Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Season Prediction Part III: what will happen

We've had our fun. Now let's get to what is really going to happen.

In my opinion the team underachieved throughout the entire Spaz era. I will agree with the pundits that our talent level also declined, but we were not a 2-10 roster last year. Coaching was a huge factor. Now our talent is probably worse than last year, but our coaching should be better. Where does that leave us? If Addazio doesn't double our win total, I will be very frustrated. We should do better. And this is how I think it will play out. [This is my official prediction for the season.] 

What will happen

Villanova. Win. Addazio took care of business against the Wildcats while at Temple. This will be more of the same.

Wake Forest. Win. As I've been writing all summer, I am expecting a huge season from Rettig. Against Wake he helps us win a close game with a late drive.

at USC. Loss. I don't like moral victories, but this might be one. It will be tough to win on the road this early against a thin but talented USC team.

Florida State. Loss. I like our schedule, but this is one area where it hurts us. We face our toughest games in the middle of the season. We will come through it with a below .500 record. It will be on Addazio to regroup.

Army. Win. I trust Don Brown to have the defense ready. We will still score 30 on them.

at Clemson. Loss. I think we can hang with them for a little, but the Tigers pull away in the second half.

at North Carolina. Loss. Another tough game that we don't win. I don't know how Addazio is going to prepare the team but this is where he will have to earn his paycheck. Confidence will be shaken.

Virginia Tech. Win. I think Virginia Tech is a good matchup for us this year.

at New Mexico State. Win. The Spaz-Martin combo would worry me if we had kept our schemes. Whatever familiarity they had with us is somewhat negated by the newness of Day and Brown. We win.

North Carolina State. Loss. They are a bit further along in their rebuild.

at Maryland. Win. Maybe my sense of Maryland is off, but I think at this point in the season they will be checked out.

at Syracuse. Win. Entering the game we will already be bowl eligible. This game will be about pride and finishing above .500. I think we win a close, emotional game.

7-5 (4-4) never sounded so good. We would go bowling. Let's say Shreveport against UAB. We win and finish 8-5. I think it is very possible. It will obviously take a little luck and no major injuries.

I will admit a year over year improvement like this is statistically unlikely. My hope and belief is that it will happen and we will enjoy a football season for the first time in five years.


Big Jack Krack said...

This year is going to be exciting for sure.

We could beat Syracuse up there to close out the last 5 games with victories or we could struggle in all of them - well maybe not New Mexico State. After going 3 and 4 in the first 7 game.

I'm smiling because we have possibilities now, where under Sadface we had none.

Let's go BC - beat Villanova. The road back starts this week.

blist said...

That's a big key -- enjoying watching this team again. Sadface sucked the joy out of the game for fans and I'm sure for the players. Let's hope the Dazzler brings it back -- he has so far.

JBQ said...

It all starts with a good Villanova squad. Stay the course and build the momentum one step at a time. A good start will carry over into the Wake game. If you do that, then USC is beatable. Carry one brick at a time to build the wall.

cherry ghost said...

Love the optimism, ATL Eagle. Here's to a 7-5 season and going bowling.

mod34b said...

Blogs slime saying Nova may upset BC. RANT THIS

BC and Nova did both play Maine last year and both won by similar scores. The Nova defense is supposedly good at run stopping and the Nova QB aparently is a good passer. If BC is run-focused and still is bad at pass defense, it could be an intersting (ugly) game

BUT Dazz at Temple has beat Nova the last two years. So he should know how to game plan this one.

BCDisco said...

I think Dazz and the players are ready, it's just that we're so thin at some positions. Even a minor injury could kill us. That's what worries me most about these first two games.

Big Jack Krack said...

First - take the ball.

First play of the game - play action, drop one off to the FB, and let him scamper for 30 yards.

Let's take it home from there, BC.

Let's not fool around - let's blow out Viallanova!

Joseph said...

Nice to see that M34 is still so positive. I guess he never heard that we have a new DC.

Joseph said...

Nice to see that M34 is still so positive. I guess he never heard that we have a new DC.

Big Jack Krack said...

There is no upset alert in my mind.

Sorry for the spelling typo mistake - Villanova!

Bravesbill said...

Joseph, nice to see you with your head in the clouds. We probably have even worse defensive personnel than last year. It all evens out.

Laxman said...

As of 11/4 you look pretty smart!

Jeff said...

As of 11/26, he's looking even smarter!

Only mistake so far was predicting a loss to NC State (we won). 7-4 and going for the jugular!