Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Season Prediction Part III: what will happen

The outlook for this season is pretty straight forward...even from blind, Hafley apologists like me. We have a very good QB and what should be a prolific and explosive offense. We have a very friendly schedule with nearly four wins guaranteed. The biggest issue is going to be the D. Can Hafley and Lukabu get this group up to speed quickly? It lacks depth and much of that side of the ball is either mediocre or untested. I think the DBs will carry the team, but have no idea what the front will do to help out. I think Hafley will get the most out of them and it will be a fun season, but we are not at a championship level yet. This serves as my official prediction for the season.

What Will Happen

Colgate. Win. Colgate does some things well, but I can't see this one being close.

at UMass. Win. This should also be very one sided. I hope lots of backups play the first two weeks. 

at TempleWin. The first real test. I don't take it lightly but still think we win.

Mizzou. Win. The season turns on this game. By going 4-0 out of conference, Hafley puts BC in a position to exceed their win totals of the last decade. 

at ClemsonLoss. Probably a lot like last year, where they take our early punch but we can't put them away.

NC StateWin. Probably a tougher game than many expect. We get back in the rankings after this 'W.'

at Louisville. Win. Another close game, but we hang on.

at Syracuse. Win. I think things could very well be falling apart for Syracuse by this point in their season.

Virginia TechLoss. I don't think VT is special, but I just don't see us navigating the second half of the schedule without some hiccups.

at Georgia Tech. Win. Hafley wins another close game. Jurk is generating a lot of buzz now.

Florida StateLoss. If FSU gets their offense going, I worry about this game.

Wake Forest. Win. Wake late in the season (or any time really) can always make things interesting. I think at this point Hafley would know what his team is and isn't and get them to perform at a high level.

9-3 (5-3 in the ACC) would be BC's best showing in years. Everyone is excited. But we push for the Holiday Bowl since not many ACC teams want to go west and we have enough fans and alums in Southern California to make it appealing. We play some mid-level Pac 12 team (Stanford?) and win. A 10-win season with seven wins over P5 teams is a huge deal in Year 2. Everyone is looking forward to Hafley Year 3.

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