Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest recruit and other links

Not much going on Tuesday but there is a short link to BC's latest recruit Andre Williams. Williams has so so offers and no recruiting ranking to speak of, but he hopefully will bring some nice depth to the position.

Ryne Reynoso continues to pitch well in Double A.

BCEagles.com put out an update of the summer plans for the baseball players.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hockey drafts and other links

Very slow news weekend around BC sports. The primary event was related to all the Eagles that took part in the NHL Draft. Five of BC's incoming freshmen were selected. That's a ringing endorsement of the talent infusion arriving on campus. The only downside is to wonder how long the NHL will let these kids hang around Chestnut Hill before trying to turn them pro.

HD produced her list of players who didn't make her Top 30 countdown and there still aren't many BC names on there. Not much respect for our secondary or Rich Gunnell.

I try not to get emotionally involved with recruiting, but will be rooting for Alexander Amidon (Spaz's latest commitment). He's one of the rare DIA products from my high school alma mater Hotchkiss.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boisture exlains and other links

Boisture told the Detroit media he really liked BC but the distance and his connection to Michigan State made him change his mind. Blaudschun had some of the same news.

BC didn't waste any time to target another QB recruit.

CFN released their season preview of BC.

Tyrese Rice did not get drafted last night. I'll have more on his next steps this weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two steps forward, two steps back: Boisture to MSU

Any question as to why we went so hard after Josh Bordner was answered today when Joe Boisture confirmed that he dropped BC and will play for Michigan State. This rumor had been floating for a few days. Toss it up to the fickle nature of high school kids. This happened under TOB. It happened under Jags and will happen to Spaz in the future.

I don't think anyone in the football offices cares about my opinion, but Boisture is a reminder that you have to sell BC for what it is. You cannot sell the coach or the depth chart. Those things might work but they can get kids to your school for the wrong reasons. You have to sell the total package at BC and spend that much more time IDing the right kids for the program. Best of luck to Boisture. I am fine with Bordner.

Providence news (via Twitter) and other links

No official word from BC or Providence, but PC coach Keno Davis announced via his Twitter page that BC and Providence had signed a contract for a 10-year series between the two schools. Great new all around. The Providence game adds some consistent strength to our non-conference schedule and it continues one of the most important basketball rivalries the school has. Let's hope that in addition to continuing the series, BC puts some added emphasis around that game so that our newer and younger fans realize the rich history between the schools and get excited about the game. (Thanks to BC All Access for the link to Davis.)

New QB commit Josh Bordner didn't take long to act on BC's offer.

More on York and Parker Special Achievement Awards from the New England Sports Sports Museum.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BC using custom marketing to sell tickets

We bemoan many of BC's marketing efforts, but you have to give them credit for this campaign. (Fill in your information and see what happens. I promise, it is harmless and not some internet scam.)

I don't know how many more tickets this will sell. The good news is that it will get attention. The phone message also plays up the option of customized ticket packages.

Marketing aside, I think the economy, low expectations and the lack of Notre Dame or Clemson on the schedule are going to be tough to overcome.

Leetch to the Hall and other links

Former Eagle Brian Leetch was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Leetch arguably had the best NHL career of any former Eagle. During his time with the Rangers he of course won a Stanley Cup but also received individual honors like Calder Trophy, the Conn Smyth Trophy and was a two-time winner of the Norris Trophy.

Incoming hockey player [CORRECTED] Chris Kreider will probably be a first round pick in the NHL draft.

Boomer Esiason son Gunnar will attend BC this fall. Gunnar's long battle with cystic fibrosis means he won't play football. Will Boomer become our latest celeb parent fan?

Matt Hayes broke down the non-conference slate for ACC teams.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baseball stats and other links

Great job by fellow BC blog BC All Access putting together this series on BC baseball stats (part 1, part 2, part 3). Short, to the point and fresh. This is what good blogging can be about. It will be interesting to see how our baseball team changes as the caliber of recruiting improves and we get the new field.

BC will play at Fenway but it won't be a double-header with the Bruins.

Here is a roundup of ACC recruiting.

Southern Pigskin thinks we will be at the bottom of the division. (Thanks to Jim for the link.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fenway on ice and other links

The Bruins will play in Fenway as part of the NHL's Winter Classic. Now reports are surfacing that BC will also play in the old ballpark. This is all still unofficial, and I don't know who the opponent would be (BU is likely). We also don't know if this would be a double-header with the Bruins game or be a separate ticket. Regardless, it should be very cool.

This writer doubts that Rice will even get drafted.

Andy Katz mentioned Holy Cross' interest in Pat Duquette.

Check out the quotes in the second half of this article on BC's new basketball recruit Kevin Noreen. The ACC analyst gives the classic broken clock line when criticizing:

Still, Oettinger wonders if the Eagles can thrive if they’re only bringing in diamonds in the rough.

“It catches up with you sooner or later because sometimes they are no better than what the rest of us think they are,” he said.
Is this guy serious? If one team consitently found talent despite what everyone else thought, I wouldn't predict that their luck would run out. I would start to wonder what they know or do that no one else does. But that's just me...

Another QB joins the fold

A few weeks ago we didn't have enough QBs. Now -- dare I say -- we have too many. BC just received a commitment from another high school QB. Like Boisture, Josh Bordner, is a big, pro-style QB. However, he could end up in another position before his career is over. Regardless, I am all for the "see what sticks" philosophy. Spaz needs to find a solution, so give everyone a shot. The only downside to that strategy is you risk losing the one guy you really want. But at this point, that is a risk worth taking.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Future QBs and other links

I am thankful that Dave Shinskie fell into our laps during a time of need. But when I read stories like this I wonder what any of us can predict out of the situation. I don't get the vibe that Shinskie is a football guy who always longed to get back to the gridiron while toiling in the minors. The way he explains it, it seems like it all just sort of happened to him...he doesn't even know why he was released. Now let's hope his physical and emotional maturity makes the difference. This is his last chance.

Although he has committed to BC, future Eagle Joe Boisture is hitting the camp circuit. He's also showing his competitive side and impressing when among the best QB recruits in the country.

Will Rakim Sanders test the NBA draft waters next year? This writer thinks so.

BC guy Charlie Davies scored a crucial goal as the U.S. advanced in the Confederations Cup. Inserting Davies was the smartest move Bradley has made in the tournament.

Notre Dame fans are already predicting victory for our game in October. When will they learn?

Tony Sanchez drove in the winning run during his professional debut. Check out the notes section of this article to read about Mike Belfiore's signing bonus...so much for the College World Series hurting his MLB value.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another commit and other links

Robert Vardaro is Spaz's latest commitment. He's a local kid and plays in the ISL at Phillips Academy. While not a high profile guy, he's got the size and you have to trust the staff on early offers.

His hometown paper caught up with Pat Duquette. The news from the article is Duquette outlining the recruiting strategy:

we're going to try to take four [players] in each of the next two years," Duquette said.
Given how he explains it, I am guessing they are counting a transfer or two.

BC's incoming kicker Nate Freese was part of the annual Big 33 game between Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Friday, June 19, 2009

NYT's previews and other links

The New York Times has been pumping out their team-by-team previews for a few weeks now. I thought it was a good time to check in on some of our opponents they've covered. Here are their thoughts on Virginia and Kent State.

HD says that if Herzy were healthy, he would have been No. 2 in her ACC player rankings.

Brian Toal and Dejuan Tribble were part of the inaugural UFL Draft. It will be interesting to see if the league ever plays again or if our two alums get on the field. Last word was Toal's shoulder was a major problem with every NFL physical he took.

Not sports related, but BC won the city's approval on the expansion plans.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scouting report on Rice and other links

Things have been quiet on the Tyrese Rice front lately. He's worked out for various teams and most projections have him going in the second round. This writer thinks he will go undrafted. But despite that gloomy projection, he's got good things to say about Rice's upside.

Bruce Feldman wrote a post on some of the international players who are gaining attention of college recruiters. One of the focuses of the piece is Mehdi Abdesmad. The DE has interest in BC.

HD started another series, this time filling the hopes and concerns of each team. With BC she thinks Harris gives us hope and the voids on D are a cause of concern.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BC Band rocks Boston

What's more Political/Celtic Punk than using a college marching band as back up? Very cool move by the Dropkick Murphys to invite the horn section to join them at a concert Tuesday. I am also glad BC's taking back this song. The Sox and Celtics started playing recordings of the Murphys' tune during their championship runs, but our Band played it live shortly after the Departed debuted. Once again, the Band represents. They've come a long way from my day where they kept doing Lion King medleys at halftime.

ACCCG in primetime and other links

The ACC and ABC/ESPN are moving the ACC Championship Game to prime time. The hope is that the new time slot improves ratings and attendance. TV ratings will certainly improve, but does anyone really think the evening kickoff will improve attendance? I don't think BC would have brought anymore fans if the past two ACCCGs had been in prime time. I also don't think a night game will generate any more interest among the locals. The key will always be the matchup. If a Florida team is involved or Clemson, then you will get a crowd. Otherwise, there will be plenty of empty seats.

Expectations are rising for next season's basketball team. (Thanks to Tom for the link.)

I didn't note that HD ranked Castonzo as the 23rd best player in the ACC. It will be interesting to see if any other Eagles make the list. I actually think Tennant should be ranked higher.

Athlon ranked BC No. 48 in their preview countdown.

The locals want more details on BC's campus expansion plans.

Jon Loyte is breaking into lower-level Arena football.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hoops schedule stuff and other links

Most BC fans have tossed this topic around already, but here is what Andy Katz had to say about our future schedule:

Pitt was approached about playing Boston College in the Jimmy V Classic in December in New York but the Panthers decided against the matchup. Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson said he wanted more of a national game. But there was another reason for his decision against the opponent. Pederson was concerned that there were stories written in Boston during the East Regional that it was Boston College -- a former Big East school now in the ACC -- hosting onetime Big East rivals. Pederson said he didn't want that to be the story again in December.

Since BC left for the ACC, the Eagles have played former Big East members Providence and St. John's. BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo said there are discussions about playing Villanova, and the Eagles are talking to Syracuse and Rutgers about playing again in football (they still continue to play Notre Dame, a basketball Big East member but an independent in football). DeFilippo said he doesn't see this as an issue. Pederson said the Panthers and Eagles will likely inevitably play. He said if there were no other opponents he wouldn't be against playing the Eagles. He also said he was thankful for the way the Eagles hosted the NCAA regional. The Big East said there is no policy against playing BC or any other defected school (Virginia Tech and Miami left the Big East before BC).

Pitt is expected to stay in the Jimmy V event. The rest of the field will be announced at a later date.

If Katz said it, it is probably true. He's well sourced on these things and if anything takes a proBC stance in his coverage. So it seems that Pitt still has some hard feelings about the Big East departure. One day this will all be behind us. The other news out of this was the potential games against 'Nova in basketball and Rutgers in football. The 'Nova game would be a great matchup and generate plenty of alumni interest. I am not as thrilled about Rutgers in football, but it is a convenient matchup in an important recruiting territory so I am not opposed.

Marc Colombo -- cornerstone tackle one day and frontman the next.

Carolyn Swords is one of the semifinalists for team USA. Of the current 15 members, only 12 will make the final team.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Phil Steele wrong about BC again?

Every year I pick up Phil Steele's preview magazine. Every year I then write about how Steele has predicted a down year for BC. This year, when the whole world is predicting BC's demise, Steele plays contrarian again and thinks BC will finish 3rd in the Atlantic. But his prediction deserves a big asterisk since he wrote the preview before the Herzy and Davis news. Even without that factored in, here are some notes and nuggets from his review of BC that might give others optimism.

-- He ranks our offensive line 11th nationally and considers this the best BC line in five seasons.
-- He predicts we will face East Carolina in the EagleBank Bowl (Washington,DC). Based on our turnout for the Maryland games, we might actually sell tickets for this game.
-- Steele doesn't think much of the ACC, ranking the conference 5th overall.
-- Harris, Claiborne, Tennant, Castonzo, Albright, Ramella, McLaughlin, Davis and Gunnell made one of his various all ACC teams.
-- Two of his power forecasts (formulas which haven't been revealed, but are assumed to lean on returning starters and close games) called for BC to win the division. Steele also admits that BC has finished higher than his forecast for three years.
-- Steele thinks we are better at Head Coach but worse at the two coordinator positions.
-- Steele's formula ranked our special teams as 110th overall. Any surprise?
-- We are the 63rd most experienced team in football and the 6th most experienced team in the ACC.
-- BC has the 47th most difficult schedule this year.

This is how he ranked the Atlantic
1. Clemson
2. Florida State
T3. BC
T3. NC State
5. Wake Forest
6. Maryland

Don't put too much weight into what Steele writes about BC. I use his guide to learn more about our opponents and for the historical betting lines, but never take what he writes as the bible. Let's just hope that the year he is finally right about BC!

New title for Duquette and other links

Skinner's longest serving assistant Pat Duquette is now the Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach. That's a promotion from his previous title of assistant head coach. I don't know if this changes any of his responsibilities. Regardless, Duquette has been a key to BC's success and I am glad he got this bump. My guess is the opening at Holy Cross motivated BC to lock down Duquette. This also makes him a likely candidate to succeed Al whenever Al decides to hang it up.

That wasn't the only Skinner news...BC also picked up their second 2010 hoops commitment in Minnesota Forward Kevin Noreen.

A bunch of BC baseball guys made regional teams for their postseason heroics.

A few new notes about Herzy's chemo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lowered expectations and other links

The Sporting News doesn't think much of our chances this season. Both of their experts see BC taking a major step back this year.

The Globe caught up with our "QB of the future." A few interesting points for those who haven't been following Boisture as intensely as some of us have. He still plans on enrolling in January. The good news about that is that it leaves a much smaller window for another team to poach him. Also, he credits his relationship with Mike Siravo as part of his decision. I think too often fans put all the recruiting focus on the head coach, but in reality, the assistants do much of the bonding and salesmanship.

Quinton Porter seems happy and ready to succeed in the CFL.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baseball contracts and other links

Mike Belfiore will sign with Arizona, but he plans on finishing his BC degree this fall.

As expected, Tony Sanchez signed quickly with the Pirates. (Link includes video.)

Vinny Ciurciu is glad to be back in New England.

BC Guy Bill Guerin's name is on the Stanley Cup again.

HD and Ivan Maisel have a series of video clips up on ESPN. In this one they discuss ACC and SEC with ESPN's SEC blogger.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Twitter and BC

I am a relatively late adopter to Twitter, but it is growing on me. I definitely prefer it to Facebook. Regardless, for those who aren't using it yet, Twitter can be a great tool to keep up with certain people, websites and organizations. If you don't want people telling you about their trip to the gas station, you can stop following them. However, if you want one depository for quick updates from say BC, BC sports information, your favorite writer or some news site, you can aggregate it all into Twitter. That endorsement aside, here are some BC related Twitter accounts you might want to follow.

-- BC Chronicle
-- BC Auctions
-- The Heights
-- To the Heights
-- Official university account
-- BC Alumni
-- BC Interruption
-- BC Buzztap
-- BCeagles.com
-- ATLeagle (me)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golf with Matt and other links

The AJC tagged along with Matt on his latest round of golf.

Chris is back with his great panorama photos. Click on the one below to get a great shot of the baseball field.

More BC guys were selected in the second day of the MLB draft.

Women's basketball player Lauren Whitehurst is transferring to James Madison Duke. Would that ever fly in football or men's basketball? [THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO CAUGHT MY BONEHEADED MISTAKE]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sanchez signability and other links

Tony Sanchez is a great prospect, but it looks like his willingness to sign quickly and play in Pittsburgh factored into their selection. The Pirates had nothing but great things to say about Tony.

I don't think HD realizes that Central Michigan will be a tough game.

More on Shinskie from the Globe and his hometown paper. After my initial giddiness, I've come back down to earth about Shinskie. I don't know if he is the answer, but I do think one of our QBs will be good enough to get us to the postseason.

People are still focusing on Cherilus' inconsistency.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Age is just a number

A few more things about our new Old Man on campus.
-- Shinskie is more than a year older than Matt Ryan. Shinskie DOB May 4,1984. Ryan DOB May 17, 1985.

-- Paul Peterson was only 23 when he first played in 2003. Shinskie will be 25 this season.

Sanchez drafted, more Shinskie and other links

Congrats to Tony Sanchez. Selected by the Pirates fourth overall, Sanchez is now the highest pick in BC's history. After all the controversy about overuse and misuse, BC's hero from Austin Mike Belfiore was selected 45th overall to Arizona.

Dr. Saturday found one of Shinskie's old baseball cards.

HD got some quotes from Shinskie and his high school coach. Needless to say, the coach is effusive in his praise and Shinskie as a recruit. He also echoes many of the things we've all been saying about an older player -- (better work ethic and physical maturity). The unsung hero in this process is Tight Ends coach Dave Brock. It was his relationship and network that put Shinskie on BC's radar.

UConn fans are still clamoring for a game against BC. As long as Gene is around, we can all forget it.

Former Eagle Matt Meyer is moving up through the Indians farm system.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Who is David Shinskie?

The never ending offseason took another turn last night when David Shinskie became the latest member of the 2009 recruiting class. "2009?" you might wonder. "Didn't BC finish up recruiting for the '09 class in February?" Technically yes, but this late addition is headed to campus, and will enroll and practice with the team this summer. But his arrival is not the only unique aspect of the Shinskie story. Our new recruit also happens to be 25 years old and will compete for the starting QB spot this season!

Shinskie was originally a member of the 2003 recruiting class (the same one that gave us Paul Peterson and Matt Ryan). Although he had BCS offers, he signed with DIAA power Delaware. But before he even played a down with them he was selected in the fourth round of the MLB draft and signed with the Twins. After toiling in the minors for six years, he hung it up and decided to give football a try. His selection process this time around was pretty short and BC's offer and depth chart were inviting enough for him to commit shortly after visiting.

No one knows what we are getting in Shinskie. He hasn't played organized football in six years. The good news is that the track record of baseball washouts as QBs is decent. In addition to their physical maturity, the baseball guys often bring a work ethic and perspective that makes them that much better. Aside from taking up a scholarship for four years, there is really no downside to Shinskie.

Even before his time in baseball, Shinskie was a decent prospect. Here are his 2003 profiles in Rivals and Scout. He played in a lower level of PA football, but was prolific and winning.

Give credit to the staff. They are trying anything that works. With all that has happened and all the gloom and doom, we still might surprise people yet.

Yet another QB twist

Dave Shinskie is now an Eagle and will be eligible this fall. The one time star turned baseball prospect has decided to get back into football. This offseason roller coaster never ends. I'll have more on this development later today.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Billy Flutie as QB and other links

Tuggle and Boek are the favorites to win the QB job, but Flutie is the only player on the roster to have thrown a touchdown. According to the latest, he is still in the mix for QB possibilities. At this point it sounds like Spaz is appropriately using the throw everything against the wall strategy. This is going to be an interesting season.

Future Eagle Joe Boisture impressed at a NFTC showcase in Illinois.

Kevin Armstrong wrote a great piece on the glory days of the Globe. One thing that is not mentioned is the Globe's history covering college sports. Did they have a BC beat writer in the 1970s?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Behind the scenes at Matt Ryan's first football camp

Although my idea of fun can be a bit different than most, I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to watch a Matt Ryan football camp. However, it was practically being held in my backyard. I figured it was worth a few minutes of my Saturday morning. I am glad I went as it was just more confirmation that Matt might be one of the best representatives BC has ever had in professional sports.

The kids spent the first part of the morning doing drills and whatnot. The camp is run by a company that hosts these sorts of things around the country. There were a variety of assistant coaches (mostly local guys) acting as counselor. Matt was joined by fellow Falcons Sam Baker and Justin Blalock. He worked the drills and then spent a little time with the media. At the midpoint of the camp the group got together and asked the pros some questions. Pretty innocent stuff (favorite player, teams they liked growing up -- the kids booed when Matt said the Eagles -- , etc). Then they broke out the groups for one-hand touch scrimmages. This was the highlight for everyone as Matt went around and spent time with each pairing, playing QB for one series then switching sides to play one more series.

His interactions weren’t as sappy sweet as one of those United Way commercials nor was he getting in kids faces like Peyton Manning in that great SNL skit. But Matt was into it. You could see his competitive spirit coming out. As a drive moved along you’d see a little more heat in his passes. When kids dropped passes, Matt would visibly react. One little kid picked him off and started running it back and Matt started chasing him down! The kids' reaction was just was funny to me. They were all into their respective scrimmages, then Matt would join them and no one seem fazed. They just adjusted to their new QB …who happened to be Rookie of the Year.

As he moved around the fields, Matt engaged whoever engaged him. If a kid wanted a word, Matt talked. As the fans asked for autographs he obliged until the camp handlers moved him along. As I said at previous events, he’s a natural at these things. Now his name is on the camp, so he should make the extra effort, but he’s always very genuine. His parents, coaches and parents should be proud as he carries himself well.

As for the miscellaneous… I saw one kid bust his glasses when he couldn’t pull in one of Matt’s passes. My wife saw another kid lose a tooth and bleed like crazy. Although Matt doesn’t have a national commercial yet, the sponsors are starting to show up for him. Old Spice, Topps, Powerade and a local Atlanta orthopedic practice were all involved in the camp. If Matt keeps playing well, I think he’ll be as ubiquitous in commercials as Peyton Manning is now.

It was just one camp and just a few hours, but I think Matt and the kids had fun. Now, he just needs to get the adult fantasy camp going…

Friday, June 05, 2009

The source of our problems and other links

I finally found the reason for the black cloud hanging over the program. It is the three fans in this picture. When they made those posters for the ACCCG, Davis was undefeated and enrolled, Jags was our head coach and Herzy was healthy. Don't let them near paint or posterboard again.

BC sailor Adam Roberts won the Robert Hobbs Trophy. It is the top individual honor in college sailing.

Spaz acknowledged that they talked to Greg Paulus but the ACC restrictions prevented a potential in conference transfer.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

TV PC Schedule and other links

The big news of the day was the release of the September TV schedule. If you had complaints about ESPN U, I have some bad news for you: our first two games are on ESPN 360. You'll have to watch on your laptops and PCs. However, for alumni clubs this is a great opportunity. Last year, BC Mike was able to get a bar in Atlanta to put the 360 feed on a large flat screen. Clubs, plan ahead and see if you can do the same. I want to vent but this is what you get for playing Northeastern and Kent State. The Clemson game will be on regional broadcasts. The rest of the season really depends on how we play. Now does anyone now how to best put the game on my HDTV at home?

BC announced the latest list of inductees into the BC Varsity Club Hall of Fame. It's a strong class that includes, Nalen, Garay, and Danya Abrams.

The parallels between UVA's issues last year and our issues this year are eerie and unfortunate.

A week later, the epic game against Texas is still in the news. Baseball front office people are discussing the pitch counts and the general abuse on arms at the college level. Cooperstown has also asked for some of the equipment used in the game.

Eagle Insider checked in with future Eagle QB Joe Boisture.

The women's basketball team picked up a verbal from a local product.

HD reported that Albright, Fox and Boek have been to Pennsylvania to see Herzy.

Tony Sanchez is a finalist for the Bench award.

Here is an early look at ACC Hoops. (Thanks to Dave for the link.)

Email exchange with Heather Dinich Part 2

In part two of my exchange I get into one of my sticking points -- the national media perception of BC sports. I also threw some short quick hitters. See what she says about TOB and her blog below.

ATLeagle: BC fans tend to get frustrated with the national media’s assumption that we’ll never be more than we are. In BC’s recent history I think both head coaches have used the media a bit to lower and reset expectations. From my vantage point I try to challenge that lowering of expectations (and only have to point to what Jim Grobe has done at Wake as huge example). Having observed BC from the Maryland beat and now as the ACC blogger, what do you think expectations should be for the program under normal circumstances (i.e. not in a season where there is a new coach, no QB and an All American battling cancer)?

Heather Dinich: Well, considering I started covering the ACC/Maryland/BC during the Matt Ryan era, I’ve been nothing but impressed with what they’ve done, but the fact of the matter is BC does not usually recruit the same caliber athletes programs like Florida State and Miami does. Nor does Wake Forest, as you pointed out. But Boston College does get blue-collar players who just LOVE the game of football and play every single snap with heart. With that said, under normal circumstances, I think the expectations for Boston College should be to win the Atlantic Division and the ACC title. They’ve already proven capable of that, but now have to take the next step and win that championship game. Heading into last season, I didn’t think they could do that, and my reasoning for that was, if they couldn’t do it WITH Matt Ryan, how on earth will they do it without him?

ATLeagle: Quick hitters:

-- Do you see a division realignment in the next five years?

No, not in the next five years. The current schedule is set through 2015, so if anything were to happen, I’d imagine it would happen after that to be fair to all of the teams.

ATLeagle: Do you think Charlotte will draw more than 50,000 when they host the ACCCG?

Ooh, that’s a good question. Obviously a large part of the answer depends upon who is in it. If one of the Carolina schools is in it – which is a very good possibility, then definitely. I think the chances for that kind of crowd are definitely better, though, in Charlotte (unless, of course, FSU and Miami are playing in Tampa).

ATLeagle: Do you still think BC will be in a bowl game?

HD: Sigh. No. Not with all of the unfortunate offseason news they’ve been dealt.

ATLeagle: Will TOB get to a BCS game before he retires?

Yes. He’s a good coach and he’ll get there.

ATLeagle: Finally, what can people expect from your space this year?

HD: Tons of ACC coverage. More Q&As, more podcasts, chats, videos, predictions, analysis, links, previews, reviews, etc. My goal is to hit every ACC school every day this fall.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Guess the catty coach

With the preview magazines hitting the stands, Dr. Saturday reminded me of one of my favorite features -- the anonymous coaches comments. BC was one of the schools to receive a snipe this year. An opposing ACC coach said this regarding our offensive line:

"I think the offensive line has gone down every year since 2006, when I thought they were the best offensive line I'd seen. But they've deteriorated since then." -- An opposing ACC assistant coach.

Not terribly biting nor terribly accurate. The 2005 team had five guys who would all make NFL rosters one day. The 2006 unit didn't have the same level of play or depth. 2007 was a transition year. But 2008 saw major improvement with four of the five starters making an All ACC team. But who cares if they were right or wrong. More important is who was the coach who felt the need to needle BC.

First, let's narrow the field. I am guessing it is a coach we see on an annual basis. That eliminates most of the other division. I eliminated Clemson since they had turnover in their defensive staff. I was tempted to predict someone from FSU, but we ran over them in Tallahassee last year. The 'Noles know our line was good. I also crossed off VT since their speed actually gave those 2005 and 2006 Olines trouble. Could it be Wake or Maryland? Maybe. But my guess is actually from former BC assistant and current NC State assistant Keith Willis. Willis was always known for his blunt forms of communication and didn't leave BC under the best of terms. I am sure he has no problem sharing his opinions and like some of the former TOB staffers, keeps waiting for things to fall apart now that they are not in Chestnut Hill. But like I said, that is just a guess and is pure speculation. Let me know who you think it might be.

Email exchange with Heather Dinich Part 1

In the past year, no media member has generated more comments among the readers of this blog than ESPN's Heather Dinich. As the ACC blogger for the worldwide leader and as a woman, Dinich's work is especially under the microscope for the diehard BC fans. While I've had the occasional critical comment, in general, I've enjoyed Dinich's work and appreciate how prolific she's been (especially when compared the the BC beat writers). Now that BC seems to be the only ACC team generating news, it seems like as good a time as any to ask her a few questions. Part I of our exchange is below. Look for Part II tomorrow.

ATLeagle: You were/are part of a unique experiment from ESPN by having a blogger solely focused on one conference. I think I (and most BC fans) had high expectations when you started. After a season, criticism is natural. My main complaint is that you’ve stuck to a set formula, which is standard reporting, interviews and links to major media outlets. I guess I was hoping as a “blogger” you would dip into the grey areas and have more opinion, statistical analysis, and even humor. I also hoped you would support and link to non-mainstream media and other bloggers. How did your format develop over the season and are there ESPN mandated limitations and areas that you cannot go into?

Heather Dinich:
Well, these are all good points, but one thing that’s important to remember is that we’re not the Page 2 version of ESPN.com. Our job isn’t to push the envelope, and we don’t want to lose our credibility as journalists first. I almost always see coaches’ eyebrows raise when you tell them you’re a “blogger” as opposed to a college football writer. In order to gain credibility with the people you cover, it takes a certain tone, and the best opinions are always based on fact. We do try to bring as much analysis as we can, and are encouraged to do that. As for linking to non-mainstream media and other bloggers, we have to be very careful we’re linking to factual information and accredited news sources.

ATLeagle: Although women have been covering sports for decades, I think modern media and the 24/7 nature of ESPN and the internet has changed things a bit. People feel like they know a writer/personality and have open platforms on which to comment on your looks, voice, etc. While you don’t get the attention that an Erin Andrews gets, are you conscious of the gender focus in your readership? Does it bother you? How do you deal with it among fans and the people you cover?

HD: Ha … no, I’m definitely not EA, thanks for reminding me. But yes, you’re right, I do get some … hmm, interesting … comments sometimes that my male colleagues won’t. No, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been doing this since I was 16 and working for my local paper while I was in high school, so I’m pretty used to being the minority. How do I deal with it? I usually ignore it. I do, however, tend to forget that women read my blog, too.

PART II Tomorrow.

The sky is not falling

Chicken Little is not worried. Why are you?

I don’t need to rehash what has happened to our football program since the eve of the ACC Championship Game. Now I sense the fans have split into two groups. One that thinks we are headed into a long dark period that will have us longing for the bowl streak days. The other thinks we will struggle in the near term yet bounce back quickly. The opinion everyone seems to share is that this season is a lost cause. I have to disagree. Despite all the things we’ve been through, I still have hope for this year.

I was excited to see that our new coach is an optimist too. Let me state right now, there is no reason to write off this season. Even without Herzy and McLaughlin, the defense should be good. Look at Spaz’s record of consistency with much lessor talent. This defensive unit is not as talented as last year's, but it is much better than some of the Ds from earlier in the decade. We have more speed and big play ability in the defensive backfield than we’ve ever had. The Defensive Line will miss Raji and Brace but should see an upgrade from the Ends with the return of Albright and the maturity of some of the younger players. Now Spaz as Head Coach and McGovern as DC is not a tested combo. But neither has given us any inclination that there will be wholesales changes in style, scheme or play calling.

Offense is more unknown. But I will say again, losing Davis is not a major loss. He had his moments, but nothing to give you any more confidence than you should have now in Boek or Tuggle. QB is important. Very important. But not everything. BC was still a .500 program with the maddening play of Quinton Porter. Our QB with the best winning percentage in the program history was a 5’10 JUCO transfer. For all his moxie and smarts, Matt Hasselbeck had a losing record while at BC. Football is the ultimate team sport and you can work with and around a limited QB. Two guys who were well aware of our QB situation (Bicknell Jr. and Logan) wanted this job. If they had confidence they could win, why are we giving Spaz an excuse? There is plenty of talent in the backfield, the offensive line and among the WRs. Give us a true game manager and we can be competitive.

We have yet to play a down and people are already assigning blame to TOB and Jags. That’s wrong and sounds like ND fans blaming Willingham for Weis’ struggles or TOB blaming the gambling scandal five seasons later. Spaz doesn’t need our pity. He needs our belief and support and to be held to a high standard. I am glad he views this as an opportunity. It fits well with the “Ever to Excel.”

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Before they were Eagles: Boek and Tuggle edition

None of us have seen much of Boek or Tuggle. We'll be seeing a lot more shortly. Here is some video from when they were recruits.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Davis media coverage and other links

It's the offseason so the media jumped on the Davis story. Here are some of the reactions and reports.

The Globe puts Boek ahead of Tuggle on the depth chart and also mentions Flutie moving back to QB.

Tuggle spoke with the AJC and although he feels for Davis he is ready to compete for the job.

Dr. Saturday recaps our slide from the Maryland game to today. Have we reached the bottom? I'll give my two cents soon.

Jerry York is being inducted into the Boston Sports Museum.

Here is the second part of Jayme Parker's interview with Herzy.

Spaz picked up a new recruit over the weekend.

There was a small contingent awaiting the baseball team when they arrived back on campus.

Bleacher Report puts Spaz at the bottom of the ACC Coaches rankings.

All Access is wondering about or QB situation.

Davis gone

Official word is out. Dominique Davis is now transferring due to academic reasons. His destination is not known.

So now BC will start a QB this fall who has never thrown a pass at this level.

BC's official statement:


June 2, 2009


Boston College sophomore quarterback Dominique Davis has announced he will transfer after being suspended by the university for academic reasons. Davis is undecided at this time as to where he will transfer.

Davis completed 63-of-138 passes for 741 yards and six touchdowns with four interceptions last season as a redshirt freshman. He started the final three games of the season for the Eagles following an injury to senior Chris Crane.

QB picture just got messier (or clearer)

Well it looks like there is one less QB in our mix. Dominique Davis has some academic issues. Official word from BC is likely to come later this afternoon. I still don't know the extent of Davis' issues or his status as a student. I will post more when I know more.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Media pays attention to baseball and other links

The silver lining of the weekend in Austin is the extra attention BC baseball is getting. Alums who have never paid attention sat by their computers all weekend to follow the action. Bloggers (including this one) who only give baseball a passing mention took notice. And of course the local and national media took time to recognize the special game and BC's part in it. Although this focuses on Austin Wood, Peter King used a big chunk of his football column to write about the epic game. The Herald focused on BC's run and what it means. The New York Times took note. Aoki told the Globe that this team has raised the bar at BC.

Aoki is also making the media rounds.
[EDITED: The NESN script was breaking the blog. Check out the video on their site.]

The one critique of the weekend was how the relief pitchers were overused on Saturday night.

The Sailing Team won another National Title. This makes back to back wins in this category.

Jayme Parker has a multipart interview with Herzy rolling out each night on NESN. Here is a portion of it.
[Funky NESN embedded code here too. Check out the video on their site.]

BC guy Boog Sciambi spoke to a blog.

BC is recruiting Georgia line prospect Kyle Woestmann.