Thursday, June 06, 2013

Addazio on SiriusXM

Steve Addazio was on SiriusXM this morning. What I appreciate most -- which you can hear in the clip -- is that Addazio has a confidence in where we've been and where we are going. He owns up to the depth challenges, but he's not hemming and hawing about what BC can be. It is a nice change from the previous regime.

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Benjamin said...

He certainly sounded more on this interview than Spaz ever did. I'm looking forward to see how this season turns out for Addazio.

It is apparent how invested he is in the program. He and the other coaches have started fostering a culture (#BeADude is awesome, plain and simple), and it's great to see a fan base excited again.

Daz is winning on the recruiting trail (Rivals #14????), and I want this season to pay off for Rettig. A bowl game would be sweet.