Sunday, June 30, 2013

NHL Draft filled with Eagles and other links

BC's future was on display during the NHL Draft. Four future Eagles were taken during the process. All are expected to suit up for BC prior to signing with their new respective teams.

Long-time BC Hockey assistant Jim Logue announced his retirement.

BC is still targeting Florida QB Sean White, who shined at an Elite 11 Camp.

CFN's preview of the season and team is solid.

As far as something different...a few BC guys got together to build a football game app. You can check it out here (Apple, Droid).

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'll try not to bore you with a "how I spent my summer vacation" post,  but I was on campus Friday for the first time in four years. These are a few quick thoughts.
-- Stokes Hall is beautiful. However, I think the loss of green space is noticeable. The whole area now feels a little crowded. I hope the renovations outside of Fulton and Lyons provides the connection to the rest of campus green area. (My wife thought it looked great.)
-- My memories of BC's campus date back 20+ years. My wife's go back even further. Neither of us could remember a time when BC wasn't undergoing a major construction project. Ever to Excel and all that, but it would be nice to have a construction free campus for a year or two.
-- Campers at Steve Donahue's junior camp get their money's worth. We were walking through Conte during a session when we saw the coach sprinting up the stairs with an armful of practice jerseys. He was in a rush from one group to the next. How many other ACC coaches would make more than just a cameo appearance at their own camp?
-- I'm glad they don't lock Alumni. I don't think BC should advertise that it is easy to walk into the Stadium during the summer, but I am glad things were open when we visited. My kids ran around the field and had a great time. I've been chased off of an SEC stadium during a similar summer walk around a few years ago. At BC, no one hassled us.

I know that BC is a classic campus, but you forget how great it looks until you go back. It keeps changing and despite my minor gripes, it keeps getting more beautiful. I was proud and excited to share it with my next generation of BC fans.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What are the most important high school programs for BC football?

When Tom Sweeney committed earlier this week, I mentioned that is was nice to keep the Don Bosco connection strong. The idea got me thinking, what are the most important programs to BC's success? The reality is that BC takes kids from all over and has to look beyond friendly programs to find talent. But I do think there are a few high schools that will always be important.

Don Bosco
Don Bosco is a national power, coached by a BC parent and it is a Catholic High School in a densely populated area three and a half hours from campus. Bosco wasn't great at football prior to Toal coaching the team. Since he got the job though, the program has been a nice foundation for BC. The team camps at BC every year so the staff usually has a good feel for the players and their capabilities. When Toal retires, it will be important the BC keeps close ties with his replacement.

St. Xavier (Cincinnati) 
TOB's deserves a lot of credit for opening doors at his Alma Mater. The entire Cincy area has been important to BC for nearly two decades, but St. X has really been our anchor. The large Jesuit school is a perfect place to recruit. We know the kids can handle the academics and play in a very competitive high school league.

There have been other nice high school programs in Massachusetts, but Everett remains the most consistently good and of late has produced the most BCS talent. The school has a long history of football success, but their coach John DiBiaso is the driving force.

These things also shift and change too. When I was at BC in the 1990s the team was heavy on Xaverian players. Yet we haven't had an impact player from Xaverian since Derrick Knight. Kiwi and Trueblood came from Cathedral High School in Indianapolis but we never capitalized on their success with more players/ We have two incoming recruits from Atlanta's Westminster, but  in my opinion that will be an anomaly. (I think the Atlanta Catholic schools do have promise though.) There are BC coaches sprinkled around some key high school programs that might help, but no one has built a Bosco equivalent yet.

Let me know where else we should have pipelines or programs that I might have missed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Suggestions for Mike Vega as he returns to the BC beat

After six seasons away, Mike Vega is back on the Boston College beat for the Globe. This is a good thing as no one has done it as well as Vega did from the '90s until 2006. Of course when he left, BC fans didn't know how good we had it under Vega. As he comes back to the Heights, he will find a very different program and the nature of a college beat extremely different. He's not asking for my advice, but these are my recommendations on how to make the most out of covering BC sports this school year.

Love your job
This is always a touchy issue in journalism and especially at a place like the Globe, where the biggest names are often the most critical and combative of Boston's sports institutions. I don't mean Vega should be a BC cheerleader. Just that he should show a passion and excitement for covering an interesting program during its rebirth. Blauds came back to the BC beat cranky and did some weird things along the way to antagonize readers (like becoming Spaz's biggest defender). Benbow is a talented writer who produced some nice BC features over the years but being on the BC beat didn't bring out the best in his work last year (covering a miserable team didn't help). I hope Vega does more than just the feature and notebook combos that usually populate the BC beat. He can do that in his sleep. He needs to do more. Put more of the notebook type stuff in a blog or on twitter. Do something extra. Write a national college football story once week that ties to BC (tv deals, schedules, etc.). The online college audience is huge. A few little things like that can spread Vega's work well beyond the core fanbase.

Don't blog unless you are really committed
With the Globe's paywall strategy and the New York Times killing their sports blogs, I have no idea if Vega is even mandated to blog. Unless he is going to fill it with unique content five or more times a week, he shouldn't even bother. Without regular content, the blog will never spread beyond the people who read the Globe/ stuff any way. If the Globe has shuttered the college blog, and there is stuff Vega wants to write that he cannot fit on twitter, he should start a tumblr and link it off of his Twitter profile.

Don't worry about ruffling feathers
If history is any indication, Vega is not going to piss people off around BC. He's a pro. But under the old regime there was always a bit of an issue with access. I hope that if something happens in football or basketball and there is a partyline and whisper in the background (whether it be about a player, coach or administrator) Vega pushes for real answers. Bob Hohler shouldn't be the one to handle stories that might offend. Steve Donahue will be on the hot seat this year. If we struggle I hope Vega is out in front of news regarding job security and the relationship between Bates and Donahue.

Interact with the online community
Things have changed since 2006. It is not just the Globe, Herald and Eagle Action. SBNation obviously has a huge BC presence. 247 is coming on strong. ESPNBoston produces good material. BC itself produces lots of good interviews and all access type features. Plus there are half a dozen bloggers and hundreds of BC folks on twitter. By the nature of his job and access, Vega will steer much of that conversation. I hope he does more than just post a story and let the masses run with it. Add flavor along the way and challenge those who disagree with your take. It will make the work better and will make the beat feel different.

I wish Vega the best and hope to have him on here eventually. He was always very nice when I was a student at WZBC but I barely interacted with him as a blogger before he was off to other things. Even if he doesn't do some of the things I suggest, I know he'll bring a professionalism and commitment that the Globe's coverage needs.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

20th verbal and other links

New Jersey Tight End Tom Sweeney is now the 20th commitment in the 2014 recruiting class. I keep thinking Addazio might slow down and save a couple of scholarships for late bloomers or big names, but he seems ready to take the guys he wants. The consensus on Sweeney is that he is a good athlete but needs to fill out and grow into his frame. It is nice to keep the Don Bosco connections strong.

Chris Herren is now taking his story of demons and redemption to NFL rookies.

I still don't get the connection, but Matt Ryan attended the William & Mary Football camp Tuesday. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck were also there. Somebody in Williamsburg has got some serious pull.

The ACC signed a deal with the Pinstripe Bowl. A guarantee BC will play in that bowl at least once during the life of the agreement.

Steve Donahue is a fan of Kelly's Roast Beef.

BC guy and WWE star Alex Riley (fka as BC LB Kevin Kiley) might become a WWE commentator.

Who knew Addazio would spend so much time talking about former Florida players.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Landing recruits from ACC Territory

When we joined the ACC, one of the justifications is that it would open a bunch of new and fertile recruiting territories for us. Although we certainly picked up a few more southern players, it wasn't a bonanza. Instead we kept getting guys from our usual strong holds in the Northeast and Midwest. Things are different now as BC picked up two more Florida recruits.

The first was Linebacker Ty Schwab. He camped at BC last week and made an impression. Performing in person helped his cause as there were concerns about his size and speed prior to the visit.

The second Florida player to commit Monday was WR Gabe McClary. He liked BC's academics, but his prior relationship with Todd Fitch helped.

I know Addazio made Florida a point of interest. Many on the staff also had ties to the state. We will always have kids from New England and Ohio, but this influx of sunshine kids should help our recruiting rankings and help change the perception of BC around the ACC.

We now have 19 commitments and have room to grow. Many needs have been addresses, so now the staff can become more selective with the final five or six scholarships.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Atlanta commit and other links

Sam Schmal verballed to BC this weekend. He's Cam Seward's teammate at Westminster and yet another Georgia recruit. Schmal had interest from multiple BCS programs but according to Rivals, BC was his only firm BCS offer. He's a tall kid who might grow into a Offensive Line position. I like the pickup and think it speaks for recruiting excitement when teammates commit to the same school. Also, congrats to Coach Al Washington. He's making BC a factor in metro-Atlanta.

Michael Adams was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame.

Marty Reasoner is fighting for a spot with the Islanders.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Darryl Hicks out with ACL tear

This sort of slid under the radar, but Eric Hoffses reported the incoming basketball freshman Darryl Hicks tore his ACL. No official word from BC yet, but you have to assume he will now take a medical redshirt. Losing Hicks is tough, but it really doesn't change the expectations for the season. I didn't expect Hicks to come in and displace Hanlan or Rahon in the starting line-up nor significantly cut into their minutes. It leaves us a little thin in the backcourt, but BC managed around it last year.

I hope Hicks has a smooth recovery. The silver lining of it all is Hicks potentially getting a fifth year helps the scholarship distribution.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Addazio & Co on Vine now. (No really)

Addazio is all about Twitter and hashtags...and that's a good thing. It's a great tool and a good way to reach recruits. Now the new staff has gone one step further and started posting on Vine. I don't know if I can handle that. Regardless of your opinion on Vine, the fact that the coaching staff is using it already is a real example of forward thinking and challenging yourself. I don't use Vine and seeing these guys do it makes me feel a million years old. But I don't have to relate to high school kids as part of my job.

Addazio positioned himself as old-school, smash mouth, yelling and screaming coach. But it is clear he's a little more open-minded than that stereotype. If he takes that same approach to trying new things with regards to training, coaching or game management, BC might be the site of some exciting changes. I shake my head at Vine, but I love what it represents for BC Football. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go yell at Addazio and Brown to get off my lawn.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Magarity commits. Is he the final piece?

6'11 Swedish F/C Bill Magarity committed to BC Wednesday. He is eligible to play immediately. While not a program changer, Magarity was a nice pick up late in the process and gives BC some much needed depth on the front line. Magarity also raises expectations too.

Prior to the signing, everyone was hedging on BC's potential progress this year. The narrative had been established. Our scorers are all returning but "no one knows what BC can get out of Dennis Clifford." It is hard to win in the ACC under any circumstances, but when your lone 7-footer is hobbled, you cannot expect to be an elite team. Now BC has another big man. Magarity might not be as impactful as a healthy Clifford, but he fits Donahue's prototype (shooter first, high hoops IQ) and can at least put a body on the opposing team's big men. BC now has a upperclass led team, two elite players in Hanlan and Anderson, they can go big or small, Donahue now has a nearly full roster of scholarship players he recruited, and the team has depth at every position. There are no holes. I don't think BC's roster is loaded, but we have more depth than half the programs in the conference.

I've never doubted Donahue's work ethic or Xs & Os. The unknowns were more about building an ACC level program. I think he now has an ACC roster that fits his schemes. This is a tournament team now and if this team struggles, there are no more excuses.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The best thing you will read about Matt Ryan all summer

Although I don't let it creep onto the blog much, in my day-to-day and on twitter, I feel like I am always defending Matt Ryan. Even after last year's playoff run, there are those who say he can't and won't win the big one. I still believe and think this great feature on CBS Sports is a sign of how close Matt has been and that he knows what he needs to do to win it all.

The feature is heavy on Xs and Os, but Matt's knowledge of the game isn't what gives me hope. Most QBs should be able to breakdown a play. What stood out to me instead was Matt's defense and trust of his teammates and willingness to carry the blame. He doesn't call out his line or guys who dropped passes. He also explains his mentality within the game. Matt's looking for the big play but understands a lot of offense is taking what is given. If Matt keeps playing the percentages as well as he does, one day he will be on top.

Monday, June 17, 2013

More team previews and other links

I thought this preview of our team from a Virginia Tech perspective was fair. Like others, this writer thinks much of the season's success will come down to Amidon,Rettig and Day.

BC is still involved with Virginia athlete Trace McSorley.

Did you see BC's campaign for "Where's Baldwin?" The idea is sort of BC's own version of Where's Waldo or Flat Stanley. I actually like the idea and think it will probably produce some fun pics...and a few that BC would probably not approve (but will make me laugh).

The Bowl predictions should start coming out in the next few weeks. This one has BC missing out.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New commitment

As we tried to guess who the next Massachusetts recruit might be, a unexpected name popped up. Catholic Memorial Linebacker/Safety Kevin Bletzer verballed over the weekend. Known for his Lacrosse exploits, Bletzer was very under the radar. Prior to this weekend he was not rated or followed by any of the major recruiting services. But he played well in camp and has the athletic diversity that BC needs.

The bigger name recruiting target that had everyone's attention was Trey Klock. He picked Georgia Tech on Sunday.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seabrooke signs with Baltimore

Tough but not totally unexpected news as BC commit Travis Seabrooke signed with the Baltimore Orioles. The Canadian Lefty was supposed to be one of the guys to help rebuild BC baseball. Others in the incoming class will have to fill the void. Improvement from the guys we have wouldn't hurt either.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Who is left in Massachusetts?

With Troy Flutie's commitment, the BC Class of 2014 now has six players from Massachusetts. Even in the early stages of a big class like this one, that is a lot of local kids. Addazio claimed he wanted to keep local talent and rebuild relationships with Massachusetts high schools. I would say he's done that. But will there be more? Using Rivals and 247, these are the top uncommitted prospects in Massachusetts.

Miles Wright, QB, Tabor.  -- BC has interest but hasn't made an offer. If we do offer, I doubt it will be at QB.

Dante Holmes, DE, Dean Junior College -- BC rarely takes Junior College guys and they are not listed as interested now.

Jarrell Addo, DB, Leominster -- BC has not offered and has plenty of DB prospects in other regions.

Lubern Figaro, DB, Everett -- Figaro has a very good offer list and has been recruited hard by BC. I would say he's a guy BC really wants.

Jason Sylva, LB, Dean Junior College -- Another Dean kid. I don't think BC is going to go that way.

I asked Chris Anderson from 247 his thoughts. This is what he had to say: "Lubern Figaro is the top remaining player in the state of Massachusetts, and may be the only other player Boston College takes from the Bay State. A few other guys - such as Dan DiNicola from Dexter School - will continue to get looks, but there are bigger targets elsewhere. I think it's important the staff gets another RB, such as Qadree Ollison or Richard Wilson. One more in-stater to keep an eye on - Leominster (MA) athlete Jarell Addo."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Flutie and other links

Darren Flutie's son Troy committed to BC almost immediately after receiving his offer. He's a QB at Natick but expected to play WR at BC (just like his dad). Addazio denied any pressure to offer a Flutie a scholarship, but frankly I don't care if it was a factor. This will be a huge class and we need guys who can do many things. If Troy is anything like Billy he will see the field and help BC in one way or another.

Stewart Mandel gets into the specifics of Tennessee, but does address why schools like BC are seeing a bounce in recruiting under a new coach.

The wiseguys in Vegas jumped on BC early. Take it for what it is worth. Maybe we will surprise people this year.

Moore commits

The relentless recruiting continues as Virginia athlete Kamrin Moore verbaled to BC. He is expected to be a DB at BC. Moore has not been heavily recruited but shined at BC's most recent camp. Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It will be BC or Temple for Magarity

Zagsblog is saying Swedish Big Man Billy Magarity is down to a final three. I am hearing otherwise and that it is really just down to Temple and BC. The two schools went head to head for a transfer last year, with Temple luring in BU's Jake O'Brien. Temple is also led by Donahue's mentor Fran Dunphy.

I think Magarity ends up at BC. It is a fit for him and the chance to play in the ACC. I know there is a lot of optimism around campus about BC's chances. Now let's see if Donahue can close him.

Get Tebow to the Heights!

I've joked about the media asking Addazio about Tebow, but now that football's most famous terrible QB is in New England, I think BC should embrace Tebow and the circus that comes with him. Addazio should get him to campus or a BC practice the first chance he gets. Tebow can talk to the current players. He can tell the press about how great Addazio is and how important he was to Tim's career. Maybe we can even get Flutie to show up and have a Heisman to Heisman meeting. I don't care. BC doesn't have a lot of buzz locally or nationally. Addazio's day at ESPN was hijacked by the Tebow news, so this is our chance to get some attention in return. Is it shameless? Maybe, but I get the sense that Addazio and Tebow do have a connection. Tebow might enjoy a few minutes with his old coach and the media will enjoy yet another angle on the endless Tebow whirlwind.

Monday, June 10, 2013

UConn (eh) and other links

Maybe I am alone in this, but I don't get the big deal about playing UConn in 2K Classic (Katz | Yahoo). I still hate the Huskies and think a football rivalry would be heated and useful to our schedule. But without Jim Calhoun, I just can't get worked up about UConn. He embodied so much of the bad blood and I just don't have the same animosity for Kevin Ollie. And since they are part of the left behinds in College Basketball, a win doesn't mean as much. Of course we better beat them.

Mike Morrissey had to walk-on at BC. His brother won't have that problem as he is getting a lot of attention (Rivals | Scout). BC is in his final three.

Castonzo and Cherilus are closer than ever in Indy.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Watching the Klock and other links

The big recruiting news to follow this week will be the decision of Pennsylvania Tight End Try Klock. BC doesn't have a TE in this class yet and has been going after Klock hard.

The gambling writers like to point out our close losses from last year. I think their play is that some of those games will go BC's way this year.

The Philly bloggers are rooting for Momah to make the team.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

BC guys at Giants camp and other links

Herzy continues to work out with the first team at LB. Obviously the Giants gave Mark a chance when they signed him, but at this point they don't care about his background or if he will ever regain his old form. So to see him progress and get snaps means they know he can do it. Kiwi will be playing DE again for the Giants until JPP is back.

This is a fair look at the current NFL prospects on our roster. It is interesting all the respect Amidon gets but everyone assumes a drop off with the new offense.

Two soon to be Eagles (Ian McCoshen and Steve Santini) were invited to the U.S. National Junior Evaluation Camp.

Another Jersey player on BC's radar is Kurt Holuba.

The Orioles drafted incoming Eagle Travis Seabrooke.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Trying to justify my hypocritical take on roster management

I've been called out and my critic is probably right. For years I jabbed at Spaz for not using all of his scholarships. Spaz was an easy bunching bag, especially when it came to roster management. My theory was that even the least talented prospect we could find still had value over not using a scholarship. Yet as attrition grows under Addazio, I am dismissing the loss of talent and happy that Addazio can bring in more of his own guys. This leaves me to explain why I am against "banking" scholarships, but all for attrition.

Fundamentally the best case scenario for attrition is immediately after the season. When a player leaves after signing day, Addazio doesn't have the chance to fill the spot before games begin. Essentially BC plays a man down, just like we did when banking scholarships. What's happening now is not the best case scenario, but it does have some benefit. 

Losing players is not a good thing. Though not much was expected of Craan, Meredith or Ricci, all probably would have played this year. Now they won't and a thin team is left thinner. Plus you never know when things might click for a player. One or all of those three could have been this season's late bloomer. But we will never know this since all are gone. But the reason losing a player is still better than not bringing in a player, is the benefit it has on the team's culture. 

When a new coach comes in he is trying to get guys to buy into his program. BC has a long road back and this season might be rough. If the team does struggle, you want every player around still believing. Still fighting. A guy who doesn't buy in yet hangs around might influence those guys on the fence about football or Addazio. If the recent departures didn't want to be here, BC was smart to encourage them to leave. 

I don't blame the guys who left. College football can be a fruitless grind. It can be even worse if you are losing and no one believes in you. Playing without 85 scholarships is not ideal, but at least in Addazio's case it is about rebuilding and not mismanagement. 

Addazio on SiriusXM

Steve Addazio was on SiriusXM this morning. What I appreciate most -- which you can hear in the clip -- is that Addazio has a confidence in where we've been and where we are going. He owns up to the depth challenges, but he's not hemming and hawing about what BC can be. It is a nice change from the previous regime.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Why the APR still matters and other links

Thirteen BC teams were recognized for their APR success. All of them deserve congratulations but for better or worse football's continued APR success is the most important. Not only is the team our largest and under the most scrutiny, but it also gives BC credibility nationally. Change is coming among the NCAA schools. Paying player, a split among the BCS-level programs and the smaller schools, or an entirely new organizing body are all ideas in play. The ACC is secure, so that helps us. Boston is a big TV market and that never hurts. And BC keeps graduating its football players. If a split happens and the leaders of the movement want to keep the concept of the student athlete alive, they will need programs like BC to come along, as we are in the minority in our ability to groom players on and off the field.

BC's last hope at a Big Man for this basketball recruiting class seems to be Swedish F/C Bill Magarity. His sister played a year at BC before transferring, so he has some familiarity with the school. I don't think Magarity is program changer but he is a nice insurance policy for our thin front line.

Phil Steele put Spiffy Evans on his preseason All America team as a Punt Returner.

ESPN thinks the ACC Network is a few years off at the earliest.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

More good recruiting news and other links

The recruiting train doesn't stop. Addazio picked up two more verbals Tuesday. Critically Ohio kicker Mike Knoll said he is headed to BC. He's a kicker and punter and could end up doing both at BC. New Jersey DE Joe Vitiello also committed.

The ACC released their cross-division opponent rotation for the next ten years. It is as we expected and a reminder that we won't play the other division much.

Hanlan joined the Canadian National Team Development program.

ESPN also broke news that Eddie Meredith and George Craan left the team. Neither were expected to do much this year.

Herzy hopes to start for the Giants this year.

In case you missed it, here is USA Today's excellent team preview.

Ricci a sign of the past and things to come

As Austin Tedesco first reported, Max Ricci has left the team. Don't worry about our depth chart at DT. Unless the new staff is a bunch of miracle workers, Max Ricci wasn't going to become great and we have enough guys to patchwork this hole. Beyond the depth chart, Ricci's departure is symbolic. I don't blame him for our downfall, but he is the type of player and recruit that led to Spaz's slide and he's the type of guy that has a tendency to wash out when a new staff takes over.

Spaz was not a good recruiter and Ricci captures some of his issues. Under the old regime BC rarely landed their top choices, never had enough guys on the back burner and then scrambled to find players willing to play for BC. BC was the only BCS program to offer Ricci a scholarship. When a guy is as big as Ricci and plays on a team that got a lot of recruiting attention, and no one aggressively recruits him, there are probably some red flags. At the time of his signing, Ricci's weight was an issue. You don't want your DTs petite but you also want them to be able to use their bulk and not have it slow them down. The second issue was desire. If coaches across the country were stopping by Lawrence Academy and came away questioning Ricci's desire or love of the game, maybe there was an issue there too. To Ricci's credit he was decent at BC and didn't miss any time. But he never slimmed down and never became the next Raji or Brace. And because he wasn't a BCS talent and he was surrounded by a bunch of guys who probably weren't or aren't BCS talent, we started losing more games. I know that BC has won with diamonds in the rough before and I am not saying we shouldn't give guys a shot. But if a guy doesn't have BCS offers, I would rather it be because of his size or speed, not because teams question his dedication. Any flyer we give out should be a football junkie who can't wait to play.

Ricci won't be the latest guy to leave. I predict at least two more will bail after summer practices. It is the nature of a transition between coaches and also speaks to the lack of desire among some Spaz recruits. Football is a brutal game and a huge commitment. You have to love it to keep playing. The new intensity and higher expectations are going to leave a lot of guys asking themselves why they keep playing.

I welcome the attrition. Outside of Rettig and Andre Williams, this season is not riding on any one player. Flushing out guys who don't want to be here won't dramatically change our record and will only allow Addazio to reshape the roster with his guys faster.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Talking TuneIn with Jon Meterparel

BC's play-by-play man has been busy. After leaving WEEI, Meterparel has focused on his own website and his new show on TuneIn. Meter has other things cooking too, but he did take time to explain what TuneIn is and how Addazio is going to change BC coverage. My questions and his answers below.

1. What is TuneIn and how do you recommend people access and listen to it?

Meter:  TuneIn is a free app available for download and owned by over 40 million people worldwide. It's also available in every new Ford and BMW car. Its the new frontier in broadcasting and enables the listener to find a wide variety of stations around the country and world.

2. Does the format enable you to cover and discuss college sports in a way that you wouldn't be able to on a traditional Boston Sports Radio station?

Meter: The format is all mine and I'm the executive producer. I can talk about anything I want and will definitely be focusing heavily on BC and college sports around the nation. Mark Packer from XM's College sports nation, will be a frequent guest. Pete Cronan and Malcolm Huckaby, will also be frequent contributors.

3. What sort of BC-specific content, topics and features will you have?

Meter: BC content will be specific to coaches and occasional interviews with athletes. I already had Jerry York on to discuss the success of Chris Kreider and Brian Boyle and am working on an interview with Coach Addazio for the very near future. I also expect Brad Bates to be a monthly guest with an AD's corner segment.

4. I, as a blogger, respect your position with BC, but I think most will agree that Spaz wasn't a great media personality (for a variety of reasons). Addazio has yet to coach a game -- so things could change -- but he seems more comfortable and willing to engage the media. How do you think that will impact your broadcasts and how do you think it will impact the general coverage of BC from your colleagues locally and nationally?

Meter: I think Addazio will be a terrific presence in the media and provide some great material for all media. The program needs some positive PR and he will help provide it. The media has to be willing to embrace it and as long as the wins start to come again, BC will be in a good position.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Links from the weekend

BC commitment Darius Wade was part of the Elite 11 QB camp over the weekend. He did enough to impress and will now move onto to the next stage with five others.

BC is a finalist for Cincinnati running back C.J. Hilliard. He's a St. X product, so hopefully the BC connection makes a difference.

Co-ed Sailing finished 5th at Nationals.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Scouting reports on NM State and Army

Paul Myerberg moved over to USA Today, but is still pumping out great team previews. He is posting them in order, from worst to first. So far he's already recapped two of our opponents.

Myerberg ranked Army 106th. Army is still bad and thankfully we are not one of their "toss up" games.

New Mexico State is 121st. Myerberg also notes (and somewhat mocks) Spaz's contribution to New Mexico State's offseason.