Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dance over

BC lost another close one, going down 4-3 to Army. The game ended on a controversial double play in the top of the ninth. If not for the DP, BC ties the game and has men on 1st and 3rd. Oh well. The second loss means the season is over. But it clearly was one to build on and showed BC could compete in the ACC and take the nations best team to 25 incredible innings.

Fact, Figures and Factoids from the "Austin Marathon" put out this great rundown of all the unique aspects of this crazy game:

-- Both teams received a standing ovation at the conclusion of the game
-- Texas had to reset the scoreboard twice to post the score by inning
-- It was 96 degrees at first pitch at 6:02 p.m. - The game finished at 78 degrees at 1:05 a.m.
-- Texas introduced the 21st inning stretch
-- Both teams used all of their position players
-- There were 683 pitches thrown in the game
-- Texas stranded 24 men on base
-- Belfiore, Hamlet and Lawrence each played three positions
-- Texas had three runs on 20 hits
-- Junior Chris Kowalski recorded his first-career at-bat
-- There were 11 walks in the game compared to 42 strikeouts
-- The 10 p.m. ET game at UC Irvine game started and finished
-- The 25-inning game was the longest game in NCAA baseball history. The previous longest game was a 23-inning game played between Louisiana-Lafayette and McNeese State on March 27, 1971. ULL won the game 6-5.
-- The game also marked the longest NCAA postseason game in history. The previous longest game was a 19-inning contest between Clemson and Fordham at the NCAA Northeast Regional in New Britain, Conn. on May 26, 1988.
-- Texas and Boston College combined to set NCAA records with 42 strikeouts, 222 total chances, 69 assists, 192 plate appearances and 171 at-bats.
-- Texas' 91 at-bats, 103 plate appearances, 115 total chances and 75 putouts set new NCAA records
-- Tucker and Torres set the NCAA single-game record for at-bats with 12 AB's against BC
-- Preston Clark's 33 putouts against BC set a new NCAA record for most single-game putouts.

BC loses the allnighter

BC was on the wrong end of history tonight, losing the longest game in NCAA history. 3-2 Texas doesn't tell the whole story. The real heroes were the middle relievers for both teams. It was a classic pitchers duel for most of the game. Belfiore was gutsy for BC and Texas' Wood was dominant.

Now BC has to turn around and play Army at noon ET to avoid elimination.

Unbelievable. I've watched a ton of baseball in my life and can't remember anything like this. Let's hope BC can bounce back quickly and get another shot at the Longhorns.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reminder on the BC-Texas game

You can watch the video stream of tonight's game at 7 pm ET on CBS's All Access player.

Herzy talks candidly to Rivals

For the first time, Herzy is vocalizing what many of us have assumed since news of his cancer first broke:
"Playing again is a goal," said Herzlich, who would have been a consensus preseason All-America selection and a top prospect for the 2010 NFL draft. "But from what the doctors say, it isn't very likely. Once they do the surgery to remove the tumor, it will be pretty damaging to my leg.

His football career only matters in the sense that I don't want him to give up his love or give up his goals. But ultimately it doesn't really matter. What matters is his health. That's where his focus should be and I know that is where most BC fans are focusing.

Basketball Season Grades: Rakim Sanders

[We now continue with the longest delayed series in atleagle history...]

When pinpointing the difference between last season and the '07-'08 campaign, you don't need to look much further than Rakim Sanders. Always considered to be the most talented recruit of his class, Sanders showed this year he has the ability to lead a team, create mismatches with any player in the league and make a big play when the game is on the line.

Sanders accession didn't seem like a sure things when the season began. Early on you saw many of the same issues from his uneven freshman year. He'd be off on his shots. He'd shoot too much. He'd get in foul trouble. Slowly he turned a corner and the bigger the stage the better he played. His shot selection and defense were huge factors in our upset of UNC.

Despite his progression, Sanders still has areas in need of improvement. His handle in the open floor is not great. Even down the stretch he still had games where he committed stupid fouls. Considering how often he is touching the ball and the offense we run, he needs to improve his assist to turnover ratio. (Or even just be more careful with the ball.)

If he continues to improve Sanders should be all ACC next year. I am very excited for what he may do (and not just because of his late game heroics). His size and strength and ability to play inside and out could make him deadly when our offense is clicking. Think of all those easy baskets Smith and Dudley got in the flex. That could be Rakim next year as he pounds smaller wing players. Ultimately, he has the tools to be great. This year he showed glimpses of that greatness and the willingness to work to get there. For that he gets a strong grade.

Season Grade: A-

Friday, May 29, 2009

A win 42 years in the making

Things are never easy for BC fans. First time in the NCAA's in four decades and you'd think things would be easy. Nope. BC's first game was a roller coaster. Tight early, fall behind, big rally and nearly let the game get away in the bottom of the 9th. BC held on to beat Texas State 8-7. has photos and links. BC takes on top seed Texas on Saturday.

If you missed the game or scrambled to find an internet feed, you can get audio streams from throughout the tournament.

Playing in Atlanta and other links

The BCI guys touched on this a little, but I wanted to comment on the ACC-SEC kickoff game in Atlanta. Most BC fans have probably written off our chances of ever getting in the game since we won't bring the fans. While we won't be in the regular rotation I do think BC will get its shot one day. In part because we are a proven TV draw. In part because UGA will want to play in the game in the near future and would probably want an opponent that would not travel and turn it into a home game for them. And finally because I plan on joining the Atlanta Sports Council and pushing BC every year. I am totally serious about that last point. My new real job (which has altered blogging patterns around here) has relevancy to the Council and it is on my to do list. Give me a year or two of paying my dues and I'll work my way onto the selection committee. I'll let you know when I join. Too show you how busy I've been lately though, I've yet to call DirecTV to get my DVR which means I've been TIVOless for a week. To those who know me, that is a big deal. Enough personal stuff...more links...

BC got a big recruit on the hockey front.

Tony Sanchez is climbing up draft boards.

There is a new movie about the BC-BU hockey rivalry called "The Battle of Comm Ave." You can watch the trailer here.

Former Eagle Ryne Reynoso is putting together a nice season in Double A.

Brian St. Pierre has a legit shot at being the Cardinals' No. 2 QB.

The nice thing about BC's baseball run is the attention some of the players are finally getting including Barry Butera, Jr.

HD thinks late September will make or break our season.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baseball previews and other links

Brian Foley's crew at the The College Baseball blog put up their preview of our regional. For those new to college baseball, the format for the regional is at the bottom of the post.

BC Sports Information department put up an extensive preview of the weekend and a lengthy recap of the personalities and highlights of the season.

ESPN also put up a regional breakdown.

The women's sailing team finished third at nationals.

NESN will have a full interview with Herzy this weekend.

Another rehash of the obvious, HD thinks our secondary will be good.

More on potential recruits Brandon Sacco and Blake Lueders.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sailing stuff and other links

It's late spring so that means the sailing team is kicking ass all over the water again. The women's team is in California and sit in third place in the standings. They are not far off the lead and will have a chance to pass ODU and Yale this week.

The Boston media is paying attention to BC baseball. The Herald, NESN and the Globe all had features today.

In the middle of this article is an update on a new BC recruiting target. We are looking at Henry Anderson who is a tall tackle/defensive end from Georgia. BC is also involved with this Jersey product.

The SEC coaches are whining about an supposed unfair recruiting restriction that helps ACC teams.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on Herzy and other links

Thanks to all those who sent the latest Herzy article along. Not much new, but more positive quotes from Mark. He says the effects of chemo haven't hit him yet.

Did you know the the biggest college baseball blog was founded by a BC guy? Brian sat down with the BCI guys to talk about BC playing in the Big Dance. Look for his previews in the coming days.

Tom Dienhart and HD both both have BC qbs on their minds. A lot of talk but no real news or analysis. I know I've been slacking a bit of late (real life interrupts on occasion) but my plan is to have looks at our QBs and at Tranq this summer.

Monday, May 25, 2009


The baseball team made the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1967. Congrats. Their first game is Friday in Austin. I hope local alums turn out to support the boys.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bubble watch and other links

Baseball America lists Duke as a bubble team and thinks BC is in already. Official announcement and pairings are announced Monday.

BC had two players make the tournament team.

Attendance has been an issue in Durham this week. Can you imagine how things would have looked in Fenway?

Some may remember the name Arthur Ray. He committed to BC out of high school and then made a last minute switch to Michigan State. He has yet to play a down for the Spartans as he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after signing day. His courage and positive influence should serve as a good model for Herzy. (Thanks to Scott for the link.)

I asked this on Twitter, but if anyone has experience with DirecTV's DVR vs buying another stand alone Tivo DVR, please let me know.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fenway for football?

Fenway was supposed to host the ACC Baseball Tournament. There has been talk of playing a BC-BU ice hockey game there and I've floated the idea of a bowl game in Fenway, but no one has seriously considered a regular season game there in decades. That didn't stop Ivan Maisel from listing it as a location for a BC-Auburn game (thanks to Kevin for the link). The novelty and the SEC opponent would allow for inflated ticket prices that would easily exceed any lost revenue from moving the game from Alumni. I don't think this type of game will happen nor would I want it to be a regular occurrence, but one game against a marquee team in Fenway would be huge.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Did baseball do enough? and other links

The BC baseball team finished 2-1 in their ACC Tournament pool. However, it wasn't enough to advance within the conference championship. But the positive showing could be enough to get BC into the NCAA Tournament. This projection has BC in and so does this blogger.

HD looked at the new coaches in the ACC and predicted a 5-7 start to the Spaz era. Not all bad press from HD today. She gives much deserved credit to Bowman and Davis.

Despite starting all 16 games last year and playing well, the Bears still think Josh Beekman is undersized.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baseball bounces back and other links

The baseball team beat Georgia Tech today. Hooray -- our first ACCT win! BC plays Miami in the final pool game. Today's win might have been enough to get into the NCAA Tournament, but a win tomorrow would really help the resume.

HD thinks BC needs McLaughlin back and effective.

The ACC's push for an early signing period is getting more national attention.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baseball loses opener of the ACC Tourney and other links

BC's first ACC Tournament got off to a rough start. The baseball team lost to Florida State 7-2. They face Georgia Tech on Thursday. You can watch the GT game on NESN.

BCI digs deeper into the basketball attendance issue. I think all the factors they mention contribute to the overall shortfall. No one seemed to like my solution of having fewer seats for hoops.

Matt Tennant is on the Rimington Trophy Watch List. I am unconcerned about his trophies. I just want him healthy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reason 193 why it is good to be in the ACC

I know the Mobile stuff rubbed people the wrong way, but this Big East-Gator Bowl showdown is yet another reminder that our bowl situation would be worse had we stayed in the Big East. Although it appears the ACC is set during the latest round of bowl changes, things like the hybrid process help the conference and BC. The more partners involved the fresher we become to potential hosts. Right now you can write off Jacksonville, Nashville and Charlotte for BC based purely on those cities recent experiences with us. However, a new spot via a potential hybrid (especially in the west) may bring new games into the mix.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Herzy starting chemo and other links

In an interview with the Globe Herzy announced that he begins chemo Tuesday. As you can see from the "pain in the ass" comment at the end of the article, Mark hasn't lost his sense of humor.

BCI tackles the basketball attendance issue. They look at how size impacts our ranking. I actually think Conte is too big. At least too big given the demand. We've seen that consistent winning basketball is not enough to fill the building. I think reconfiguring to a smaller size is the way to go. If there is real demand for the seats and real consequences for the season ticket holders to use their seats, attendance patterns might change.

Here is a preview of the ACC Baseball Tournament. BC needs a win or two to assure a spot in the NCAA tournament.

Gos is adjusting to the new scheme in Detroit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What you can do

I've had a couple people email me with ideas on how to help Herzy or wondering if I knew of anything going on with Mark or his Family. I don't. And with their desire for privacy I don't think they will create anything yet. Plus it is too early. I don't think the opportunities and needs surrounding Mark's illness are even their priority. I imagine his health is.

That said, if Herzy's situation has moved you and you want to do something big or small, here are some ideas.

-- Give blood and/or blood platelets.
Most major cancer centers have donations opportunities. So should your local Red Cross center.

-- Give to the Flynn Fund.
The Flynn Fund is how guys like Mark Herzlich even get a chance to shine and thrive at BC.

-- Give to a cancer center, the American Cancer Society or local hospital. Give in your name. Give in Mark's. It doesn't matter. Your donation will help, especially with non profits struggling in the current economy.

-- Give your time locally. Many BC Alumni chapters groups have been involved in Relay for Life. BC Mike and the Atlanta crew had a good showing just last week at the Atlanta Relay for Life.

-- Give to Penn Health. Based on Mark's statements, it seems like the Philadelphia Health Complex will be where he gets his primary treatment.

-- Give to the Jay Fund Foundation. Different BC player. Different type of cancer. But McGillis and Herzlich embody the good things about BC.

There are hundreds of other things you can do. Post good ideas in the comments section.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Herzy speaks and other links

Mark spoke with College Football Live. He described the initial timeline which includes chemo, then surgery, then more chemo. As always he carried himself in a mature and thoughtful way.

He also spoke with HD on Thursday night. HD also took some time to look at what our linebacker situation will be like without him and McLaughlin.

If you want to leave a message for Mark, BC has but up a wall for him on their site.

In other sports news, the day after the baseball team clinched a spot in the ACC tourney, UNC beat them at home.

Skinner is one of many coaches on the NCAA's ethics committee.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts and prayers doesn't really cover what I am feeling

Forgive as this is sort of stream of consciousness...

I write this blog as an escape. And I know that many readers use this blog as an escape. A break in their work day. A chance to vent, laugh, whatever. Ultimately it is an outlet. As spectators, sports is escapism for most of us. Then moments like this -- when the real world crashes into our playground -- everything comes into perspective.

I don't know Mark at all. I do know friends who have battled various forms of cancer and it is never easy. He's lucky in that he has an otherwise healthy strong body. He has great family support and access to the best medical minds in the world. But regardless all of that, the mental and physical road he is headed down is a rough one. Good or bad, no one knows exactly what is ahead. The only known is that it will be tough.

I know a few of Mark's teammates (none particularly well). I feel for them. Compartmentalizing sports amid all their other distractions is tough to begin with. Add this and there is an additional waive of emotions. When you are looking for leadership and guidance and your leader isn't there, things can spin out of control quickly. Hopefully others will fill that void around the program.

I know Mark's dad. Most BC fans active online feel they know him since he's been a presence on message boards since before Mark signed on with BC. If you've ever met him in person, you see where Mark gets much of his passion and intensity. Even at his age, Sandy looks like he could still run out on the field and kick some ass. In addition to his passion he's also got a good sense of humor. I am partial to people who can laugh during tough times. It's what I try to do. Not knowing Mark, but knowing his father a little, I feel confident that the whole family will have the passion, humor, perspective and faith to deal with what they are facing.

In his statement, Mark asked for privacy. I'll do my best to give that to him. I'll post things as they pop up publicly. I'll focus on the football impact when the time comes. For now, I just pray.

Official statement from Mark Herzlich and BC

Here is BC's official statement:

BC Linebacker Herzlich Discloses He Is Battling Cancer
Senior linebacker learned of diagnosis this week

Boston College senior linebacker Mark Herzlich disclosed today that he has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a malignant tumor most often found in bone or soft tissue.

The following is a statement from Herzlich:

“This past week, I got some news nobody wants to hear. After undergoing some tests to determine the cause of some pain I had been experiencing in my leg, I learned that I have Ewing’s Sarcoma.

“Obviously, I was shocked. I had been extremely focused on preparing for my senior season at Boston College and for life beyond that. Now, I must channel all that energy into facing my toughest opponent yet, and that is exactly what I will do.

“I have returned to Pennsylvania to be near my family and to undergo a series of tests that will help my doctors determine the best course of treatment. I will keep you informed about my progress, but for now, I would like to ask for privacy as my family and I make some tough decisions.

“At this point, I do not know what this means for my football future, but I am determined to rid my body of this disease so that I can put that uniform back on. Thank you in advance for your prayers and concern. Together, we will fight this and win.”

The following is a statement from Coach Frank Spaziani:

“We all were stunned when we heard this news. Mark is a member of the BC football family and one of the most recognizable faces on our campus. From the day he stepped foot on our campus, he has been a leader on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

“When people think of Mark Herzlich, they think of a fearless individual who is always ready to take on a tough opponent. His integrity, determination and focus are unmatched. I know he will face this challenge with that same attitude.

“Our thoughts today are not on football, they are on Mark Herzlich. His health is our only concern, and we will stand beside him every step of the way.”

About Mark Herzlich (6-4, 238, Sr., LB, Wayne, PA):

In 2008, Herzlich was a first-team All-America selection by and and was a member of the AP All-America third team. He was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and was a finalist for the Butkus Award, presented annually to the nation’s top linebacker, and a quarterfinalist for the Lott Trophy. He led the Eagles with 110 tackles, six interceptions, eight pass break-ups, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Mark Herzlich

Yes, I have heard all the Herzy stuff floating around. Official word is coming from BC this afternoon. I will comment more once they and Mark have said what they need to say. Right now pray for him and his family.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Basketball Season Grades: The Assistant Coaches

[Finally continuing the grades series]

The assistant coaches are probably the most under appreciated aspect of college basketball. Like their piers in college football they do much of the positional coaching, much of the instruction and a lot of the leg work in recruiting. However, because the head coach in hoops becomes so iconic, the assistants are taken for granted. On Skinner's staffs assistants' roles can get expanded even more into practice and media duties that Al delegates.

When it comes to grading though, it is hard to judge the assistants on a seasonal basis. First, we did not bring in one recruit this year. By design the staff decided to bank a scholarship rather than use one on a player they didn't like. It also allows them to bring in a decent sized class next year. So that portion of their duties is incomplete.

An area of strength this year was player development. Sanders, Roche, Dunn and Jackson all got better as the season played on. That development should be credited in part to the assistants.

Assistants also do much of the prep and scouting. This year I felt the guys were much better prepared on a game to game basis and our strategy also seemed to be appropriate given each opponent.

While this group of assistants might not be as accomplished or talented as some of Al's previous staffs, they deserve much credit for this year's turnaround. The team was better in multiple ways and much of that was done by the guys who sit and work around Al.

Season Grade: B

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ACC Championship Game talk and other links

The ACC meetings have reopened discussion on host cities for the ACC Championship Game. Everyone wants Charlotte although they won't disrupt Tampa's second chance this December. I think Charlotte makes more sense, however, you know the first time they have it in North Carolina, we will finally get the FSU-Miami matchup.

Dr. Saturday clears up HD's blog post about the ACC potentially changing line of scrimmage rules.

No link, but on the hockey front, BC announced that John Muse had hip surgery on April 30. He should be fine by fall.

Tyrese Rice worked out with the Raptors and is trying to make ans impression with NBA GMs. There is also a video clip of him in Canada.

The baseball team lost to UConn Tuesday.

The Sailing Team continues to dominate the college scene.

Monday, May 11, 2009

In defense of Mobile

People are poking fun at Mobile already. I know most BC fans won't travel to any bowl for a variety of legitimate and questionable reasons. Let me say this about Mobile: it is better than most options. No one is going to spend a week at any of the lower tier bowls. You just need a few things and Mobile has them:

-- Good Hotel options:
Mobile has a variety of branded hotels from which to chose. You want high end, you have a choice. You want quick, clean and cheap, you have a choice. It is much better than Boise.
-- Good weather: Mobile is not Hawaii or South Beach, but it will have better weather than Boise, DC, Nashville, Charlotte or San Fran will on Jan 6.
-- Flight options: no direct flights from New York of Boston, but you can connect via most of the major hubs in the southeast.
-- Something to do: tons of golf in the area and tons of bars/clubs downtown.

I don't want to see BC in Mobile next year. I want to be in the national championship, but if we do end up there, I will probably go to the bowl. But let me echo what I say about all road games: just go! Most people have fun regardless of the location.

Sifting through the ACC meetings BS and other links

HD filed this report from the ACC meetings in Amelia Island. A few of the notes rang hollow with me. The ACC can talk all they want about the rules playing FBS teams or an early signing period, but the conference is not going to do anything without the buy in of all the major BCS conferences. The travel squad stuff could become a mandate but I don't really understand the rationale. Teams can determine their own travel squad. If someone wants to save a few bucks and keep kids home, why do they need a rule? A rule only hurts all road teams making it that much harder to win. What is the upside in that?

Here are some updates on a few recruits we are chasing: (Chris Burrell, Blake Barker, and Bill Bilo).

A couple former eagles are helping Kevin Challenger with his football camp.

Mr. College Football turned his focus to our division. Same old doubts about us.

This isn't sports, but it is a nice story on BC alums coming together.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baseball gets to 30 wins and other links

The baseball team won again and reached the 30 win mark for the first time since 2005.

The women's track team won the New England championship.

Mobile just started their ACC affiliation and they are already talking about their preference for southern teams over BC.

The death of Nick Adenhart was just the latest emotional hurdle for former Eagle Ryan Leahy.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chuck Daly and other links

Chuck Daly died Saturday. The Hall of Famer had his first head coaching job at BC. Interestingly in this obit/column, Bob Ryan says that even then Daly had his eyes on bigger and better things than BC.

More talk of Herzy being a top pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Globe caught up with former Eagle Pat Eaves.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Providence Hoopster to play football and other links

BC All Access is all over the Geoff McDermott rumors. As a one-year player, there is absolutely no downside to bringing him on. Spaz should be all over this. We have the scholarships. Like a JUCO we get a physically mature player and someone who is focused on making it to the next level. Give the guy a shot. The worst case scenario is that he sits on the bench. The best is you get a starting QB. The likely scenario is that he's a second team DE. Regardless, let's close this out.

The ACC released its bowl schedule. HD doesn't even think we will fill an ACC slot. She has us as an at large, which would have us going to an open slot. My hunch at this point is that we will be in San Francisco.

Chris Crane talked to his local paper about meeting Peyton Manning.

The softball team lost in the first round of the ACC tourney to Florida State.

Francois explained why he signed with the Vikings instead of some other NFL options.

The ACC is considering an 18-game regular season conference slate for basketball.

David Glenn posted his spring overview of BC.

When in Rome...

Although they should know by now, today I confirmed to my in-laws that I am a little different. We are in Oxford, Mississippi for my youngest sister in-law's graduation. As I mentioned on twitter, John Grisham ate lunch two tables over from us. My reaction "meh." We didn't break out the cameras and I insisted on leaving him alone. Later in the day we toured around campus including sneaking into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Now I got excited. My wife: "You don't care about John Grisham but you get excited about a bunch of seats and astroturf!?" I didn't correct here that Ole Miss actually uses fieldturf, not astroturf. My pics below. The final pic is of an Ole Miss birdhouse. When will BC license one of those?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

HD's recap and other links

HD recapped all the ACC teams including BC. JP Giglio is also looking towards the fall. You can sense a narrative building and I expect the preview magazines to take it all one step further. Everyone will think we are going to be bad.

BC cleared a major hurdle in the expansion and renovation process.

Carolyn Swords is trying to make Team USA.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

atleagle on Twitter

I've joined Twitter. Not sure what sort of staying power I will have there or how I will tweet all summer on BC sports, but I think Twitter will be a cool tool once the games start up again. There are already hundreds of BC folks on there tweeting. I imagine that during big events like graduation, there will be plenty of things to read. If you are reading this blog, you've already embraced one new medium. Why not give Twitter a shot? Join and start following people.

The overlooked aspect of the ACC-Fenway problem and other links

As most of you know now, the ACC pulled out of Fenway for the 2010 ACC Baseball Championship. Swofford spun the reason for the move as travel costs during an uncertain economic climate. I am not buying it. My guess -- and with no scoop from anyone closer to the deal -- was this is tied to Mike Dee's departure from the Fenway Sports Group. The ACC already got screwed when the Fenway Sport Group doublebooked the historic park for this year and forced the conference to move the tourney to Durham. Now with Dee gone from FSG and the Sox, I imagine Swofford didn't want to mess around and face another scramble. In my opinion, blaming the economy is a face saving move until FSG gets its ducks in a row.

On the women's side, BC will take on FSU in the ACC Softball championship.

Dallas's bubble collapse has BC prepping our bubble for weather issues.

For those who haven't notice, Eagle Insider is beefing up their content. Here is their interview with Gene.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spaz gets the Kevin Armstrong treatment

BC's best alumni sports writer used his pulpit to write a profile about Spaz. Most of the stuff we know, but a good job all around.

Crane a Colt and other links

Chris Crane signed with the Indianapolis Colts. It's as good a place as any for him to learn at this level. Maybe, with time, it will all come together for him.

Former Eagle Ryan Glasper is hanging on up in the CFL.

Harsh gossip on the still unsigned Toal out of Jets camp. They had concerns about: his size, attitude, and injury history.

Deadspin poked a little fun at some alleged Raji memorabilia.

The Patriots signed Vinny Ciurciu. The former Eagle has now played in seven NFL seasons.

The ACC named Pat Dean the pitcher of the week.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Boston Globe and BC

For those who have not been following it, the Boston Globe is bleeding money and looking for concessions from its union and workers to stay afloat. Regardless of who gives what, it appears like the paper will face tough choices in its editorial coverage in the coming months. What does that mean for BC? My guess is losing a beat writer and presumably less coverage. As a blogger and frequent Globe critic you would think that I would dance on the paper's grave. Not so. One less writer and paper covering BC means one less piece of content for BC fans.

Fortunately there are numerous bloggers and websites covering BC these days. Even BC has done a good job in producing original interviews and video pieces for Together that will fill any void should the Globe curtail its BC coverage.

I don't think the paper is going under due to the problems in how it approached the BC beat, but I do think you can see signs of why these old institutions fail more often than they adapt. Just take a look at most BC fans big gripes:
1. Originality. It is tough to stay fresh on any beat. Give Mike Vega credit, he wrote about BC for a long time in a professional way. However, too often Vega and his counterpart at the Herald would write features on the same, exact BC players. Both articles were accessible from the web. Did no one question whether the leading paper should make more of an effort to differentiate itself in the players it chose to feature. I often wondered why the writers wouldn't collude a bit and go after different subjects.
2. Lack of breaking news.
As the leading paper with ultimate access, the Globe could have and should have broken more BC news. Too often the beat guys become too friendly or protect their access over breaking news. How Vega let TOB go unquestioned through the 2007 season without confirming or disclosing Matt Ryan's broken foot is mind boggling.
3. Leaving criticism to the hatchet men. Once again it comes down to access. The beat guys cannot upset the school or coaches, so columnists or guys from other beats have to come in and criticize. The problem with that strategy is the bomb throwers were often uniformed or lacked perspective. A great beat writer could have walked that line at BC.
4. Under utilizing, NESN, and other avenues. There is an audience for BC blogs. It may not be huge but it could have been another revenue stream for the Globe. Instead different writers and different times gave the blogs half-hearted support. Usually all that it involved was a posting of a story that would eventually make its way to print.
5. Bringing Blaudschun back. I guess this had more to do with union politics and seniority than anything else, but bringing Mark Blaudschun back to the BC beat hurt coverage. Blaudschun is a decent writer, but I cannot think of one interesting take or innovation he brought to the position since he's been back. The only upside to Blaudschun's return was that it opened a door for Julian Benbow on the basketball front.
6. Sensationalizing the unflattering BC stories. News is news, but too often the Globe would trot out Bob Hohler was a quick hit piece. Rarely did they write about the good things BC jocks and regular students do.

It is easy to play backseat driver on a dying industry. A follower of this blog could easily rattle off a dozen mistakes I've made on this blog. The frustration comes in on what could have been. BC fans will get their fix somewhere. It is just a shame that we never got all that we could have from a once great paper.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hulu is ignoring BC's Notre Dame history

Hulu is a great service. They are growing their library daily and have many classic TV shows. They also have an extensive library of Notre Dame games via the Irish's relationship with NBC. However, the Irish focus means that they haven't released or posted many of the best BC-ND games. Take a look. As of this weekend, the only BC-ND game available is 1995. It was a fairly uneventful game as the Irish beat a mediocre Henning team 20-10.

How can you include 1995 in the library and not 1993? Where is the 2002 game that saw BC knock off an undefeated Irish team? Where is the comeback game from 2004? Why not include Matt Ryan's 2007 game where he showed signs of the NFL QB he'd become. Does Hulu think only ND fans use their service? Does Notre Dame not want to release losses?

Being the shit stirrer that I am, I sent a note to Hulu asking when they will be adding other Boston College-Notre Dame content. I will let you know how they respond. Feel free to reach out too ( If they realize there is interest, we could soon have access to the whole BC-ND library!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Purvis and Jags reunite in Tampa

Ryan Purvis' draft status took the biggest dive under the transition from the Matt Ryan offense to Chris Crane. Some wondered if Purvis' productivity was all due to Matt Ryan. Clearly the guy who had a front row seat for both seasons didn't think that way as Tampa signed Purvis to a free agent contract. He is now reunited with Jags and Steve Logan. Best of luck to him. Tampa is deep at TE, but Purvis will get a fair shot at making the team.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Island Jam announcement and other links

BC confirmed that they will play in the 2009 U.S. Virgin Islands Paradise Jam. The tourney has slowly built a reputation as one of the better holiday tournament. Like last season's NIT run, this will be a good experience for the guys.

Brock Bradford and Bob Dirks won the highest honor given to BC athletes. Congrats to both.

Al and Company are looking at Minnesota Forward Kevin Noreen.

Brace's first NFL practice went well.

Clemson fans are already scouting BC.

Kevin Akins and Brian Toal are trying out with the Jets. (Thanks to Bill B. for the link.)