Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Lezzer returns to UCF

Medical issues with college football raise plenty of questions. Some schools (like Alabama) have reputations for finding medical issues with unneeded or underperforming players. By moving a player to a medical scholarship, it frees up a true scholarship for the team to use on another recruit. There are other scenarios where School A might not clear a player and School B will. Think of when Ty-meer Brown left UConn for BC. I am not sure where to put Christian Lezzer's situation.

Last fall Lezzer announced his retirement due to head injuries. At the time it seemed like a smart move. There is still so much unknown about head injuries, that being cautious is usually best for a person's long-term health. Lezzer was a reserve at BC and his loss was not an issue on the football field. Now he's back playing football and is transferring to Central Florida.

I am going to give Lezzer the benefit of the doubt. I have also not heard of Addazio pushing him out or being aggressive with medical hardships like his buddy Urban Meyer is. I hope he does have new information on his brain issues and will be ready to play. With so much cynicism in college football, Lezzer's comeback would be a nice surprise.


JBQ said...

The bottom line is that Lezzer did not want to play for BC. There has to be a reason. As strict a disciplinarian as TOB was, players were still drawn to play for the former Marine. Addazio is just not getting the "warm fuzzies" from those in the trenches. A second honeymoon will only last for so long. Then, the "piper must be paid".

Kash86 said...

none of us know the details of this. it could be as simple as BC not clearing him medically (i.e. Ty Meer Brown and the potential BC acquisition of Armani Reeves from OSU, altho he is more of a roster management issue at OSU). Maybe its a scholarship issue and there was no room, remember he was switched to DB from LB. Maybe, to that point, he wanted to play LB and BC felt differently. He came out on twitter and messaged the BCI guys and had nothing negative to say, have to think if there was ill will he would have just kept his mouth shut.

Drawing anything about Addazio because Lezzer and 2 RB's who fumbled a lot and didn't fit in at BC (rumored to be because of cultural issues) is grasping at straws.

JBQ said...

@Kash86: It's still a "straw" and must be considered. These two running backs plus Alston will all pass on the word of their perception. Under TOB, there was never any such perception. Addazio still has his second honeymoon and we shall see quickly the results. He will be on an international stage for everyone to see. Let's wait. If he succeeds, all will applaud BC. If he fails, then there needs to be action which is quick and decisive.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Putting aside whether or not Addazio has an issue with players, since when has BC ever been "quick and decisive"?! And I'm not sure it even matters that a coach has an "issue" with some players. These are huge rosters and playing time is a major concern for everyone. All of these kids were high school phenoms in their smaller worlds and they all have big expectations. Addazio's preparation of his team, his game day coaching and his recruiting will determine his job security.