Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Don't be afraid of mid-major coaches

The last two basketball hires have not been successful. (Depending on your perspective, you could say even worse about them.) Because we're a bit snake bitten, you see some fans wanting to avoid the same mistakes that got us here. Many are hoping BC avoids an up and coming name from a smaller program (mid major) and instead hires a more established, proven coach. While I don't mind spending on a more established name, I don't think BC should avoid mid-major coaches. Outside of Cousy and Chuck Daly, nearly all our successful coaches came from what would now be considered a mid-major program. Take a look:

Al Skinner -- Rhode Island
Jim O'Brien -- St. Bonaventure
Gary Williams -- American
Tom Davis -- Lafeyette
The primary challenge Donahue and Christian had in making the jump from mid-major to BC was recruiting and talent. Donahue looked for certain specific traits and guys who were under the radar. In the end, that plan didn't work for him. Christian went after more traditional p5 talent. His problem was not finding enough of it to compete. If we go the mid-major path again, the coach just needs to have a plan for finding talent and maximizing it against some of the best players in the country.

Ironically, what I like about hiring a mid-major guy is that in theory, he has coached enough games to know how to manage and scheme at an elite level. Yet I would say the Xs and Os have been disappointing for both our past coaches (Donahue could never develop a D and Christian screwed up many late game situations). 

In the end, if we don't follow the mid-major path, we limit our pool to big names and assistant. At this point I don't want to rule anyone out.

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