Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Season Prediction Part II: Worst Case Scenario

The annual what could be series. I am excited about the season and do believe big things are ahead. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't all fall apart. We are young and have a ton of question marks on the defensive side of the ball. Teams will probably adjust to our our offense a bit. And that precious luck, which seemed to favor us last year, could even out with some bad bounces this season. This is a worst case scenario situation. Final prediction will post Wednesday.

Worst Case Scenario

Colgate. Win. The schedule is very friendly. This is example No. 1.

at UMass. Win. Even in our worst years, the schedule comes with a couple of built in wins. 

at TempleWin. A close game here has everyone nervous.

Mizzou. Loss. The bubble bursts.

at ClemsonLoss. The best team in the conference kills us.

NC StateLoss. I don't think the team will just roll over, but this is another loss.

at Louisville. Loss. A four game losing streak is a sign the season is falling apart.

at Syracuse. Win. stop the bleeding game. Even in terrible seasons, good coaches pull out wins.

Virginia TechLoss. If our D is terrible, these are the games we will lose.

at Georgia Tech. Loss. On the of those bad luck games.

Florida StateLoss. Another losing streak.

Wake Forest. Win. Hafley ends the season with a win to calm everyone's nerves.

This scenario would be very disappointing. Hafley showed signs of being special last year with how he manages the team and manages a game. This would have me doubting Year 1. But as I said, I don't think it would happen. 5-7 would mean no bowl and lots of questions, but if 5-7 is a considered a terrible year, than that would show Hafley has just raised expectations.

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