Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ricci gets on board and other links

After a little lull, BC added another member to Spaz's recruiting class in Massachusetts defensive tackle Max Ricci. Ricci is a bit raw but has much needed size. Let's hope this begins another mini recruiting push as BC's class remains smaller than many of our opponents.

The Globe had a nice feature on Matt Ryan. I know he is only in his third year, but this is sort of a make or break season. If he is going to be an elite QB it needs to start coming together soon. Peter King is also going to feature Ryan in his MMQB next week.

The Sporting News posted their ACC overview and their BC preview.

This article throws cold water on Charlie Davies' comeback. If he can't get on the field for Sochaux, hopefully he will end up on a team where he can work on his fitness and form.

Mike McLaughlin is off to a good start in Baltimore.

Catching up with Troy Bell.

Former Eagle player and GA Ryan Mattison is now a full time coach with Bowdoin. Best of luck to him.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Check out WZBC this Saturday

As I've mentioned in the past, while at BC, I covered football, basketball and a little hockey for WZBC. It was a great time and fortunately the station's sports staff is still going strong. During the summer they have a BC sports talk show on Saturday afternoons. You can listen live online at starting at 1 PM ET. I will be a guest in their first hour and new baseball coach Mike Gambino will be a guest in their second hour. We'll be talking football and expectations for the upcoming season.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Behind the scenes with Herzy and other links

Here is a behind the scenes shot of Herzy's ESPN Magazine photo shoot. I was a little surprised that the Dark Knight inspired the eye black. I know he was only about 10-years-old at the time, but didn't anyone tell Mark about Chris Hovan using the eye black while dominating at BC?

The USA Today also featured Mark and included quotes from McGovern.

When I read this piece on Jared Dudley's basketball camp, it became pretty obvious to me that Jared not only has his head on straight but has a long-term plan for himself and his career.

A few BC names popped up on HD's best position's piece.

Providence basketball announced our game is scheduled for December 8.

This is a roundup of Donahue's latest recruiting efforts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reading too much into the preseason All Conference team and other links

The ACC media members selected four Eagles onto their Preseason All-ACC Football team. The honorees were Anthony Castonzo, Thomas Claiborne, Montel Harris and Luke Kuechly. The only team with more was UNC. If we had the second most players on the squad and some of our better players were snubbed, does this mean we have the best talent in the ACC this year? I don't think we have the best talent, but the gap between BC and the conference powers is not a wide as the media or some at BC would leave you to believe. I think the team and the fans should use this list as a confidence boosters. BC can compete for the division. Don't let the excuse makers lower expectations. We are all about "ever to excel."

This preview thinks BC will go 10-2. I love the optimism, but don't think our schedule is as easy as they do.

Mike Gambino hired his first assistant Scott Friedholm. The Providence grad has coached at Navy and Maine.

Ryan Quigley spoke with his hometown paper while coaching at a kicking camp. He seems like another good BC guy.

IMG acquired our radio rights holder ISP Sports. This probably doesn't mean a whole lot for BC. The only real synergies might come in ad sales and marketing programs when IMG puts their marketing clients in ISP's broadcasts.

Here is a decent season preview from a Virginia blog.

BC hoops recruit George Matthews is trying to decide if he should go to prep school for a year or give college a shot now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

About the Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Many thought Gary Stokan's explanation on what BC needs to do to get considered for the Chick Fil A Bowl was double talk to placate BC critics. It's not. I joined the Atlanta Sports Council and actually met privately with Stokan earlier this year. Within two minutes of meeting him I was hitting him up with BC bowl questions and he was very candid. It wasn't an on the record conversation, but now that Stokan has spoken about it publicly I don't think I am breaching any confidentiality.

The Atlanta Sports Council is very open to BC and appreciates our TV draw and the newness we would bring to either game. Ticket sales and attendance are vital to the bowl. The Council has commitments to sponsors and local hotels to have the stadium full. That doesn't just mean tickets sold. It means they want butts in the seats. If any school were to buy their allotted tickets and eat them (which BC has done on a smaller scale in the past) it would hurt the Bowl.

A team doesn't need to fill all 12,000 allotted seats. The bowl can live with a smaller commitment if they can pair us with a strong ticket buying opponent (say South Carolina, Alabama or Georgia). However, BC has never stepped up to the plate on the minimums. I don't know if BC doesn't think they could rally 5,000 fans or doesn't want to take the financial risk involved. Maybe they just don't want to embarrass themselves by coming up short for such a public ticket push.

As much as it would be my dream, I don't think BC should focus on the Chick Fil A Bowl. The short window to sell tickets will always be a challenge for BC. Instead we should try to get into one of the Labor Day weekend kickoff games. Those would have more than a year of build up. BC marketing and the fans could plan out the trip and spread the word. We've brought more than 5,000 to Notre Dame and more than 4,000 to Clemson. With planning and support we could do the same for a big game in Atlanta.

If you want to do something about this, send Gene a note and let him know that you would buy tickets for either of Atlanta's games. Send the bowl game an email too. If 5,000 of us let them know we are excited about these games, we may actually get into a real bowl one day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Radio interviews with AC and Herzy and other links

On this page you can hear interviews with Castonzo and Herzlich with an Atlanta radio station at the ACC Media Kickoff.

Here are the results of most of the preseason awards and predictions.

Athlon ranks BC 34th overall.

Brian St. Pierre is back at his high school working out and hoping for another shot at the NFL.

Hopefully Sean Duggan will be the next St. X star from Ohio to come to BC.

While Herzy hit the links in Greensboro, Castonzo worked on his thesis. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl will consider BC if we commit to a certain level of ticket sales. I never thought BC would get in the Chick Fil A Bowl until BCMike told me he was getting married that night. His jinx will ensure that BC is playing in its biggest bowl in decades in Mike's own backyard on the one night he cannot get to the game.

The Enormity of the Herzlich story

Things are about to change for Mark Herzlich and BC football. In a few weeks the hoped for and hypothetical will become real. Mark will play football again and if the ACC media day is an indicator, this story will be huge. But Mark's candid responses to his risk and his goals opens up all the possibilities in play in this unbelievable narrative.

First (and this is our worst fear), Mark admitted that if he breaks his left leg, it would have a hard time healing due to the radiation and tumor. Most wouldn't risk that, but as we know, Mark is not most people. I can't see this ending that way. However, if this ending takes a sad turn, it will not be a tragedy and I don't think it would play out that way in the media. A broken leg would just mean Mark left everything he had on the field and that football ended his career, not cancer.

I think most BC fans expect Mark to contribute and be an emotional inspiration this season. If he is pretty good and BC is pretty good, Mark will still be the center of attention on a weekly basis and an inspiration to us all.

Mark clearly expect more than that. He wants to be better than he was in 2008. If he is better than his ACC Defensive Player of the Year season, he will win the Heisman. That's not hyperbole. Regardless of my BC allegiance, I believe that after the Reggie Bush nonsense, the media/Heisman voters would trip over each other in a rush to mail in their ballots for the All America, cancer-conquering linebacker from a BCS conference. The hype and pride surrounding his recovery would quadruple if Mark plays that well. No other candidate would stand a chance.

The odds of a defensive player winning the Heisman are long. The odds of a BC player winning the Heisman are long. But Mark has already shown that he is an outlier and isn't worried about statistics and normal outcomes. As I said, this story is going to be huge. Why not think big and think the impossible?

Raycom's story:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 1 of the ACC Media Kickoff

First a tweet from Bruce Feldman that captured the day:
I doubt any school has two more impressive spokesmen than BC does w cancer survivor Mark Herzlich and Rhodes Schl candidate Anthony Costanzo

HD wrapped up the events. When people weren't talking about Herzy they were talking about the agent mess at UNC.

The Herald their coverage Sunday night. The Globe is taking there time forgetting that they have a blog they can use before things go to print.) The Herald also noted Castonzo's weight gain. did an admirable job covering the events and getting atmosphere shots.

The players have to tell the same stories over and over again, but every once in a while someone will uncover something new like the Herzlich brothers bowling with Clemson's Jacoby Ford.

Here are the players -- including Herzy -- making names for themselves this year. While Castonzo is one of many ACC players expected to be a 1st round draft pick.

This flikr album has a good mix of posed and candid shots. A shot of Mark and Anthony.

Maryland's Alex Wujciak was asked about his brother committing to BC.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brad Herzlich's essay on Mark

If you ignored the Athletic Department's annual report or didn't get a hard copy in the mail, you missed out on a great essay written by Brad Herzlich. Because it deserves as wide an audience as possible, I posted Brad's work below.

Mark Herzlich, my best friend, my brother, is a warrior. He was an All- American, the ACC Defensive Player of the Year, a projected top draft pick. He turned a smear of eye black into a feared glare of intensity. Last May, Mark proved that his relentless attitude isn’t confined to that 6,000-square-yard piece of turf. He battled cancer in front of millions, finding himself, his health, and his religion; a personal trial streamed live over the most public of arenas. Even with the hopes and expectations of the world on his shoulders, he remained gracious and loving. He remained determined, never wanting sympathy and always putting others first. And, most impressively, he remained stubbornly positive, heart locked on the day he could call himself a survivor, high stepping into Boston College’s Alumni Stadium with fire in his eyes, adrenaline in his veins, and a 12-inch titanium rod in his left leg. The doctors told him they would try to save his life. They would do their best to save his leg. Best-case scenario -- he would jog again. Mark heard their words, but within a day, he had made up his mind. “They know cancer, but they don’t know me.”

In his relatively short time in the public spotlight, Mark has demonstrated his fortitude. He wracked up tackles. He beat cancer. But I was lucky enough to have him as an inspiration before anyone else could even pronounce our last name. He was the subject of my first-grade role model sentence and the reason I started playing football. He would pick me up when I was down and knock me down when we played pick-up in the neighborhood (even though he two-hand touched everybody else). No matter the problem I faced, he always held the answer. Honestly, I felt silly for how much I looked up to him, until I realized that everyone else did, too.

When I was 14, Mark invited me to a preseason seven-on-seven at BC. He toured me through the locker room, introduced me to the guys, and even invited me to run routes with the team. Mark was a freshman in his first weeks on campus, the youngest player in a new system. Never have I heard of another player bringing a sibling to practice, let alone as the only freshman at summer workouts. He introduced me to future NFLers and threw me into Matt Ryan’s drill. He put his reputation on the line because he wanted me to be included, to enjoy myself.

That’s just the type of person Mark is. He’ll sacrifice himself for those around him. Throughout high school, he never hesitated to bring me along with his friends when I had nothing to do. He backed out of a senior week in Cancun, opting for a camping weekend spent with yours truly in the hills of Jim Thorpe, Pa., knowing that the next four years would be dominated by football, with little room for the brotherly time we cherished.

Mark has uplifted the sporting community. He helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight cancer. He has reached out personally to dozens of athletes, coaches, officials, and fans going through similar struggles. All while he continued to fight for his own life. He has turned me into the man that I am, so maybe I’m biased, but I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the tremendous support and recognition provided to him by the Boston College family over the past year.

Brad will play football at Brown next season. As much as I would have loved to see the brothers together at BC, I also think it is fitting that Brad creates his own path at a different school. Regardless, he obviously going to make those around him better. Congrats to Sandy and Barbara on raising two great young men.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting ready for the ACC meetings and other links

BC is absent from the burnings questions facing the ACC this year. It seems that the media is either predicting big things for us or ignoring BC as usual. There is no in between.

The Daily Press thinks we will finish third in the division.

On this page you will find an interview Matt Ryan did with an Atlanta radio station a few days ago. In it he recounts his first start against Syracuse.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Taylor update and other links

As promised, here is my Eagle Insider story on Travis Taylor. Basketball wise this is not big deal. Campus politics wise it is huge. Let's hope everyone gets on the same page so this doesn't happen with future recruits.

[WARNING BLATANT SCOUT.COM PIMPING AHEAD] Eagle Insider will have premium recruiting articles of our own soon, but if you like recruiting, you might want to sign up now because you can gain access to the network's content. Right now we have updates on the following BC targets:
-- Richard Rodgers
-- Patrick Flavin
-- Leonte Carroo
-- Chase Hounshell

HD has been putting together "key stretches" for each ACC team. Here is BC's version.

Mike Gambino has eyed the BC baseball job for a long time.

Preston Murphy is back at URI as an assistant.

The Blackhawks traded former Eagle Marty Reasoner to Florida.

Update on Nebrich

I broke the news via twitter that BC did have a skills camp on July 8. No one was offered out of that event. ESPN's ACC and Big East bloggers picked up on the non-story, but this is all getting a lot of attention because it is a slow news time.

Getting to the bottom of the Michael Nebrich nonsense

For those who didn't pick up on the Michael Nebrich story, here is a very quick timeline:

-- Mid-level 2011 QB prospect verbals to UConn. (He doesn't have a BC offer.)
-- UConn writer/blogger reaches out to the kid and is shocked to find out BC is talking to him after he has verbaled to another school.
-- BC fans flood writer/blogger's post doubting BC's interest given we have a QB in this recruiting class and that he seems to be a middling prospect.
-- Thin-skinned writer/blogger posts an excerpt of the alleged BC email as proof of BC's dirty tricks, including a BC coach claiming that Edsall will be leaving after this season.

First let me say this: the UConn writer Des Connor is a melodramatic chicken shit. He posted the email but didn't take the final step of showing which BC coach wrote it. Let me save him the time: the email either came from Mike Siravo, Dave Brock, Ryan Day or Grad Assistant Bob Callahan. Why play games? The coach has nothing to be ashamed or afraid of because...

1. There is nothing illegal about recruiting a player who has committed elsewhere. Nebrich cannot sign with anyone until February. Every school -- including UConn -- keeps recruiting committed players after they verbal.
2. Randy Edsall is a good bet to move on from UConn. While I don't love negative recruiting, it happens. And negative spin happens in all walks of life. Anyone who has ever bought anything from a salesperson surely knows this. And if BC is going to go negative, I don't think questioning UConn's stability is a bad angle. In the past two offseasons alone, Edsall has been a candidate for numerous open positions. One of these days he is going to jump.
3. BC was just trying to get him to campus to evaluate him. According to Scout and Rivals, Nebrich doesn't have an offer from BC. We already have a QB in this class. I assume BC wants to see him as an athlete and if we can use him anywhere. This is not doing anything underhanded with a 5-star prospect. It was purely due diligence with a mid-level guy. If anything it shows the staff is looking high and low for talent.

This has already received more attention than it deserves. Just know that this UConn writer is either oblivious to the rules of recruiting or looking to generate attention for himself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Travis Taylor not coming to BC and other links

Travis Taylor won't be transferring to BC. The initial spin blamed BC and painted a picture that BC did not know about his suspension. Fortunately that is not the case. BC was well aware that Taylor had some history. Where things fell apart was the story Taylor shared with BC and what the truth was. I will have more about the case on EI Thursday, but for now, know that BC did not screw up or screw over this kid.

I could read variations on the Herzy story over and over. Here is another good one with some Dick Vitale quotes.

In this mailbag Stewart Mandel admits he thought BC fans were spoiled when we complained about TOB, but now we might have been right.

This is the latest recruiting roundup for the Atlantic Division.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part II of AC interview and other links

Here is part II of BC Draft/Eagle Insider's interview with Castonzo. In this section he discusses his improving teammates and the highlights of his BC career.

BC put up a video interview with new baseball coach Mike Gambino on Unfortunately BC is not letting us embed those videos (yet). Also you can get a glimpse of the new Under Armour polo shirts.

Matt Tennant has good things to say about Sean Devine and his time at BC. Matt also says he wants to go to law school after his playing career is over.

The BCI guys spoke with the Football Outsiders to better understand how they came about their projections for BC.

BC is in the final three for Delaware lineman Trip Thurman.

Craig Smith got a new deal with the Clippers.

Troy Vincent was on campus to talk to the football players about finishing their degrees and life after football. I hope with all the agent news going on in college football, that he told them to be smart about their decisions off the field.

Monday, July 19, 2010

BC Draft's Interview with Castonzo

As I mentioned there will be many different voices at Eagle Insider. I was very excited when the BC Draft guys agreed to contribute and there first effort didn't dissappoint. They held an interview with Anthony Castonzo (PART I) and touched on a variety of topics both personal and related to Xs and Os.

Part II will be up Tuesday.

More on Gambino and other links

BC made the Gambino announcement official this afternoon. I like his youth and the fact that he is a BC grad, but I think his biggest asset will be his eye for talent. He has been Virginia Tech's recruiting coordinator and over the past few years the Hokies have upgraded their talent.

Baseball America has a rundown of the other candidates that interviewed and speculates that current assistant Steve Englert will stay on.

Soaring to Glory put together a good Q&A with the College Baseball Blog regarding the Mike Gambino hire. What I find interesting is that the close observers of the baseball are not concerned about the Aoki loss and feel he left the program in worse shape than he found it.

Dr. Saturday thinks we will win the division again.

The National Football thinks that Harris is the 2nd best RB in the ACC.

BC just offered Florida WR Tacoi Sumler.

Report: Gambino next BC baseball coach

According to the Herald, this afternoon BC will announce Mike Gambino has been hired as the new BC baseball coach. As I tweeted, this is a safe, sound hire. Gambino brings a nice mix of college and MLB experience. He also played and recruited at BC, so he knows what he is getting into and what sells at the school. I also appreciate that he left BC to join Peter Hughes at Virginia Tech. Sometimes that time spent away makes you appreciate what BC is all about and gives you some exposure to things that BC might need to emulate.

Congrats to Coach Gambino and let's hope when we finally have the new baseball field, we'll have a championship team playing on it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The courtship of Alex Murphy and other links

When Erik Murphy never really considered BC, many took it as a sign that Skinner wasn't willing to go the extra mile for local (and a legacy) recruit. Steve Donahue is not going to make the same mistake. He was the first Coach to call prized recruit Alex Murphy on June 15 (the first day coaches are allowed to reach out). In addition to Donahue's aggressiveness, I think BC has a couple other factors that should lead Alex to BC. We have a favorable roster that could ensure early playing time and a scheme that plays to his strengths. I also think Erik's struggles in Florida show that the grass is not always greener at the "bigger" program.

I understand that lists are great for offseason filler and not much thought goes into them, but how can Reggie Jackson be the 20th most important player in the ACC? Honestly, if Donahue is really going to build the offense around him, then he should be ranked well ahead of Trapani.

Here is an update that includes a few BC names from the past now coaching in the NFL.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watch Herzy today

If you are in a market that carries Raycom's "Saturday's in the South" be sure to tune in today since the show will feature Mark Herzlich and his comeback.

With the season nearing I don't think people realize how big Mark's story is going to be. And if he is able to regain his old form...who knows how much press he is going to get. I am glad Mark is healthy and has his degree because the media attention will probably reach the point where it all borders on a distraction. But if he is healthy and we are winning that will be a nice problem to have.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Holloway ready to step up and other links

HD featured Max Holloway in her blog today. This is actually a good sign as the program wouldn't put him in front of her if they weren't expecting big things. In the article it mentions his declining playing time last year. No one every really explained that decision. It was curious to say the least since our starters were hardly dominating and Holloway could have used the snaps. Max has the talent. Maybe this is the year it all comes together.

Finally, Dr Saturday gets around to BC and says "why not?" Don't worry though, his hedging doesn't mean that the national sentiment on BC has changed. Most still expect us to finish third in the division.

Rivals ranked us at 35 and presented a decent preview of the team.

Pennsylvania OL prospect JJ Denman has good things to say about BC.

Florida DB Torrey Campbell is set to visit BC in two weeks.

I am not sure what their connection is/was, but you have to applaud Montel and Wes Davis for helping out at a youth football camp in Peabody.

After a rough half season in the Braves' minor league system, Ryne Reynoso is now with the Red Sox organization.

Kofi Kingston is doing the media rounds with his upcoming Money in the Bank match.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodreault passes away and other links

One of BC's oldest gridiron greats Gene Goodreault died Tuesday. He was 92. BC honored Goodreault in 2001 with a retired jersey as he was one of the cogs of Frank Leahy's BC teams. Goodreault was elected to the college football Hall of Fame in 1982. We (I) laud many current BC athletes for their skill and values. Goodreault's passing is a reminder that BC folks have been leaders and role models for a long time. R.I.P.

Carl Sneep just started his professional career in Pittsburgh's current development camp.

Here is more news on the Hayes brothers -- this time with a thorough feature from the Dorchester News.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Eagle Insider story and other links

My position previews will be over and Eagle Insider and they will be free. For those of you tepid about, the first one on the Offensive Line is just a click away. [I promise the formatting will improve as I get the hang of it and will have pictures once a few other things come through.]

Herzy and Castonzo will represent BC at its Annual Media Days. If any aspiring writers/bloggers will be in Greensboro, drop me an email.

Former BC QB is ready for his third chance at college football and is the likely starter at ECU.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recruiting, Scouting update and other links

BC target New Jersey TE Jack Tabb sounds really high on Pitt.

Here is a Q&A with future Eagle Dennis Clifford.

This NFL Post writer is pretty harsh on our SR talent. I understand his comments on Castonzo, but regardless of Castonzo's technique, his end results are so strong that I think he will be very good at the next level. This scouting report accurately states that Herzy's draft status will depend purely on his recovery.

Notre Dame finally introduced Mik Aoki to the media. No word on BC's baseball search.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ticket slump for special event at Fenway and other links

One of my pet ideas is a Bowl game at Fenway. My thought was that the gimmick of football at Fenway alone would carry ticket sales and that it would be a good fallback location for BC. Even though hockey games and concerts have worked at Fenway, ticket sales have been soft for a soccer friendly between Celtic FC and Sporting Clube de Portugal. Boston has traditionally been a good soccer town, so this probably caught the Fenway folks by surprise. I am sure the economy is a factor but maybe, just maybe, there is now some Fenway fatigue.

Here are names to watch this season in the ACC.

It's ACC week over at Doc Saturday's. Check it out in the coming days.

How come whenever anyone mentions 'is this the year that FSU returns to power?' they rarely mention that BC gets to play spoiler every year.

I am okay with this ranking of Herzy, but how can Kuechly come in so low on this ranking?

A brief announcement

Some of you may already know this, but I have agreed to take over's Boston College site, Eagle Insider. Eagle Insider's history has been a bit uneven. I hope that my involvement will make it the complete and ultimate stop for BC sports. We will be leveraging the ties with Fox Sports and also host some familiar names from the BC blogosphere and message boards. Please 'excuse our dust' the next few weeks while I get things up and running. We should kick things off nicely with an interview by the BC Draft guys.

If you have suggestion or things you would like to see, let me know.

To answer a question I am sure some will ask: this blog will continue. Some of the content and features that you've seen here in the past will be there. Some content is more appropriate for here. As always I appreciate your support and look forward to leading Eagle Insider.

Matt Ryan in his own words

Matt Ryan filled in for Peter King, in King's Monday Morning Quarterback column. He acquits himself well. His one BC note is that he thinks BC will do well this year and is excited for Herzy.

Note to Matt: if you liked that and want to blog more, we can always find space for you here!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New England golden crop of hoops targets and other links

When arguing that BC cannot reach the next level in basketball or football, people often claim that there is not enough talent in New England. In basketball that might not be the case anymore. There is a strong and growing AAU pipeline and more and more top prospects are now playing in New England prep schools. Let's hope that BC can start to leverage our location...especially with the very deep 2012 class.

So far it seems like there isn't much meat to the 'Skinner to the Celtics' rumor. I actually think he would be a great fit for Doc Rivers and company. He's not the defensive specialist that Tom Thibodeau is, but Skinner was an under appreciated Xs & Ox guy.

Here is a feature the NFL's top agent and BC guy Tom Condon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rice still hoping for NBA spot and other links

The Globe had a good article on Tyrese Rice and his second go around with NBA teams. Rice spent last season in Greece. I joked about it on Twitter, but Rice should seriously drive himself to Miami and sign with the Heat of the league minimum. They need point guards and spot shooters.

Here is an article on the Hayes brothers. All indications point towards them both playing at BC this fall.

WEEI has a round up on BC's basketball recruiting. Here is a little more on Matt Humphrey.

This transcript of the ACC-ESPN press conference goes on and on without giving away too many details or specifics. In my opinion this biggest news is that ESPN will continue the Sunday Night Hoops series but wants to play the games at earlier times.

Friday, July 09, 2010

BC Soccer and the World Cup

With the World Cup final coming up this weekend, we shouldn't forget that BC has become a very important U.S. soccer program. We know about Charlie Davies but there are some other prospects that could be contributing to future national teams. Alejandro Bedoya was one of the final cuts from this year's World Cup team. If he raises his skills and starts playing in a higher level European League he could continue to be called up by the National Team. Sacir Hot is training with the U.S. U-20 team. The U-20 team will be a great showcase for his talents and will get him notice internationally.

Ed Kelly deserves much of the credit for building the BC program. The U.S. will never be a soccer power if we are dependent on college players but having a few BC guys for depth is not a bad thing. I am encouraged that U.S. soccer is taking young talent and developing it professionally before the guys even reach college age. Ultimately that is the way to go. But our youth soccer population is so broad and our professional infrastructure is still so new, that it is nice to have guys like Ed Kelly finding and developing hidden gems. Enjoy Sunday's game and let's hope that in four years the U.S. is playing in the finals with a few Eagles on the field.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

TV deal update and other links

The ACC finalized its TV deal with ESPN. People are making a big deal of it being the first true multisport contract. That is certainly important, but football still drives the dollars. There is also still little detail on what percentage of programming will be broadcast vs online. I hope the ACC secured a few key slots on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Some basketball players visited a local children's hospital. The real news in the link is confirmation that the new freshmen Coton and Rubin are on campus and already hanging with the team.

The freshmen got their numbers. The roster still needs weights and some class updates.

Tom Condon is challenging the public record of Jeremy Trueblood's arrest.

Our newest OLine commitment is a late bloomer, but seems like a good project.

When writing about the NBA summer league, BC guy Andrew Sharp uses Tyrese Rice as an example of a someone using the league to showcase his NBA level talent.

Here are the Vineyard Vine shots from campus. Couldn't they find actual BC students to do the modeling?

Here is a bio on incoming baseball player Tom Bourdon. I wish we all knew who would be coaching him next year.

This is not sports, but it is a great story involving a young BC alum.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Report: Aoki to Notre Dame

BC Guy and leading College Baseball Blogger Brian Foley is reporting that Mik Aoki has accepted the Notre Dame opening. I wish him the best of luck. I think we will miss Aoki as a recruiter. (His curious strategic decisions won't be as missed.) Foley thinks another BC grad -- Mike Gambino -- is the favorite to replace Mik at the Heights.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Recruiting outlook and other links

ESPN published a state of the recruiting class piece today. It doesn't really break any news or provide much hard analysis, but it does summarize where we are and where we are going. My only concern with recruiting so far is the lack of commitments. Every year it seems like we don't have enough on our B list, so after we miss out on some A list, we are left to find new guys and late bloomers.

Here are some draft ratings for current college players. Herzy is mentioned and they say that his rating hasn't changed despite his illness and surgery. How can that be? I still think Herzy will be an NFL player, but shouldn't he get back on the field before we decide how it will translate to the NFL? In the end it is all offseason filler. (Thanks to all those who sent the link.)

Here is Phil Steele's ranking of the ACC team's of the decade. No word on if we will be included in the Big East rankings too.

Tyrese Rice is playing well in Utah's summer league team, but it is still unlikely to make their final team. He's battling Sundiata Gaines and Othyus Jeffers for playing time.

Kevin Challenger resigned with Montreal. He will always have a little more staying power in the CFL since he is a Canadian citizen.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Long weekend roundup

Here is more on BC's latest commit Connor Wujciak. Inside the article he mentions frequent talks with Andre Callender during the process. It is nice to see Seton Hall Prep guys sticking together.

This article focuses on UConn but also mentions that BC football turned a profit last season. I guess we owe Tampa Bay thanks for taking Jags' buyout off our payroll.(Thanks to Mike for the link.)

Ryan Glasper is keeping his career alive in the UFL...and still has a bit of bad blood towards TOB.

Tampa bloggers still have hope for Ryan Purvis.

Former BC Director of Basketball Ops Preston Murphy may end up back up at URI on Barron's staff.

BC has reportedly offered Pennsylvania guard Darrun Hilliard.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A call to all big BC eaters

Many of the world's greatest athletes have worn the maroon and gold. BC has produced first round draft picks, NBA stars, great runners, Soccer strikers, MLB prospects, some of the best sailors in the world, etc. I could go on for days listing the great competitors who called the Heights "home." Yet here on the day where the sporting world turns to a hot dog eating contest, I am left to wonder "how come none of the great eaters are from BC?"

When I was at BC, I saw guys consume tons of food in minutes. I saw hundreds of disgusting (yet hilarious) acts related to food, booze and puking. We have a competitive food landmark in the Eagles Deli blocks from campus. Isn't there one Eagle out there who could eat 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes?

I am glad the best eaters are once again American. Now we just need someone to challenge Joey Chestnut and bring the Yellow Belt back to Chestnut Hill.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

BC on TV (and Hulu)

The Friday Night Lights episode filmed on campus last year finally aired this week. You can now view it online. Although I saw the movie and heard good things about the series, this will probably be the first and last episode of FNL that I watch. I guess I am just desperate to see football and BC anywhere. At times I wish I could fast forward the summer so that football will be on again.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Spaz building up his class and other links

Connor Wujciak is the newest member of Spaz's recruiting class. The NJ DE had a solid list of offers and spurned his father's alma mater (Notre Dame) as well as his brother's (Maryland). The good news was dampened a bit by word that BC lost out on Rob Burns.

Notre Dame has interest in bringing on Mik Aoki. I would be surprised if Mik took the Notre Dame job. The money may be a little better but you are in a worse baseball conference and a less fertile recruiting territory. Hopefully Gene can give him a raise to keep him happy.

BC Magazine went behind the mask with Baldwin.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blue Ribbon's preview and other links

ESPN offered up a free version of the Blue Ribbon preview of BC. It is a good assessment of the team but doesn't really offer anything we don't already know. But I am starting to get less bothered by what the magazines say about BC. These days, I mostly buy the preview mags so that I can learn more about our opponents.

It is down to BC and UVA for DE prospect Rob Burns.

Do you play college fantasy football? If so, Athlon thinks Montel Harris would be a good pick up.