Tuesday, January 17, 2017

RIP Ray Henderson

I don't like writing about death, especially of young people. I also am always hoping for the happy ending for BC guys who give so much on the field. That is why it was sad to hear of the death of Ray Henderson.

Henderson was a Middle Linebacker on the first BC team in the ACC. Lining up alongside new BC coach Ricky Brown, Henderson was a exuberant presence on the field. Although not always the fastest or strongest guy, Henderson was savvy enough to be very good at dropping into coverage in Spaz's scheme. He ended up with nine career interceptions. I never heard of Ray getting in trouble at BC, but he quickly spiraled out of control after his Football career ended. He was arrested and indicted on drug charges. There are no recent updates regarding his drug usage or current status online. One can only pray that he was doing better.

We can project a lot about these guys on and off the field. I didn't know Ray and don't know who he really was. I just thank him for his service to BC and feel sorry for his friends, family and teammates.


eagleboston said...

Very sad. Way too young.

Sabrina said...

You don't know him yet your judging him? You have no right you asshole. Who wrote this?

Sabrina said...

This is the most disgusting thing I have read. What was the point of this? You should feel ashamed.. this article is bullshit and extremely poorly researched. This is shocking, don't write articles based on lies and your own judgements. Fucking loser. Ray was an amazing man don't you dare bash him when he's not here to defend himself. He would have beaten the shit out of you. And he was amazing at football. Fuck you once again you low life piece of shit.

Max said...

Maybe you should apologize ATL Eagle. And realize there is more to life than football.
I agree completely. You are a piece of shit.

Unknown said...

I knew Ray and seen him at the BC Clemson game on October 7th 2016 and he was doing really well, he looked great and he was all about recovery, we both had something in common, we we're both recovering addicts, and we both talked about how much better life is without all of that bullshit, it is very sad to hear about Ray, I agree with Sabrina, he was a great person and a great football player, and yes he would of cleaned your clock Atlanta eagle. And what do you mean ""you can project alot about these guys on and off the field"? Your a fuckin maggot