Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eagles can serve as role models for Herzlich

We know that Mark Herzlich and all his fans are disappointed , but not getting drafted is not that big a deal. Now that their risk is minimized and their upside is aligned, numerous NFL teams can roll the dice with Herzlich. And he only needs to look to two recent BC linebackers as examples of free agent success. Ricky Brown -- who graduated the spring before Mark arrived -- was an extremely productive linebacker at BC. He didn't have Mark's instincts or cover skills and was of similar speed. Yet he got on with Oakland and has been a contributor and part-time starter for five seasons. Mark's former teammate Jo-Lonn Dunbar has also used free agency as an avenue to an NFL career. Now 2008 Herzlich was better than Dunbar ever was. Their SR seasons were comparable as both dealt with some nagging injuries and stacked depth chart. Dunbar had more speed than Herzlich but was not expected to be drafted. He's been a significant factor for the Saints though. Signed as an undrafted free agent, Dunbar is now a starter.

The lockout creates a bit of an unknown that wouldn't have occurred as a draftee, but there is nothing Mark can do about that now. He now just has to stay focused and find the right situation for him.

The only thing he could have done differently through this process was to avoid the media spotlight. But if Mark truly has on-camera ambitions after football, then speaking on air this past week was a great audition and a chance to promote Mark Herzlich the brand/personality.

I am disappointed but not surprised by this weekend. But I don't doubt Mark. He'll be in the NFL next year and in a few years few of us will even care about his Draft weekend.

Friday, April 29, 2011

More baseball problems and other links

The baseball team opened a series with UVA Friday and lost the first game 17-0! This is becoming sad. UVA is good, but BC's meager bats are head scratching. I know help is supposedly on the way, but I would hope that the current talent finishes the season strong.

This article and link has a great behind the scenes look at the Castonzo draft party.

Finally TOB's stubbornness pays off for BC as he released Russell Wilson from scholarship. I know BC was 2-1 against Wilson but I still dreaded facing him.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Castonzo is a Colt

With the 22nd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts selected Anthony Castonzo. Castonzo becomes the 18th BC player taken in a firstround of an NFL Draft.

I don't know Castonzo but seeing BC guys celebrate their Draft always makes me smile. Here's this big kid/young man wiping tears and high fiving his friends and family. It's a really special moment.

As for his potential...I think Indy is a perfect fit. He'll play in a zone and pass heavy scheme. You have to pay attention to Manning, but Castonzo has the experience and smarts to keep up.

I am indifferent to the Colts, but will be rooting for AC to succeed!

Scouting Report: Anthony Castonzo

This is my annual attempt at being Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. I'll cover the big names and the likely BC free agents. Today's profile is Anthony Costanzo.

In a few hours Anthony Castonzo will be a first-round draft pick. The only real questions surrounding his night are: will he be the first offensive lineman selected and which team will draft him. As it has been written repeatedly, Castonzo's path from skinny Ivy League prospect/prep school project to BC cornerstone is one of the many reasons you can't put too much weight into the size and abilities of teenagers. But will Castonzo's transition to the NFL be as smooth as his transition to college?

The pro scouts love Castonzo's footwork and frame. They question his ability to handle power players. I found that somewhat contrary to his actual college experience. If anything Castonzo had challenges with speedy guys. Rarely did he ever get overpowered at the college level, especially by a bullrush on the passer.

An ideal setup would be a team that runs a zone scheme. But we know enough that he can transition to a more diverse scheme.

AC has already grown and bulked up in his time at BC. Can he get much bigger and maintain his mobility? Will he ever get the desired strength the NFL wants? I actually think he will be fine. A track record of hardwork should keep him prepared for whatever comes his way. Any limitations on strength can be somewhat managed with good feet and hands.

Various teams are buzzing about Castonzo. Names like the Lions and Giants come up over and over. I think it would be interesting to see him in Detroit as a bookend with Cherilus. Regardless of where he ends up, OLine U will have another big moment tonight.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mayock's biggest day and other links

Most of us have watched ESPN's Draft coverage, but don't forget the NFL Network's broadcast. The star of that show is BC's own Mike Mayock. Mayock has spread his wings a bit with game coverage, but he is really at home as a talent evaluator.

Local papers in Illinois are loving the Costanzo story.

Chris Hovan's first post NFL job will be coaching high school football in Florida.

Another Herzy interview.

Thomas Claiborne once seemed like a definite draftee. An inconsistent season combined with some squabaling with the coaches made him much less desirable. Put he still has potential, as you can see from this workout.

Softball's season has been a bit of a letdown. However they have set the school record for HRs in a season.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scouting Report: James McCluskey

This is my annual attempt at being Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. I'll cover the big names and the likely BC free agents. Today's profile is James McCluskey.

I am a huge fan of James McCluskey's NFL upside...and this has nothing to do with his agent being a friend of mine. Think of all the rave reviews we've heard about Mike McLaughlin from Baltimore and Denver. How versatile he the NFL needs more blocking fullbacks, etc. Now imagine a player who fits many of the same needs but can also catch the ball.

The flipside is that for all the hustle and hype people have for pluggers, scrappy fullback types, they are also a dime a dozen. McLaughlin is on his second team without ever having played a snap in a live game. I see McCluskey in that same mode, but I think his offensive skills will keep him on a team as a free agent.

If anything McCluskey was underutilized due to injuries and offense during the later part of his BC career. In 2008 -- before he broke his leg -- he was a solid runner and pass catcher. As his career progressed and the offense changed, he didn't touch the ball as much. But that didn't stop his blocking. McCluskey opened holes the past two years and won most of his one-on-one battles.

As for measurables, McCluskey has the size. He's probably a little slow at 4.92 for what any NFL team would want, but as a FB/special teams player, he can get away with that.

I am 99% sure that McCluskey will not hear his name called this weekend. Conversely, I think he will be a popular guy once the lockout really ends. If he finds the right offense and the right depth chart, he can make an impact in 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Scouting Report: Richard Lapham

This is my annual attempt at being Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. I'll cover the big names and the likely BC free agent. First up is Rich Lapham

If you went back in time to when each signed on with BC, few would have predicted that Anthony Castonzo would be a first round left tackle while Rich Lapham was hoping to be a late round pick. The heavily hyped Lapham was a three-year starter but never earned any conference honors. He played an important position (RT) but faced injuries and inconsistency. Many of his linemates over the last few years were better college OLineman, but they weren't 6'8 and 315 lbs.

Size is a big reason Lapham will get a second look. He has trouble blocking faster players, but still moves well given his frame and weight. On paper he looks like an NFL lineman.

I never particularly cared for Lapham's play on my second viewings. He was above average in the run game, but not great in pass protection. He seemed to make a mistake or two throughout. His length never seemed to be an asset, but he showed good strength on power moves. Also -- and in a way most damning -- when he went down, I thought his replacement (Cleary) played better.

The good news for him, outside of his size, is that he truly did work in multiple systems. Unlike Castonzo or Claiborne, Lapham did spend time playing OL under TOB. He then slimmed down under Jags for the zone. Then he moved to our mixed scheme under Tranq. His ability to adapt is a good sign. It means he's coachable.

As far as downsides, I don't know if Lapham can play anything aside from Tackle. I also don't know if he has the balance and speed to handle Left Tackle in the NFL.

I don't expect Lapham to get drafted. But I do think he will have multiple teams interested in tryouts and free agent deals.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mock Drafts and other links

I've seen a couple different mock NFL Drafts. They all seem to believe that Castonzo will be drafted by the Patriots at No. 17. Despite Brace's playing time issues, I believe the Patriots are a great team for nurturing talent.

Former Eagle Ben Smith was the hero in the Blackhawks' win on Sunday.

Georgia Tech swept BC baseball this weekend.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

King running hard and other links

BC track star Caroline King cruised to victory at the 800 meter event at the ACC Championships.

Herzy spoke with the KC Star. What's interesting is that he is saying that lack of summer practice kept him from reaching his potential in 2010. I sort of understand that argument, but think his 40 time will have many teams worried about his future mobility.

The baseball team lost to Georgia Tech again today. They are having real trouble scoring runs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rettig interview, Baseball loses and other links

BC Draft held a Q&A with Chase Rettig. In part 1 he talks about last season and the adjustment to Kevin Rogers.

BC lost the opener of their series with Georgia Tech here in Atlanta. The team is now just 6-12 in ACC play.

Nick LaSpada will camp at BC this year and wants to stay close to home. It looks like it might come down to BC or Harvard.

A BC OLine recruiting target from Ohio has osteogenic sarcoma. Let's hope the kid makes it through the process. B

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No more Mamula meme?

For years the time leading up to the NFL Draft was Mike Mamula's (and this BC blogger's) Groundhog Day. Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, each April as the Draft approached, hack writers would use Mamula as an example of what not to do during the Draft. The narrative/meme was that Mamula was a workout warrior that the Eagles took too high and an NFL bust. What the articles always failed to restate was that Mamula was a great college player -- not just a combine freak and that he had a decent NFL career.

Now the NFL Draft is a week away and other than some SEO garbage from Bleacher Report and a disguised press release, there is no mention of Mamula anywhere. This is progress. Now if we can just stop reading about "gambling scandals."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Herzy's special and other links

Herzy's special on the NFL Network premiered tonight. For those who missed it, here are Part 1 amd Part 2.

UMass is playing in Gillette rent free! Depending on the crowds and how Kraft shares the upside, that could make our "road games" at UMass more profitable than hosting UMass at Alumni.

USA Today profiled Anthony Castonzo and named him the best tackle in the Draft.

Baseball beat Northeastern and will play in the Baseball Beanpot final.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recruiting news, UMass Football and other links

Practice is over so recruiting is heating up. As usual we are competing with many other Northeast programs. Dalton Crossan likes BC but still has more of a connection to Rutgers. Sam Grant enjoyed his visit to BC. The prize visitor may have been Tyler O’Connor. The Ohio QB doesn't have an offer, but thinks one is coming from BC.

The UMass to FBS level football news started up again today. The latest report has them joining the MAC and playing games in Foxboro. Most BC fans seem indifferent and are predicting failure. I actually think it is a good play by UMass. They are probably betting on two things: the Big East going Football only and/or the NCAA creating a football playoff. In either scenario they will earn big revenue shares and raise the profile of the school. I also think it is a win-win for BC. We get a local school we can play at a low cost. It raises the profile of college sports in the area and helps local high school football. We shouldn't really fear them on the field or on the recruiting front.

This is a great take on the woes of BC baseball. Most of the blame is pointed at Aoki's subpar recruiting. Hopefully Gambino turns it around quickly.

This is a fair breakdown of the two top OL prospects in the Draft: Anthony Castonzo and Tyron Smith.

Monday, April 18, 2011

BC's growing army of talking heads

With Jared Dudley headed back to ESPN's First Take I thought is was time to look around at the growing wave of BC guys on sports TV and radio.

Malcolm Huckaby. I was pessimistic about Malcolm taking over for Bill Ebben. Fortunately for BC fans, Malcolm has been a nice addition to the radio team. He's got a great voice and he can desibe the plays well. He's also able to work in more neuvo basketball lingo related to stats and pace. He and Meter have good chemistry too. I also think Huckaby is the right sort of age for the job. He's played in the modern big tourney, AAU era but also is a bit older so he has an informed perspective on players and coaching.

Tim Hasselbeck. Tim's been on TV for a while, but seems to get more and more exposure each year. He's actually become quiet good. Tim gives good insight and is not afraid to criticize. I've also heard him on ESPN Radio throughout the winter and he's even good there. At this point I think the sky is the limit for Tim. I could see him grow to become ESPN's key guy on various NFL shows.

Mike Mayock. Mayock doesn't have Kiper's brand yet, but he is also becoming closely associated with the NFL Draft. Some joke about his speech impediment, but I must not be hearing it. I like Mayock and appreciate his candidness on prospects. This fall he'll also be part of the NFL Network's play by play team on Thursdays. (And he's also on NBC's Notre Dame broadcasts.)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Game comes and goes

The Spring Game is only a big deal because it is our last chance to watch BC football until September (especially if isn't going to archive the video feed). But this silent spring concluded with a sparsely attended Spring Game. The weather was a factor. So is the long weekend. But ultimately I don't think there was much to see or discover. In past years we had new coaches and new QBs to examine. This year's main storyline -- the new offense -- was a non issue.

Although Kevin Rogers brings a new offense, there were no drastic changes. The QBs were under center. We used Tight Ends. We mixed the pass and run. It is the little things that may give us a glimpse to the future, like better Oline play and still having trouble with a hurry up offense. Any fear of Rogers employing too many sets or turning Rettig into a mobile QB weren't realized this spring.

Many of our main contributors were still injured or barely played so guys like Kimble and Anderson had a chance to shine.

The Globe and Herald had decent recaps, but Around the Res continued their strong spring with the best recap of the bunch.

Ice Day

One Atlanta Eagle got a good look at the Spring Game. I will have my thoughts later.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Primer for the Spring Game and other links

Saturday is BC's annual Jay McGillis Memorial Spring. In addition to football, there is a variety of "family fun" events. If you haven't gone and have kids, give it a shot. If you are hardcore football fan, get to the game and then share reports with all of us who cannot be there. The game will be available on I don't think we can glean too much out of it, but it will be our first look at Kevin Rogers' offense. I'll have my thoughts after I've watched the game.

The staff at College Football News doesn't think much of our current coach, or our former one.

Baseball lost to Clemson Friday night. During the football game you can walk over and catch an inning or two of Saturday's double header.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Betting scandal hits a different Catholic school

For those who have not been following the news, the NCAA is investigating University of San Diego's basketball program regarding possible point shaving. Any time this sort of thing pops up, it should send a chill up the spine of any BC fan.

Our basketball betting scandal of the early '80s was one of the more infamous (see Goodfellas and the SI cover). While the school recovered quickly, the legacy of that is still with us today because of the football scandal of the '90s. The football problem is especially momentous for me since I was a student at the time. TOB reminded the whole world of it in every media interview, so now gambling is tied to our sports reputation. Since then, things have been fairly serene when it comes to BC sports. My fear though is that we are so removed from the past scandals that another gambling issue could pop up again. In the NYT article linked early, a gambling expert speculates that as many as 30 NCAA basketball games a year could be impacted by shaving. Sadly I find that number perfectly believable. Even if it is not that commonplace, BC needs to pay extra attention to point shaving. If we were ever caught up in a third betting scandal, things would be terrible. Other programs would use it against us, some fans would stop supporting our players, and the media would tie us to gambling forever. Let's hope we have the right kids in place and the right adults monitoring their performance. Now just be glad that we are not San Diego.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We shouldn't duck Harvard

As reported by numerous sources, BC will not be playing Harvard in basketball next season. While this is not a big deal in the whole scheme of BC's basketball scheduling, I still think it is a mistake.

The rationalizations for taking Harvard off the schedule for a season or two are pretty straight forward. We don't benefit in our RPI. We have a chance to play other schools. Despite the proximity to one another, the game doesn't generate ticket sales. Oh, and they beat us two years in a row. This thinking is very similar to the reasons BC took Holy Cross off of our basketball schedule a few years ago.

Like removing Holy Cross from the schedule, no one will really care. BC has plenty of good teams on its slate and will play in a solid tournament. But the philosophy of tweaking the schedule when things don't go exactly as planned feels cowardly or at the very least bratty. We can't play Harvard or Holy Cross, or even BU in football. Having them and any other local school on our hoops schedule is a win-win regardless of the actual outcome. It is a chance to interact with other universities in the area. In most years we will win those games. The travel costs are minimal. We build a local base (more so than a random bottom dweller that might replace them). If we can't beat Harvard 9 out of 10 years we have bigger problems than scheduling an Ivy.

Many feel that our loss to Harvard punished us come selection time. I don't buy it. We loss to Yale. We had some ugly games down the stretch. We also had a loss to URI. The tourney resume was cumulative and always will be. So playing Harvard and the like is a not a lose-lose. It is a no brainer. I hope the common sense comes around and we see the Crimson again in 2012-2013.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kuechly and the Lott and other links

Kuechly was one of many ACCers named to the Lott list. I think Kuechly was overlooked a bit last year, but this year should benefit come awards time as most voters will now know his name.

Carolyn Swords was drafted 15th overall by the Chicago Sky. Stephanie Murphy is hoping for a chance with an WNBA club.

BC recruit Greyson Lambert wants to play in a pro style offense.

Phil Samuelsson decided to sign with the Penguins and forgo his final years of eligibility. There is some good news though. Brian Dumoulin and Chris Kreider will return.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reggie to return? Buzz favoring BC

Even though the latest reports list him as a potential late first-round draft pick, things are looking better for Reggie's potential return to BC. The feedback on Reggie has been mixed. Some scouts say that there is a reasonable chance he will not be drafted at all.

I don't know how Reggie is feeling and if he thinks it is worth the risk. I also have no idea if he wants to come back to a very young BC team. He has until May 8 to remove his name.

I will obviously post more news and opinion as I get it. I still think he is one of the more talented 2 guards in the Draft...but then again I am a little biased.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Second scrimmage and other links

While Chase Rettig only completed half of his passes in Saturday's scrimmage, the back ups all put on a good show. We probably won't know who will be the 2nd QB will be until September. Maybe the Spring Game will bolster someone's case.

BC has offered a scholarship to Caleb Azubike, but he sounds like he really likes Tennessee. Blake Thomas has a BC offer and enjoyed his visit, but still seems like he is waiting on bigger names.

BC beat Duke in extra innings on Sunday.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Welcome back, Charlie!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

I'll have more thoughts on the second scrimmage Sunday. For now though enjoy this special moment for Charlie Davies.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Questions regarding Reggie and other links

When Reggie first declared for the Draft I argued that he was a first rounder and would keep his name in the NBA Draft. Now it is not so clear. While I don't know if Reggie is hedging, but NBA folks are split on Reggie to the point where he might not be a first rounder. doesn't even have him among their second rounders in their Mock Draft. Draft Express has him as a late first rounder and only has him as the 34th best prospect. I obviously want Reggie to come back for selfish reasons, but if he is now considered a borderline prospect, wouldn't another year at BC help?

BC blog Around The Res held a Q&A with Gene that touched on a variety of BC fan hot buttons.

The Arizona politicians who were part of the Fiesta Bowl trip to Boston are apologizing for their mistakes.

BC unveiled a new look for, their Facebook page and an iPhone app. Hopefully they don't forget a revamp of the mobile version of

Castonzo might fall into the Patriots' lap and serve as a good replacement for Matt Light.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Disparate takes on Herzy and the NFL Draft

Earlier this week it was announced that Castonzo and Herzlich were both invited by the NFL to attend the NFL Draft. Castonzo wasn't a surprise since he is expected to be one of the first two OL prospects selected and would likely go in the top 15. Herzy was a surprise. Although Mark's story is a goldmine for the NFL's made-for-TV event, no one expects him to be a first round draft pick. If the NFL invited him to be part of the opening night green room, I imagine we would see a lot of Mark sitting with his family waiting to be drafted. Instead of a celebration it would be a pity party as the talking heads wait for some team to select Mark. Think of Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn's long waits as recent examples.

But the invite gave me hope. Perhaps the NFL knew something I didn't and there was a chance that Mark was rising up draft boards. Could he really go in the first round? I wondered...and then got a wake up call reading this "draft value chart" from Nolan Nawrocki. The Pro Football Weekly analyst has Mark sliding into the final day as a late 6th round pick. Ugh. I have to believe that someone would roll the dice before then. But the divided opinion on Mark's chances should be enough to keep him away from Radio City Music Hall. Throw in the request from the NFLPA to not be at the Draft and you have one big hornets next.

Mark has some of the best advisors in the business, let's hope they work to make the Draft a special experience, and not a awkward TV moment.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why hasn't BC ever produced a great golfer?

The Masters is on my mind this week and a running story will be the play of amateur champion Peter Uihlein. Uihlein was born in Massachusetts and lived in the area until he moved to Florida at the age of 13 to train at IMG. There have been other New England golfers who have had varied levels of success, but no golfer with BC ties has ever made an impact on the PGA Tour. Obviously weather has a huge role in this, but now that we play in the ACC, that should be somewhat mitigated. We play top schools and top courses. There are enough facilities in the area for BC golfers to practice year round. Plus the demographics surrounding golf overlay well with the typical BC student. We've improved recruiting but still aren't there yet. I know college golf talent tends to cluster around certain programs. I also know that there are plenty of more obvious golf schools that have never generated PGA talent. But these things are cyclical. With the right recruiting and continued focus on selling other aspects of BC while ignoring the weather, maybe one day we will see a PGA Tour winner with an eagle head cover.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lessons from the NC State search

I could rehash all of my criticisms of Gene Defilippo without much prompting, but honestly he handles himself much better than many of his peers. Take NC State's Debbie Yow for instance. Monday -- after getting publicly snubbed by Shaka Smart -- she sent out a letter to NC State fans explaining the Wolfpack's troubles in finding a coach. After lowering expectations with the letter, she left ACC followers scratching their heads by hiring Mark Gottfried on Tuesday. Just when you think she couldn't handle this even worse, Yow used Gottfried's press conference to attack Gary Williams!

Let's recap where she went wrong and how it compares to Gene.

1. Firing a coach without a solid list of replacements. NC State wanted an A-list coach. That is their prerogative. But if you are following that path you need to make sure your A listers will take the job if offered. Nothing looks worse than getting ignored by other coaches. Contrasts that with Gene. In his two football searches and one basketball search he always interviewed some candidates that would take the job. When you are snubbed by a candidate it hurts recruiting and usually ends with the school overpaying for a candidate they don't want.

2. Admitting the struggle to fans. Many ADs lower expectations but doing it in your own email looks bad. She devalued her own program and made the open position less desirable. Gene is king of sending messages, but he is pretty careful about what he says as on the record.

3. Airing grudges publicly. Yow's spat with Williams makes her look petty and it also ruined Gottfried's introduction to the Wolfpack fans. Gene certainly can get in pissing matches. But he is smart enough to limit what he says on record. One less headache and one more chance to improve productivity.

Monday, April 04, 2011

More awards for Anderson and other links

BC basketball's new hope Ryan Anderson was just named the Los Angeles Times's player of the year. I usually don't put too much faith into these regional awards, but standing out in talent rich area like southern California is a good sign.

Carolyn Swords earned honorable mention All America honors.

BC target Mike Strizak keeps saying good things about Rutgers.

Brian Gibbons signed with the Penguins.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

'Canes hammer Baseball and other links

BC lost both parts of a double-header against Miami on Sunday. The first game was ugly. The second was better but had to be called early due to Miami's travel needs. The team has fallen to 10-15 on the season.

Do you watch NFL Matchup? The Executive who breaks down that film really likes Castonzo.

For those of you who get a weekend paper, you may have noticed the Parade All American team. BC commit Kyle Caudill made the second team. What's puzzling is that Ryan Anderson wasn't even mentioned.

First take on first scrimmage

Hope springs eternal...or something like that. Every year all college football fans try to use Spring Football as a barometer of things to come. I think most BC fans have been over that idea for a while now. But there are some basic questions that can be answered based on the scrimmages. Saturday was Scrimmage No. 1. This is what we learned.

-- Rettig is still the starter. This was expected and he played well against's BC base D. Word is Rettig is taking to Rogers playbook fairly quickly.
-- Shinskie is probably the 2nd QB. No one knows how Shinskie will operate after last season's roller coaster. I hope he isn't pressed into action this fall, but on the bright side, it would leave us with an experienced and strong-armed backup.
-- BC did not run the option. The option was a staple of Rogers's offenses at Syracuse and Notre Dame. It probably doesn't play to BC's strengths and it doesn't look like it will be a factor this year.
-- Rettig was under center. Not only does this show intentions for 2011, having the QB under center also allows BC to sell their offense as "pro style" to pocket passing recruits.

BC's holds its next scrimmage Saturday. If history holds, Spaz will challenge the offense more and bring the defensive pressure...and we will all try to keep from reading too much into it.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Castonzo to Giants? and other links

Tom Coughlin has always had a soft spot for BC guys. Could Castonzo be the next Eagle to head to the Meadowlands?

Thomas Militello could be another Missouri QB that heads to Boston.

BC has interest in Maryland athlete Dominic Bryan.

Catholic Memorial QB AJ Doyle has attended a BC practice.