Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

If our D is an good as some think, the best case scenario might finally come true. But for the following to play out, a lot would have to break our way and Wade would have to be mature beyond his years. But you never know. This is not my official prediction, but I wouldn't mind being wrong if this happens.

Best Case Scenario

Maine. Win. Not close. The backups all play and the D looks really, really good.

Howard. Win. BC gets a shutout and people start forgiving the cupcakes to start the season.

Florida State. Win. The crowd is pumped. The D plays really well and we get enough big plays in the running game to pull off a huge upset.

Northern Illinois. Win. We control the tempo via the running game and it never gets interesting.

at Duke. Win. A very tough game, but BC pulls it out late. The win and the 5-0 start gets BC into the Top 25.

Wake Forest. Win. Another decisive win at home. BC now firmly in the Top 20. The hype for the Clemson game gets huge.

at Clemson. Loss. Very tough loss, but BC plays well in defeat. Wade makes a few mistakes, which is understandable on the road at night and on national TV.

at Louisville. Loss. This is the killer. It knocks BC out of the Top 25 and pretty much eliminates any chance to win the division.

Virginia Tech. Win. BC finally bounces back.

NC State. Win. This is a close one, but the defense creates some big turnovers to give BC enough cushion to hold on to the win.

Notre Dame (neutral). Win. BC is ranked again. The Irish are in the Top 10 and thinking playoff. Of course we ruin that. Our fans storm the field at Fenway.

at Syracuse. Win. Like last year, Syracuse is checked out of their season by the time they play us. Not even close.

This would mean BC finishes 10-2 (6-2 in the ACC).  The two losses and the tie-breaking loss to Clemson keeps us out of the ACC Championship game, but everyone feels this was a great season. Politics and ticket sales become a big issue and BC is kept out of the Russell Athletic Game. However, some back room deals are put together and BC plays Florida in the Tax Slayer Bowl in Jacksonville. Addazio shows Florida fans he can coach and we win, finishing 11-2 and in the Top 20.


BCMike said...
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CT said...

Was this written at Happy Hour?

EL MIZ said...

@ CT - LOL.

i think our best case scenario involves one of the QBs emerging. doesn't necessarily have to be Wade, and I think there is a very good chance Smith is the guy that emerges.

mod34b said...

"Notre Dame (neutral). Win. BC is ranked again. The Irish are in the Top 10 and thinking playoff. Of course we ruin that. Our fans storm the field at Fenway."

but only 200 BC fans get tickets for our "backyard event" - all are FF donors. But 100/200 can no longer walk so they do not storm the field. The remaining 100 do storm the field but no one notices.

But the big thrill is the TV shots of ND bleeps crying like mad in Fenway and complaining loudly that the refs were unfair by not giving ND the lean every F'ing time. Oh, the thrill of it all. Just like when they wore the bogus special unis. BC nation, like Red Sox Nation, is aglow with schadenfreude. BC luvs to break the imposters hearts! ND is finally thrown out of Boston for good. The ND fans start causing trouble in Kenmore Sq., but are promptly clobbered by a brutal Boston PD on horses. Many Domers are arrested. The schadenfreude bubble is huge! All is well.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Special teams performance will be critical to the W-L record. I'll be happy if our kicking game (i.e., Alex Howell) is nearly automatic on PAT's and field goals within the 30 and if our punting/kicking/special teams coverage gives us decent field position. I'm imagining that we will be able to keep most games close because of the defense. We can't routinely give the other team the ball near our 40 while we routinely start at or short of our 20 (which always seems to be a hallmark of BC teams).

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sorry - meant to say - near their 40.

Hoib said...


From your keyboard to Gods eyes!

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

predicting ATL's "real" prediction: BC 7-5

Wins (7): Maine, Howard, N Ill, Wake, VT, NCSU, SU
Loses (5): FSU, Duke, Clemson L'ville, ND

Bowl: Toilet (pick the worst one)

blist said...

Love it ATL! We beat FSU and anything is possible.

Knucklehead said...

Hope your in the toilet bowl when it gets flushed.

mod34b said...


very dumb comment

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

How does it feel that this blog is your only communication with other human beings? Must be tough but I don't feel bad for you.

mod34b said...

knucky , you seem to be itching for conflict. sorry i can't oblige you. not interested. maybe try elsewhere, i am sure you can get into a fight somewhere else where you can toss potty insults and the like? right? Go for it, dude

EL MIZ said...

Mod's comments have been refreshing so far this season. i think he's finally buying into Daz. and although he won't admit it, i bet he misses DAY just a bit, amirite?

mod34b said...

El Miz, thank you. just a bit more open to Daz... but i am watching closely :-)!

Hoib said...

El Miz

I think he's saving himself for the season.

My best case scenario is beat the bums from SB, anything else is gravy.

mod34b said...

DEpth chart for Maine out

Maine Depth Chart

Louis Addazzio is starting at TE?Y

Giancone is out for season.

Landry starts over Mehdi

mod34b said...

bad link....

on BC Roster page under "Quick links" (p 10 of 22)

try this

Quick Links to Depth Chart in pdf see page 10/22

mod34b said...

LT 74 Dave Bowen 6-7 289 Sr.
LG 77 Jon Baker 6-3 293 So.
C 50 Frank Taylor 6-3 289 Jr.
RG 64 Harris Williams 6-3 296 Sr.
RT 72 Jim Cashman 6-7 302 Jr.
Y 81 Louie Addazio 6-3 252 Sr.
QB 4 Darius Wade 6-0 204 So.
RB 32 Jon Hilliman 6-0 224 So.
or 23 Myles Willis 5-9 194 Jr.
FB 36 Bobby Wolford 6-2 248 Sr.
WR 18 Thadd Smith 5-9 175 So.
WR 6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So.
WR 26 David Dudeck 5-11 194 Sr.

mod34b said...

starting d

DE 8 Harold Landry 6-3 245 So.
T 97 Truman Gutapfel 6-3 281 Jr.
N 90 Connor Wujciak 6-3 304 Sr.
DE 93 Kevin Kavalec 6-2 256 So.
SLB 28 Matt Milano 6-1 218 Jr.
MLB 52 Steven Daniels 6-0 257 Sr.
WLB 44 Ty Schwab 6-1 222 So.
LC 5 Kamrin Moore 5-11 192 So.
SS 9 John Johnson 6-0 198 Jr.
FS 27 Justin Simmons 6-3 198 Sr.
RC 20 Isaac Yiadom 6-1 184 So.

Knucklehead said...

The comments about age and ability to function fully are ignorant. There was no sense of humor behind it either. that post was pure passive aggressive rage. Chew on this for a bit . . . nobody likes an angry wiseass.