Friday, April 08, 2011

Questions regarding Reggie and other links

When Reggie first declared for the Draft I argued that he was a first rounder and would keep his name in the NBA Draft. Now it is not so clear. While I don't know if Reggie is hedging, but NBA folks are split on Reggie to the point where he might not be a first rounder. doesn't even have him among their second rounders in their Mock Draft. Draft Express has him as a late first rounder and only has him as the 34th best prospect. I obviously want Reggie to come back for selfish reasons, but if he is now considered a borderline prospect, wouldn't another year at BC help?

BC blog Around The Res held a Q&A with Gene that touched on a variety of BC fan hot buttons.

The Arizona politicians who were part of the Fiesta Bowl trip to Boston are apologizing for their mistakes.

BC unveiled a new look for, their Facebook page and an iPhone app. Hopefully they don't forget a revamp of the mobile version of

Castonzo might fall into the Patriots' lap and serve as a good replacement for Matt Light.


downtown_resident said...

Raj, if you're reading this, here's the list of previous CA Gatorade POYs...

09-10 Allen Crabbe
08-09 Michael Snaer
07-08 Jrue Holiday
06-07 Jrue Holiday
05-06 Chase Budinger
04-05 Jamal Boykin
03-04 DeMarcus Nelson
02-03 Leon Powe
01-02 Hassan Adams
00-01 Josh Childress
99-00 DeShawn Stevenson
98-99 Jason Kapono
97-98 Ray Young
96-97 Baron Davis
95-96 Corey Benjamin
94-95 Paul Pierce
93-94 Jelani Gardner
92-93 Charles O'Bannon
91-92 Jason Kidd
90-91 Cherokee Parks
89-90 Ed O'Bannon
88-89 Tracy Murray
87-88 Chris Mills
86-87 Leron Ellis
85-86 Scott Williams

I had to hunt around to find it, but it came up on a Cal message board in an old debate about how good Allen Crabbe would be (sound familiar?). He ended up averaging 13+ ppg as a freshman and really came on at the end of the year.

Bravesbill said...

Add to that list the Mr. Californias for the past 20 years.

CT said...

The Q&A with GDF...a question about our defensive scheme revolving around good tackling from the corners? Huh? How many redshirts we'll burn--when the incoming freshman aren't on campus yet? Seriously?

GDF not interviewing Rogers was interesting. Thought there could've been some better questions in there. Only in the northeast do people even know that women play college hockey.

Merle said...

Well Chad Ford mentioned Reggie as a "big time sleeper" and compared him to Russell Westbrook. I don't think Ford is that great as an evaluator, but this seems to just be his read on who's "hot" with GM's.

Mike (Frankfort)

chad, any surprise name who could move into the first round, or even the draft at all no one thought before the season?

Chad Ford (1:50 PM)

Look out for Reggie Jackson of Boston College. He's a big time sleeper. He wasn't in our Top 50 at the beginning of the season. But he's got a lot of fans who think he might be a Russell Westbrook sort of player. Lots of buzz about him right now.

Raj said...

I was reading and thanks for this. That is a pretty good list of CA POYs. Let's hope Ryan Anderson lives up to the hype.