water damage in the Football offices.


blist said...

I don't watch a lot of the b-ball team - I've seen around 4 games this year on the telly, but my impression isn't great - coaching-wise - based on their decisions (seemingly, the approach to run down the clock and then make a really bad last second shot), the crispness (lack therefor) of their passing, and the free throw shooting.
Is our problem lack of ACC talent, youth or just not a very good basketball coach?

John said...

It is getting more and more difficult to feel proud of my alma mater through it's sports programs.


nceaglefan said...

Come on feel proud of the alma mater in realizing that we do things the right way with good kids who actually go to class. By and large these big time hoop and football schools are factories. I love BC because we represent what college athletics should be about. This current hoops team is going to be really good in two years, you heard it here first!

WI_Eagle said...

Plus, unless you are a blue blood in football and/or basketball (~top 10 programs) you go through cycles. Basketball had a very very good run from '01-'07 (and some huge wins in '09 too) and football was consistently above average from '99-'07 (maybe you could include '08 and '09 as well) with a peak in '04-'07. Look at USC and Bama in football or Michigan and Texas in basketball....almost every program goes through cycles. Ever to Excel! As much as losses pain me, I am very proud of BC.

mod10aeagle said...

Last year, getting swept by Maine started BC's march of consecutive wins that lead to the national championship. This one comes a tad later, I think, but let's hope it has the same effect.

Anonymous said...

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