Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Basketball Hots and Nots

The ACC held its annual Basketball Media Days and there are plenty of clips and things to read on BC's official Twitter account. My expectations are relatively high for the season, in part because of the new staff and in part because of the things I am hearing. The results won't be bad as last year. Better defense and a smarter schedule pretty much guarantees that. However, there are plenty of good things coming from practice and some not so great. Here is what I am hearing:

-- The new staff really like Magarity. His size will be an asset and he won't just be a offense only-euro style big man.
-- Of all the wings that carried over from Donahue, Jackson will probably get the most minutes. He bought in early and is also playing good defense.
-- Garland Owens will also get a lot of time at the wing. His defense alone makes him an asset among the crowded bench.

-- I don't know where the minutes for Heckmann and Dragicevich. Defense matters now. The transfers are not superstars but they will play. Buying in matters. For holdovers like Heckmann and Drago, you hope they impress early in the season, because when the rotation gets tighter, they might be out.
-- Even without his injury Hicks was unlikely to be a major contributor.

Who knows
-- Everyone loves Clifford. The new staff is salivating and consider him healthy. Keep your fingers crossed. If he plays, this team will be very competitive in ACC play.
-- Diallo is raw, but has a good future.
-- Odio can be a defensive asset. However, his minutes really depend on the other bigs and who is healthy.


Hoib said...


You have quite a capacity for optimism. I admire that. I can't summon it up after watching these players the last 3 years. I hope you're right, but there's an old saying. Pessimists are rarely disappointed.

Joseph said...

Nice to read a good, positive post. The Globe has a very nice piece on Clifford this Am. If it is to be believed he is back to where he was whaen he was at his best.

Nice selfie, Hoib.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Anything we get from Clifford would be a bonus. Did he get a red shirt last yr?

BCMike said...

"The results won't be bad as last year"

Well JFC I hope not. I don't have enough bourbon in the house to weather another storm like last year's.

Joseph said...

Globe piece says he got medical redshirt last year.

EL MIZ said...

wow, love me a Hoops Gossip post! thank you ATL.

this is the first i have heard of Magarity having made strides.

if i had to guess, our guard rotation will be Hanlan, Jackson and the 2 transfers. expect to see a lot of Owens and Heckmann at the 3. Dragicevich was wholly unimpressive last year, have no problem with him riding pine.

Clifford will start at C, and i'd guess Magarity at the 4, with Caudill and Odio as the backups?

should be an interesting season and a funky team. excited to see what the coaching staff does with them.