Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interviews commence

The original speculation candidate list is holding up so far and the early interviews have gone well.

Despite a pending extension with Richmond, Chris Mooney is going forward with the BC coaching search process.

This is a pretty glowing article on Ed Cooley.

Steve Donahue will only leave Cornell for a "home run" job. Cornell bloggers think Donahue would be a good fit.

Here is another roundup of the search.


I need to vent about a few things related to what is being said...

If Gene avoids a certain type of coaches based on the flex, then he shouldn't be making this hire.
Gripe all you want about the flex, but it was a highly efficient offense for BC. You can win running the flex. Maryland competes running the flex. The flex was never Al's problem. If anything we didn't run it enough this year. If Coen and Cooley interview and say they want to run the flex, Gene's response should be: "that's fine. How are you going to improve defensively?" Defense was always Skinner's problem. Not offense.

There won't be another shot to hire Bruce Pearl.
Per WEEI: DeFelippo said he has had no contact with Pearl and does not consider him a candidate. “At this point, no, he’s not,” DeFilippo said. “That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be at another time.” Part of this is face saving. Gene doesn't want to be turned down by Pearl publicly, but there will never be another or better time to get Pearl. I hope Gene is just playing CYA. It would be shameful if he really did not reach out or talk to Pearl.

It is not all about the assistants.
I would love to see Cooley or Coen take over. I think both deserve a lot of credit for BC's recent success. I also agree with Goodman that Al's current staff was not as strong. But analyzing the assistants while talking about Al's unconventional style is a disservice to Skinner. He won a lot of games at URI and BC. Other coaches may have put in more hours, but few got the same returns. Was it time for a change? Maybe but Al did something right for a long time.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coaching news links and opinions

Here is a short clip of Gene's press conference.

I thought Gene did a decent job at the press conference. It was respectful of Al, but clearly explained he wanted a coach who was willing to bring more passion to the position. Gene did say that Al was fired last week and they kept it under wraps to help him land the St. John's job. Andy Katz and Al's camp disputed the spin on that a little. What I was told is that the two sides were not on the same page but the firing/buyout was not official until Monday.

As for replacements, interviewees are starting to surface. Cornell's Steve Donahue will interview Wednesday. I think he would be a good candidate and supposedly he is very excited about the opportunity.

Ed Cooley will also interview Wednesday and called BC his dream job. Cooley is an interesting case in that he would be a natural transition yet he is much more emotional than Skinner. Could he bring enough passion to the role to help generate more fan interest?

No links, but supposedly Mooney is lukewarm about the opportunity. If the football searches are any barometer, Gene will not bother with lukewarm candidates. He wants interviewees to be passionate about BC.

Speaking of passion, Bruce Pearl has been at the front of most BC fans' minds. Clay Travis is reporting that BC has not reached out to Tennessee. This is a bit of a conflict from what I heard. I was told that 3rd parties reached out to Pearl to gauge his interest. Supposedly he has some interest but the process would have to be quick and BC would have to meet all his demands. I would love it, but don't see it happening. (What a shame.) Here is a roundup of all the Pearl to BC talk.

We don't have a coach, but we do have the player of the year in Minnesota.

The BCI guys looked at attendance under Skinner. Does anyone think marketing would have changed things? We had some great basketball and still couldn't draw.

In football news, Josh Haden is headed to Florida to play with his brother.

Coaching candidates

Regardless of what Gene says in his press conference today, I think this search will be fairly quick. I think Gene knows who he wants to speak with and will move quickly to hire Al's replacement. Still, plenty of names will be bandied about. Here is my rundown.

Skinner's Coaching Tree

Given that style of play and recruiting are issues in Gene's mind, going to one of Skinner's former assistants might not provide the change Gene is looking for. On the flipside though, Gene has worked with all of these guys and knows what he is getting. Two years ago, one of these guys would have gotten the job. Now, I am not sure.

Bill Coen:
Head Coach, Northeastern
Pros: Long-time BC assistant. Knows how to recruit at the school. Runs the same offense as Al. Credited with recruiting many of the big names of the Skinner era. Would be relatively seamless. Would be willing to be the face of the program in ways Skinner wasn't.
Cons: Decent but not spectacular record at Northeastern. Too similar to Skinner.
Bottom Line: He would be my pick and he was the one I thought would get the job. Talking to others the past few days it seems like Gene wants more of a clean break from Skinner. He will have to wow in the interview and explain how things will be different with him in charge.

Ed Cooley:
Head Coach, Fairfield
Pros: Like Coen, Cooley was a long-time BC assistant. Knows how to recruit at the school and also runs the same offense as Al. He is much more passionate than the other assistants and might provide the emotional spark Gene is looking for.
Bottom Line: The same issues that face Coen, face Cooley -- he would be viewed as a Skinner clone. I like Ed and think he would do a good job. I don't think he will get the job though.

Tim O'Shea:
Head Coach, Bryant
Pros: Former Skinner assistant. Boston College grad. Well regarded within BC and in the basketball community. Established head coach. BC would be his dream job.
Cons: The disasterus rebuilding job at Bryant has probably killed any chance of O'Shea getting the job now.
Bottom Line: Timing is everything. If O'Shea had stayed in Ohio, he would be the front runner right now. There is no way Gene can hire him after what happened this season at Bryant.

Pat Duquette: Associate Head Coach
Pros: Well regarded. Was considered a rising talent. Working relationship with Gene. Would be a seamless transition.
Cons: No head coaching experience. No experience outside of working for Skinner. Too closely tied to Al.
Bottom Line: Pat would have benefited from a lower level head coaching job. He may get interviewed but he is not getting this job right now.

A Lister

People will want the following guys, but I don't see them coming to BC under any circumstance.

Bruce Pearl: Head Coach, Tennessee
Boston College grad. Massachusetts native. Huge personality. Willing to be the face of the program and face of the school. Would sell BC high and low. Great results at every coaching stop.
Cons: Probably too much of a wild card for Leahy and Gene's taste.
Bottom Line: Bruce Pearl is not coming to BC. Tennessee could match any offer. His son is on the team there. He is king of Knoxville and can recruit whomever he wants.

Jamie Dixon: Head Coach, Pitt
Pros: Established coach. Good recruiter. Good developer of talent. Likable and willing to sell the program.
Cons: No ties to BC. No ties to the ACC.
Bottom Line: If Gene were smart he would play up Pitt's uncertain future with the pending Big Ten-Big East split. But Dixon has options. If he wants to leave Pitt, he can get another good job somewhere else.

The rising mid-major stars

This group seems to be where Gene is headed. I don't love the idea. Plenty of midmajor coaches have not transitioned to the next level. But, who knows, we may find the next super star.

Steve Donahue: Head Coach, Cornell
Pros: Mature, successful head coach. Has recruited at school with academic restrictions. Good teacher of basketball.
Cons: No ties to BC. No ties to the ACC. Has only coached in the Ivy League. Has never had to recruit elite players.
Bottom Line: I like Donahue, but we have no idea if or how he will make the transition to the next level. His mentor, Fran Dunphy, was able to do it, but going from Penn to Temple is very different than going from Cornell to BC.

Tommy Amaker: Head Coach, Harvard
Pros: Already in Boston. Knows the ACC. Aggressive recruiter.
Cons: Couldn't build a consistent winner at Michigan. Never did much at Seton Hall.
Bottom Line: I can't believe his name is being floated. How can you fire a guy like Al and replace him with Tommy Amaker? Amaker has accomplished very little and has gotten by on his Duke pedigree. He's had two shots at the big time and doesn't deserve a third. In my opinion he would be a disaster at BC.

Chris Mooney: Head Coach, Richmond
Pros: Young aggressive head coach. Considered a rising star. Has recruited with restriction at Air Force.
Cons: Although it is trending up, only one great season at Richmond. We would be exchanging the flex for the Princeton offense. No ties to BC.
Bottom Line: Mooney is intriguing in part because he is such a blank slate. He has the biggest upside but also could fall flat on his face.

Thank you Al Skinner

When discussing TOB, the media liked to laud him for rebuilding BC after the "gambling scandal." Unfortunately because of personalities, media spin and the nature of the two different sports, people rarely recognized the monumental rebuilding Al Skinner did with the basketball program. Jim O'Brien left behind little talent and scorched the earth with recruits. After a rough start with Al, we were soon playing exciting basketball and at the top of the Big East. Skinner leaves the program in a much better place than he found it. I thank him for his class, his success and for plenty of exciting, memorable basketball.

Press conference at noon to announce Skinner dismissal

You've probably heard already, but BC is holding a press conference at noon ET to announce that Al Skinner has been fired. Skinner will not be there. Gene will. I expect little specifics, Gene to thank Al and just mention that he wants the program to go in a new direction.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skinner's last stand?

The rumor and speculation is kicking into overdrive. The Globe and the Providence Journal are now reporting that Al's time at BC is done regardless of if he gets the St. John's job. I've also heard that Gene has been pretty candid with his approach to this process and is not happy with Skinner.

What does this mean and where do we go from here?

1. Skinner is probably done at BC.
I didn't believe it until today. I even tweeted Andy Katz looking for confirmation. The reason I think it may be over is that Al doesn't want to coach where he is not wanted. Unless Gene comes back to him with some sort of embrace/extension, I think this relationship is over. Skinner is not going to stay like TOB did. He and Gene will work out some buyout. This is all in Gene's hands now and he has shown that he is willing to jettison winning coaches regardless of perception or contracts.

2. Why now?
Gene is a football guy first so Skinner's career at BC hasn't been micromanaged like the football coaches. For the most part Al delivered. This season disappointed everyone. But it wasn't fireable. Now though Gene has his opening and has given it enough thought that he wants someone with more passion for recruiting and willingness to be the face of the program. It seems he deems Skinner stale. It is not all that different from what happened with Cathy Inglese.

3. Who will Gene target interview?
Ivy League names, mid major types and former Skinner assistants will all be mentioned. I also expect one or more of the Duke assistants to get floated. I will do profiles if and when the official word comes. My preference and prediction is for Northeastern's Bill Coen.

4. What does this mean long term?
If Skinner doesn't get the St. John's job and is bought out, Gene will get raked across the coals nationally. Regardless of how you want to term this or the past coaching changes, this will be the fourth very successful coach Gene got heavy handed with joining TOB, Jags, and Inglese. I also think Al is under appreciated and the wrong coach could send us into a sharp decline. But in the long term, BC will be fine. It is just unfortunate that we can't ever have a clean transition.

Stay tuned as more develops. I just hope everyone takes the high road and treats the program, the players and the assistants with respect.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend roundup: Frozen Four and Skinner stuff

In one of the strangest hockey games I've ever seen, BC beat Yale 9-7 to advance to the Frozen Four. Even though BC got up big, it was a back and forth game. Yale used a three goalies, none who played well. Muse wasn't sharp but did enough.

This is now BC's 9th Frozen Four under York. York also improved to 26-4 in the NCAA Tournament while at BC.

The other big news of the weekend is that Al Skinner is still our basketball coach. There are plenty of rumors and speculation out there. Much of the focus has shifted to former UCLA coach Steve Lavin. Mark Blaudschun is saying that Al's loyalty to his staff may have hurt his chances in New York. The staff issue speaks to why I never thought Skinner-St. John's was a good fit. Skinner has plenty of autonomy at BC that he was unlikely to get at St. John's. Does he want to put up with that nonsense at this stage in his career? Does St. John's want a good coach, but someone who is not willing to deal with the politics of the position? It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately this flirtation has become public and will change the dynamic at BC. It will be an interesting week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

BC knocks off Nanooks

I've used the survive and advance cliche a lot recently, but it held true again today as BC beat a stubborn Alaska team 3-1.

One of the reasons Jerry York's teams do so well in the NCAA tournament is that they can take another team's best effort and still win. Today Alaska came to play and looked like they might upset BC. They slowed BC's attack early and put plenty of pressure on Muse. But he held up and BC took control later in the game. Sunday the guys face Yale with a chance to advance to the Frozen Four.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skinner-St. John's talking

Multiple media sources are reporting that Skinner will interview with St. John's. At this point I am still betting that Al stays at BC. I just don't see it as a great fit. But who knows? I've been wrong many times before.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skinner rumors and other links

Another day, another rumor. Now reports out of New York are saying Skinner is a candidate for the open St. John's job. I am sure St. John's is interested in Al, I just don't see him leaving BC for that job. The New York basketball scene is very different from what Al puts up with at BC. To succeed at St. John's Al would have to subjugate himself to the local AAU coaches. St. John's also seems to be looking for a name to sell the program. Skinner is a name and established, but we know he is reluctant to market himself or the program. I just don't see it happening but I've been wrong before.

This will get you prepped for the NCAA Hockey Tournament.

The baseball team won their home opener.

BC offered a scholarship to Cleveland athlete Shaq Washington.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clearing up the Quinn speculation and other links

When highly-touted 4-star recruit Dillon Quinn didn't appear on the spring depth chart, speculation kicked into overdrive. Was he a bust? Was he injured? What's the story? The rumors on the message boards and in the comments section on this blog are claiming Quinn has been suspended allegedly for Performance Enhancing Drugs. Let me be clear: I don't believe Quinn is under any suspension for anything. In the past BC has been very clear when a player was suspended. The school might not always disclose why a player was suspended, but they will come forward with the news of the suspension. Because of the silence on Quinn, I am assuming there are no nefarious reasons for his absence from the depth chart. If there is more to the story it will eventually come out, but for now, give the kid the benefit of the doubt.

Ron Brace is hoping his second season will be better than his rookie year.

New England prospect Albert Louis-Jean is not coming to BC but will play in the ACC.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Touting Twitter

With the lull before BC's run to the Frozen Four, I thought it was time to promote Twitter again. If you aren't on it, you are missing out. The service is like getting the ultimate custom RSS feed sprinkled with micro-blogging. Here are some of the more prominent or interesting BC Twitter accounts. Hope you enjoy.

BC Coaches and Players

-- Brady Heslip
-- Mo Cassara
-- Mark Herzlich

BC Guys in the media

-- The 700 Level
-- Kevin Armstrong
-- Luke Russert

Official BC Accounts

-- BC Athletics
-- BC Chronicle
-- The Heights
-- BC (the official feed)
-- BC Alumni

BC Friendly Media
-- Andy Katz
-- Heather Dinich

BC Blogs
-- BC Draft
-- Eagle Campus Blog
-- BC Interruption
-- ATLeagle (me)

Monday, March 22, 2010

More awards for Lombardi and other links

As you would expect, Matt Lombardi won the 2010 Hockey East Tournament Most Valuable Player award. Muse won the goalie of the week award.

Future Eagle Kevin Noreern keeps racking up the player of the year honors in Minnesota.

BC is one of many schools recruiting 2011 QB Christian Suntrup.

Lenny Walls is still hanging on and playing very well in the CFL. Good for him.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hockey gets top seed; baseball gets swept and other links

Things are lined up pretty well for the hockey team. After winning the Hockey East Tournament, the team locked up a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. They will play out of Worcester and take on Alaska-Fairbanks in the first round. The winner will face the winner of Yale-North Dakota.

Saturday's hero Matt Lombardi came up big when it counted.

The baseball team's weekend wasn't as nice. They got swept by UVA and now sit at 7-12 and 1-5 in the ACC. Hopefully things will improve when they begin their home stand this week.

In the things you will only see at BC...our leading rusher is working a student job at Hillsides.

These articles were from Friday, but the Herald had a write up on the QBs and Harris. HD also had a two-part Q&A with Castonzo last week (part 1, part 2).

Matt Tennant has a busy private workout schedule. The Falcons are hoping Tennant drops to the 5th round.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hockey East Champions!

There are many components that go into Jerry York's success. No. 1 in my book would be his ability to have his team peaking at the end of the season. Tonight was just a culmination of BC's recent hot streak as BC beat Maine and won the Hockey East Tournament.

Since this is BC, the game had plenty of drama. When the Black Bears tied it with 30 seconds left, I thought we were doomed. But the guys played well and now add another trophy to Hockey's displays.

Thanks to Benjamin for the photo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

One step closer...

BU loves the Beanpot, but BC is at its best at the Garden when the Hockey East title is on the line. Tonight, BC beat Vermont to advance to the Finals against Maine. BC is in the NCAAs regardless of Saturday's outcome, but it would be nice to go into the tourney hot and with a high seed. Let's hope Muse keeps up the solid play as we will need him to play well against Maine.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growing respect for BC? and other links

Either everyone read Doc Saturday's dead on assessment of BC the other day, or there is a growing, and pretty accurate, assessment of what BC football is and can be. HD got things rolling with this post. She thinks we will be a contender again. This Rivals article also covers the team's issues well.

This is a pretty good roundup of differing opinions on Matt Tennant.

One of our latest Hockey recruits played in New England but is from Florida. That's got to be a first.

Despite the economy BC raised its tuition again. The good news is that the percentage increase was smaller than usual and they increased the amount of financial aid the school gives. I had hoped that the economy would force a "tuition correction" at the college level, but it looks like it will just be a drag as opposed to a full restructuring.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Practice Depth Chart

BC released its Spring Depth Chart. Some key names are not listed (Castonzo, Herzy) due to various ailments and issues. Despite those absences, you can derive and learn a few things. Here are a few key takeaways:

-- Momah is still at DE. Some referred to his redshirt year switch as an experiment. Well I think this confirms he will stay on the defensive side.
-- LeGrande is back at Safety. This makes sense, since he was too talented not to see the field more and we have solid depth at LB.
-- Richman seems to have the inside track at Center. Speculation varied on who would move into Tennant's big shoes. Some thought Claiborne might slide over or they would give the job to Spinney. Now it looks like Richman, who played pretty well at G last year, will get the job.
-- We are very thin at DT. Newman, who has been solid at DE, is now an undersized DT. We need to get healthy quickly inside.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doc Saturday on BC

He's pretty fair and hits on most of what we will discuss this offseason: scoring more and the upside of the defense.

Roche family makes major gift to BC

This isn't sports related, but it is worth mentioning that BC alum Patrick Roche is giving $20 million to Boston College. The goal of his gift is to help BC continue its support shaping and improving Catholic schools. I often lose sight that the school's mission is much more important than what happens on the playing fields.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking at Lacrosse and other links

Since there is a groundswell to bring back BC men's lacrosse, I tweeted this article earlier and wanted to repost it so more could see it. It confirms the biggest challenge facing Lax is Title IX. So for all you BC lax fans out there, just know that as long as BC has football we won't see sticks in the spring.

BC's game with Vermont will start at 5 PM. In another hockey note, Steven Whitney was named Hockey East rookie of the week.

Pat Dean was named ACC Pitcher of the Week.

After a few stints on college staffs, former BC lineman Mark Nori is now a head coach at the high school level.

The hockey bracketologists think BC is in regardless of what happens this weekend.

The Heights had a nice article on Matt Tennant's outlook on the NFL Draft process.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Dance Indifference

My freshmen year at BC was 1994-1995. BC wasn't even close to making the tournament yet when the Big Dance rolled around, I was as excited as everyone else. Things are different now. We are not in it, so I care a bit less. Sure I will watch most of the games. I'll fill out a bracket. I'll probably watch during lunch on Thursday and Friday. I'll stay up too late. But it is not the same without BC. I think that makes me a bit spoiled.

This post is not designed to restart the Skinner debate. It is not supposed to be a pity party about the struggles of a poor BC fan. It's more about how things have evolved. We (or at least I) can now live BC sports 365 days a year and BC has been involved in the tournament for most of this past decade. When we are not involved in something, getting emotionally worked up is a bit harder. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I'll probably get sucked in with one angle or another as the tourney develops. When all else fails, I'll get on the BC Guy bandwagon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survive and advance hockey style

BC swept UMass to advance to the Hockey East semifinals. The game was close through two periods. BC pulled away in the third period with three goals. We don't know who they will play next yet, but we do know they will be in the Garden. Keep it going boys.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hockey and baseball change the mood around here

There is a pattern to Jerry York's best seasons. First the team plays well at the Beanpot. Then he wins the Hockey East...again. From there, the team makes a deep run into the NCAAs and ends up with the National Championship. Let's hope defeating UMass on Friday was just another step down that path. Cam Atkinson led the team with another triple double.

In baseball news, BC ended their recent losing streak by beating Miami in Miami. The key was Pat Dean. He was excellent and struck out nine. Saturday, Miami and BC play a doubleheader. Get to the stadium if you are in south Florida.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking back at the lost season

Al Skinner on this season:

(Credit to the ever improving and very good BC blog on
“I am a little disappointed in this year’s club. There are a number of different reasons for it. We had some injuries throughout the season, there were some lineup changes. A lot of inconsistencies throughout the year. And so we just weren’t able to bring about any consistency in our club. I’ve always been able to have some stability within my team and there wasn’t enough of that this year for a number of different reasons. Some due to injuries, some due to matchups and just trying to improve play. So hopefully it is just one of those years. I think potential is a terrible word for coaches. I think this team has potential, but I have to help make it work and get with them to coordinate that. The biggest thing is hopefully we can stay healthier next year because we have all these guys returning so if we can stay healthy I think we can improve on this year.”


As a tweeted after the game, this was the most joyless BC basketball season of my time as a BC fan. So it is only fitting that the not fun season ends with a loss to a under-maned UVA squad. I'll spend the following weeks trying to get a hold on the season. Hopefully the staff will also try to figure out what went wrong and how they will fix it for next year. Now let's hope Jerry York and crew can make us forget this depressing season.

In-game comments post: ACC Tournament

Since this is a day game and many will be at their PCs, it only makes sense to have a in-game comments post. Virginia is undermanned and on a major losing streak. This shouldn't even be close...but we have the most inconsistent team in the conference! Let's hope this is the start of a nice run and not the end of a season.

Leave your comments below.

BC going hard after young CT QB

Although they have to fill their 2011 class, BC isn't wasting any time with the 2012 recruiting class. This weekend BC offered Connecticut QB Casey Cochran. He is a current sophomore. I am a little surprised with this strategy. After getting burned by Boisture only to get a great find in Rettig, you would think that BC would be more selective when recruiting QBs. It will also be interesting to see if BC's early interest in Cochran will attract other programs that don't usually recruit CT QBs.

Thanks to Mike for the link.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would BC, ACC throw Notre Dame a lifeline?

It looks like the conference shuffle will happen again and Notre Dame is finally on the hot seat. The fork in the Irish road is stay independent in Football and watch the Big East collapse and undermine all their non-football sports currently playing in the Big East. Or join the Big Ten in all sports, reap huge financial gains, yet lose the independence so critical to the Irish aura. Notre Dame fans are up in arms at the thought of joining the hated Big Ten. But Notre Dame's leadership is too smart to let the school get dragged down with the Big East 3.0 (which might include underfunded Catholic programs and some less than desirable fill ins like ECU or Memphis).

From my perspective it seems like Notre Dame needs three things. 1. Non football stability, 2. Continued revenue growth, 3. The flexibility to play football outside the Midwest. They want their current Big East setup but with a little more money and prestige. The only conference that I think could offer them that would be the ACC.

The Pac 10 needs two full-time football members to get their championship game. The Big XII is in danger of being raided and would also need full-time football members to replace any defections. The SEC could "add" Notre Dame in non football sports, but culturally and geographically the Irish would be a huge fish out of water. And I don't know if they would bring that much to the table to justify say the Ole Miss softball team traveling up to South Bend in late April.

The ACC on the other hand with its mix of public and private schools is more inline with Notre Dame. Like the Irish, many of the ACC's biggest programs have strong followings in the North East corridor. The ACC already has championship game so they don't need ND for football. However, the ACC could create a bowl agreement with the Irish and create a partial ACC schedule for them (similar to the old Big East deal). While many BC and ACC fans would be outraged about making special accommodations for Notre Dame, if structured well, the deal could improve our bowl slots and increase the value of the TV contract.

I don't think this will happen. I think the Big Ten money will prove too enticing and Notre Dame will finally join the conference they've dreaded for decades. However, and despite the protest I am sure most BC fans would have, the ACC needs to at least reach out to Notre Dame.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Looking under the books

Unlike most of our public university rivals, BC is not under any obligation to share employee salaries. However, the salaries can't stay private forever, as Bob Hohler showed in Tuesday's Globe. According to federal tax returns, during the 2007-08 season Al Skinner made $2.2 million dollars. The salary made him BC's highest paid employee and doubled Jags' 2007-2008 salary of $1.1 million. BC nor Skinner's agent was willing to explain how the compensation package worked. The Globe implies that there were probably some unique one-time bonuses related to Al's then new contract and the move to the ACC. Regardless, this shows BC is more than competitive with our rivals when it comes to compensation.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Radio and TV deals and other links

How desperate is the ACC to sign a big TV deal? Desperate enough to reach out to the NFL Network. Spin it however you want but the ACC expansion was all about money. Now that the current TV deal is nearing an end, all eyes are watching the new negotiations. After big pay days for the Big Ten and SEC, is there still money on the table for our new conference? That is where the NFL Network comes in. They have money and time slots on Saturday. And if there is a NFL work stoppage they will also need new content. But does the NFL want to spend enough money to get the ACC? I doubt it. Also would the ACC want to leave ESPN? We all dread ESPN's power, but not being on the worldwide leader hurts perception among recruits and fans.

If you don't have the NFL Network, rest assured that you'll still be able to listen to BC sports! Fenway Sports Group, ISP, and BC agreed to an extension of their current deal.

Joe Trapani was the only basketball player to make an All ACC team (3rd).

Skinner expects Corey Raji to play Thursday, despite his bad shoulder.

This is a few days old, but here is a good article on Brady Heslip.

Brockton football star Carlito Weaver is hoping to get more attention from the BC staff.

Florida State's "sod game plaque" for the BC game, now has an asterisk.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

More of the same in loss to NC State

It seems appropriate that this team lost its regular season finale like they did today. Sluggish offense and wasted possessions: check. Allowing a mediocre offense to score at will down the stretch: check. Forcing too many 3 attempts: check. Our ACC Tourney slot was already determined, so the only thing this loss did was put us on the NIT bubble. Now to get into the NIT we will have to run deep into the ACC, perhaps the Finals. But that is a discussion for later this week. Now leave your comments on another frustrating loss.


-- Rakim Sanders' defense. I don't know what got into Rakim, but he was excellent on D today. He moved well and didn't make stupid lunges. He also grabbed some big rebounds. Let's hope it is not a fluke.
-- Ravenel in the low post. His stats weren't eye popping, but he plays with is aggressive and seems to have good touch.


-- Offensive rebounding. 2 offensive rebounds? That's pathetic, especially for a team that usually does well with the offensive rebounds.
-- Wasted possessions late in the game. Jackson has improved and is our best Point, but this offseason he will have to get better awareness of defenses and the shot clock.
-- Going away from the Flex in the second half. The guys got impatient and moved away from what worked early.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Skip Holtz claiming he passed on the BC job

As we know, the last coaching change was atypical. The five outsiders most often rumored for the job were Mike London, Al Golden, Randy Edsall, Steve Addazio and Skip Holtz. At the time most denied any contact or interest in BC. Even BC insiders claimed that Gene did not interview outsiders and was set with Spaz from Day 1. Well 14 months later Skip Holtz is sorting fact from fiction by saying that BC did have interest in him and he turned us down. This could be Holtz spinning at a booster dinner to make the USF faithful feel better about their new coach. But I imagine there were some talks between BC and his reps.

Regardless of when he was telling the truth (last year or now), Holtz's talk should provide some relief to BC fans. At the time of the search he was a hot coach who probably would have been a good fit at BC. Even if Gene wanted to promote Spaz from the start, he owed it to the school to conduct a real search and find the best possible coach for the time and opportunity. Now let's hope Spaz has a career that surpasses Skip's time at ECU.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Women keep rolling and other links

The women's basketball team must really like Greensboro. How else can you explain their sudden surge. They beat Florida State Friday night and now advanced to Saturday's semis.

The hockey teams' Friday night wasn't as fun. Up 3-0, the guys let UNH back into the game and tie it 3-3. With the tie, UNH clinched the Hockey East regular season title.

Baseball is still in Florida and beat Florida Atlantic 5-2 on Friday.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Women win ACC Tourney opener and other links

The women's basketball team didn't waste any time with Virginia Tech Thursday [Fixed]. They took an early lead and never looked back. The girls take on Florida State on Friday.

Bill Coen credits Al Skinner for much of his coaching success.

Ayla Brown is thinking about her life after basketball.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Finally the team plays like it should in home Finale

UVA is in free fall, but they are a decent team and could/should have given us a game. Instead the guys controlled from the start and never let Virginia back in. If only we had played like this throughout the season (I think this will be a recurring theme of the next few weeks). Here are my thoughts. Leave yours below.

-- Trapani's efficiency. Joe put on a good show tonight. His defense was solid and he turned his rebounds into points.
-- Ravenel's athleticism. Tonight he showed why his upside is so enticing. Evan moves well for a big man and has good hands.
-- Moving the ball against a strong D. UVA has struggled but still remain a good defensive team. Yet BC didn't look lost. Instead we moved the ball well and ran the flex as we should.


-- Roche's stat line.
Perhaps the pressure got to him a little, but you would hope that Roche would close his career well. Instead he was off.
-- Jackson not shooting more. I know he is developing as a true point. I know the offense ran pretty well. Yet, we need Jackson to shoot more than three times.

Baseball and Basketball comments post

We've got a busy night with the rare two major sport double header. First the baseball team holds its annual exhibition against the Red Sox down in Florida. That game will be on NESN.

Later, the basketball team closes out its home slate with Virginia. The game is on ESPN U.

Leave your comments below during the game(s). I will have my thoughts later tonight.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lunardi states the obvious

I appreciate We are starving for new content. I like Joe Lunardi (you gotta love someone who builds a brand out of a fringe event). But couldn't they have done more with the clip below? Do we really need a video segment telling us the only way BC is getting into the NCAA Tournament is by winning the ACC Tourney? Yet another wasted opportunity.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Show your respect on Wednesday

Thankfully the past few home games have been wins and muted the frustration among the Skinner critics. Unless BC hosts an NIT contest, Wednesday is likely the last home game of the season. With students on Spring Break and Virginia unlikely to generate much bandwagon interest, I don't expect much of a crowd. Another facet of the evening will be "Senior Night" where the school honors Tyler Roche and the student managers.

I don't like to tell people how to behave or who to root for, but I hope fans are respectful Wednesday night. This has been a very disappointing season. I'm a Skinner apologist and I've been frustrated. But that doesn't mean we should air our frustrations publicly. If you have a problem with the basketball team, bring it up with Gene. Boo if you like, buy try not to embarrass the school or yourselves. This is Tyler Roche's night, not ours.