Friday, May 19, 2006

Ryan's right

Bob Ryan took time to make a good point this morning. We should play Holy Cross every year in basketball. I said the same thing three weeks ago. I'm not sure why Ryan is just getting to the subject now.

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nceagle said...

#1 Bob Ryan being a self absorbed blowhard probably just found out about descheduling Holy Cross.

#2 as an OLD Alum, from when playing HC was the most important game (in all but hockey); the Holy Cross that was BC's rival does not exist anymore. When HC's Admin decided that having games with the Ivies was more important than competing in D1A and turned down an original invite to the BE (Sader turndown was what got BC in the BE!) the rivalry was over. It is sad but UNC doesn't play Davidson every year anymore, Idaho is no longer in the PAC 10; Chicago is gone from the Big 10, Sewanee is not an SEC member anymore; etc. Times change -- if we play HC it should be infrequently and always at Conte.