Monday, August 02, 2010

Max Ricci talks to Eagle Insider

The BC Draft crew caught up with our latest commitment over on Eagle Insider. Please note that it is a premium article (all recruiting news will be). I know that will disappoint some of you but know that is Scout's business model. My goal is to have the occasional free recruiting article and some sign-up specials as the season approaches. As you've seen the past few days, there will be plenty of free content too.

As for Ricci, he seems like a very thoughtful and well adjusted kid. I was impressed with what he had to say and hope that other schools don't try to poach him.


mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

Ricci on his recruitment: "My only other offer is from Bryant University." Not great.

Let's hope Ricci, a 2* recruit, feels he has something to prove to all the schools that ignored him and that he becomes another great Boston College "diamond in the rough" story.

Ricci also notes "I guess the chatter around the office is I am a future Ron Brace/BJ Raji type."

Let's hope he is another NFL-calibre player and ACC standout like Brace (a 3* recruit) or BJ Raji (a 2* recruit). It could happen!

will the thrill said...

I overheard a guy at a bus stop in Hartford saying that he heard from his second cousin that an unnamed UConn assistant contacted Ricci and told him that Spaz wasn't going to be at BC in January. I am OUTRAGED!

BCMike said...

Mod, FWIW, there would very likely be other offers for Ricci coming. I think the staff wanted to lock him up before he was put through the dog and pony show by Tennessee and others.

Eagle in Brighton said...

The fact that's he's a DT, and a huge DT, also makes me less wary about his lack of other offers. At no other position is inherent size (as opposed to technique or nuance) more highly valued. He clearly has the physical tools, but assimidly needs to refine technique, experience, etc.

mod34b said...

EagleB -- Size can be the dominant factor in high school, but not so at the ACC level. At the top NCAA levels, size is just a starting point. You've also got to be athletic and you must be nimble, fast and strong, especially a DL. BJ Raji for example ran a 4.9 40 even though he weighed 325 lbs. He was quick as a cat too. Just ask ND.

If a DL recruit is 350lb but not a top athlete, he'll never get on the field.

ps. what does "assimidly " mean?

Eagle in Brighton said...

haha assumedly*, typo

Fair points mod.